Okay, last one - I swear!

So I'm just gonna inform ya on some new things...

1) This story version is NOT going to be updated until I finish with the new version (you guys already know this...).

2) I have just finished the new version's FIRST CHAPTER! I know, I'm excited too! Thank you for your patience and understanding. :)

3) Sadly, you may not read the new (and hopefully final) version of this story until I finish the new (and hopefully final) version of this story. I know, you're probably thinking "WTF?" or "Whatever" or maybe even - well, whatever. :P

I'm terrible, yes. I do not know when I will finish the chapters - maybe I'll release some early just for you! :) But htat would be when I finish and when I'm happy with the way they turn out.

That said, it's been God knows how long since I even went and posted something to this story, and this what you are getting... sigh, well, life sucks and then you die. What can you do? (That was rhetorical...)

I do hope that you will stay with me long enough until I do start posting again. When I do start again, I may (or may not) just delete this story and start out fresh, or just delete the chapters.

If I decide to delete the chapters, just leave an Anonymous Review if you have already did a signed review. I would love to hear your feedback on the new chapter when it comes up.

If I just delete the story, Author Alert me if you want to eventually read this story in the future.

So maybe I lied. This won't be the last Author Note since I will inform you when I start posting again.

Again, thanks for your patience, and all your encouraging reviews. I don't know if I ever said this, but I appreciate all of the reviews you have given me so far! :) Thank you all so much! 3