Summary: After Edward leaves in New Moon, Bella becomes suicidal deciding to have the Volturi end her life. However, Aro discovers her abilities and she is changed into a vampire to work for the Volturi. Will Bella and Edward meet in another time?

Chapter One: The Journey to the Volturi

Bella's POV

He was gone... They were all gone. The Cullens had simply vanished from my world leaving behind no traces. Without Edward I was a lost soul.

I hadn't left my bedroom in days. I would just lay on my bed staring at the white ceiling contemplating life and death. Without Edward I wasn't sure that I would have the strength to continue living.

My body always felt exhausted, as if I was weighed down by the entire universe. I no longer had any sense of direction. I knew I was a weak human, according to vampire standards. So weak that suicide often entered my head. I wanted to end my life. I no longer wanted to live with the pain that haunted my mind every second of every day. I could no longer shed the longing I held within my heart for Edward. I knew that I would always be internally in love with him.

Closing my eyes I attempted to see his perfect face in my mind. His pale white skin contrasted greatly with his golden topaz eyes that could pierce my very soul. His messy bronze colored hair was slightly lighter than my own, but just as soft.

He was the God of my heart, the master of my universe, my one and only. But now that he was gone, what did I have to live for? What did I have to fight for with all my heart and soul? The answer was nothing. I no longer had anything of meaning in this cruel world. I had nothing.

Slowly I rolled out of my bed and pulled on some suitable clothes as I considered my options. After deliberating in my mind, I knew what I had to do. I would ask the Volturi to kill me.

I knew soon after I met Edward that he was the one. I sold my heart to him the first time our eyes met. I sold my soul to him the first time our lips touched. I had sold myself to Edward and when he left, he took my soul with him.

Here in Forks, I was just an empty shell. In Volterra, I could hope to regain fragments of my life. I knew that if I waited long enough, the Volturi would hunt me down anyways. Why? Because I knew about their secret world. I knew that vampires truly existed, which is why I decided to go to them and let them end my life.

Booking my flight to Italy online, I emptied my pathetic college savings and pocketed my left over cash. I knew that college was no longer an option for me. Not when I was planning my own death.

The hardest part would be telling my father goodbye. I knew that he had experienced many hardships in his life and that once I left, he would be devastated. He too would lose the will to live, much like I had. Except he wouldn't be able to escape life as easily as me. He wouldn't be able to have a secret organization kill him. Instead he would journey down the more painful road.

Walking down the wooden stairs from my bedroom, I approached Charlie who was in the kitchen. I knew I would have to lie. I would have to lie about my motives in order to keep him safe. In order to keep the vampire world tucked away from his simplistic human life.

"Charlie?" I whispered, my voice slightly shaking. "I have something to tell you."

Turning towards me Charlie glanced at me questionably.

"What is it Bells?" he answered slowly.

How I would miss my nickname Bells. How I could miss my father's rough voice that was always able to call my name so tenderly. I would miss the protection Charlie was able to provide. Whenever in his presence, I always knew I was safe. But now I was leaving my safely zone and was traveling to a place I would never return from.

"I'm... I'm leaving for Jacksonville..." I replied, the lie slipping easily off my tongue. I need to get away from here. I need to forget everything that happened.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Charlie's whole face drop. I knew that those were not the words he was expecting to hear. Charlie had sacrificed so much to provide me with a happy life. And he almost succeeded, until Edward and the Cullen's left. Until Edward discovered that you can never truly tame a vampire.

"But, it's the middle of the semester? Are you just going to pick up school in Jacksonville?" questioned Charlie, pleading with me stay.

I wanted to tell him that school was the least of my problems. That death was occupying the greatest space in my mind. What would death feel like? What would it look like? Would it be anything at all?

"Yes," I sighed. "I know Renee will be able to help me register for classes and everything."

"Is this...really want you want?" whined Charlie softly.

"Yes," I answered with a firm tone. "This is really what I want."

With a giant hug I bid my father goodbye. I will never forget wrapping my arms around his strong body and inhaling his unique scent. I'll always remember resting my head on his strong chest and I will keep the memories of him close to my heart.

