13 Ways to Know You're Obsessed with Twilight

Every time your teacher tells you to do a book report you automatically think of the Twilight Saga.

You can put a Twilight quote in everyday conversation.

You have a poster of Edward Cullen above your bed so he can watch you sleep.

You asked Santa for a vampire/werewolf for Christmas

Your entire family knows about all the twilight books, even though they have never read it.

Everything during your day reminds you of Twilight

Your pets nicknames are Twilight character's names

You and your friend are in a feud about who's cooler: Vampires or Werewolves

You read fan fiction

Your write fan fiction

You're reading this list

Your new favorite color is topaz/blue

And my favorite is…

All you want in life is to have Carlisle bite you and join the Cullens