Jumping into my truck, I pushed the radio dial flipping through the channels. Soon classical music flooded my truck. The clear notes soothed my worried soul as I attempted to relax. To be swept away by the music. Hours later I arrived at the Washington airport. Printing my boarding pass and bringing my purse as a carry on, I boarded the plane. I had high doubts that I would need anything other than a little money. I wouldn't need to pack my house, like many of the tourists that were also seated on the plane.

Twelve hours later our flight landed and I was pulled into a different world. Grabbing a taxi cab I couldn't keep my eyes off of the ancient buildings that surrounded me. They were like giant brown works of art. Each building was different and had it's own majestic qualities.

Soon I arrived at what I knew to be the Volturi headquarters. Paying my cab driver I stepped out onto the beautiful brick streets and walked towards the castle in front of me. Inside they were giving tours of the rustic buildings. Quickly I signed up for one.

Once inside the building, I marveled at the history that surrounded me. Authentic paintings hung on the walls as I gazed at past rulers and exquisite landscapes. Never in a thousand years would I ever be able to match the skill that was displayed in this art work.

Deliberately falling behind on my tour, I noticed that our group passed by an old brick door. After checking that no one was watching me I opened the door and snuck inside. I had entered what looked to be a long hallway lined with flaming torches. At the end of the tunnel looked to lead to a large room. Following the red carpet at coated the floor, I began walking forward.

Finally I reached the end of the hall. Ahead of me looked to be another person, but the shadows in the room made it hard for me to tell.

"Who are you?" asked a feminine voice from the shadows. "What are you doing here? This area is off limits to tourists."

The voice was getting closer to me as a female vampire stepped out of the shadows. Her hair was long, the color of mahogany and her eyes were surprisingly violet, not the gold I had become so accustomed too.

"I'm... I'm Isabella Swan. I came here to find the Volturi leaders," I answered more confidently than I felt.

"A human who knows about the Volturi leaders. That's not possible," growled the vampire, flashing her bleach white teeth.

Inching closer, I knew that soon I would be dead. The vampire would sneak in for the attack and I would become a quick meal. Closing my eyes, I just waited for the end. For death to sweep me off my feet and lead me to a new world. But, death didn't come. Opening my eyes, I noticed another vampire walking toward us.

"Stop Heidi..." came a strong deep voice from the shadows.

"But Aro... She knows about us. About vampires and our secret world," pleaded the woman who I assumed was Heidi.

"Weren't you ever curious as to how she knew?" answered Aro, his jet black eyes slightly twinkling.

"Child, give me your hand," invited Aro as he offered his pale hand.

Hesitantly I reach forward and grasped it. Instantly I became cold, reminded of vampires chilling bodies.

"Nothing Heidi... I get nothing!" snapped Aro throwing his hands into the air. "I cannot hear any of her thoughts... Nothing!"

"Let me try to use my ability..." offered Heidi as she closed her eyes deeply concentrating. "I... I get nothing too Aro... I don't know what her deepest desires are... She is like a blank slate, empty."

"Hmm," thought Aro out loud. "Does this human have a gift? Perhaps she will be of use to us? Find Eleazar. I don't care the costs... Find him now and bring him to me..."

"Yes Aro," replied Heidi bowing her head as she quickly vanished from the room. Her speed rivaled Edward's as she disappeared blur.

"How do you do it? How did you block my mind?" pondered Aro.

"I don't know..."

"Perhaps this ability will amplified if I changed you..."

"Into a vampire?" I questioned finishing his sentence.

"Yes...a vampire. If your ability is not amplified, my coven will kill you. For the Volturi does not have use for vampires without abilities."

Taking my hand once more, Aro dragged me into an empty room. Only a small bed was located in the middle.

"Tie her down," ordered Aro to another vampire who had suddenly appeared.

My struggling was no use. Strong hands pinned me down as I was secured to bed. Soon Aro was inches from my face as he sunk his sharp teeth into my delicate flesh. In moments all I could feel was pain, as the world quickly faded from my darkening sight.

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