Hey, guys! I'm really into TrueBlood and a certain gorgeous, blond vampire. ;D Haha. It'll be loosely based on the show. Oh, and my character is a human bartender for Fangtasia.

You're Going Down

This is hardly worth fighting for
But it's the little petty shit that I can't ignore
With my fist in your face and your face on the floor
It'll be a long time comin'
But you got the message now
Cause I was never goin'
Yeah, you're the one that's going down!

I was pissed! It was Saturday night and the club was closed, but I still had to show up and clean the floors and bar. But, I would never voice my anger to Pam or, worse, Eric Northman; the owner and Sheriff of Area 5. Mumbling under my breath, I pulled my long, curling black hair into a ponytail before returning to my task of scrubbing the counter. I glanced up when I felt his powerful and dangerous presence, my light green eyes meeting his icy blues, as he crossed the club. I paused in my chore and stood up straight, waiting for him to say what he had to say and leave me to clean his damn club.

"Bill and Sookie Stackhouse will be stopping by shortly, Isabella. Make sure that they are comfortable," Eric ordered with his voice low and gravelly. My stomach fluttered at the sound of his voice, like it always does.

I nodded my understanding and waiting for him to leave, but he remained there, his eyes intense, as we had a staring contest. I broke the silence, "Is there something you need, Mr. Northman?"

Eric seemed to snap out of his trance, he turned on his heel and walked in the direction of his office. I couldn't help, but stare at his perfectly, tight ass as they strained against his slacks. He may be an ass, but a gorgeous one. Why is it always the hot ones with the worse personalities? Shaking my head in regret, I skirted the counter and sauntered towards the little tables to begin scrubbing at them when I noticed Bill and Sookie entering the club. I smiled as I gazed at the couple; love was obvious between the two. They were seriously adorable! Bill was tall and brooding while Sookie was small and bubbly; a perfect fit.

"Hello. Is there anything I can get you?" I asked, startling Sookie as I straightened up from my bent over position.

"Nothing for me, Miss Isabella," Bill spoke, always the perfect gentleman.

I smiled and looked at Sookie. "Oh, uh, no thank you, Isabella."

"Bella, please, only Mr. Northman and Bill call me Isabella."

Sookie smiled prettily. "I've always thought that was such a beautiful name. It suits you very much."

I blushed, laughing softly. "Thank you, Sookie." I glanced back in the direction of Eric's office. "Um, just make yourselves comfortable." I started making my way to the bar, forgetting about my task of cleaning the tables.

"How long have you've worked for Eric, Bella?" Sookie asked, seating herself at the bar. Bill was not far from her.

I scrunched up my nose, thinking. "About a year, I suppose. Time seems to fly when you work with vampires."

Sookie leaned forward. "He's good to you, right?'

I cocked my head in confusion. "Mr. Northman?" She nodded. "Yeah, I guess. He pays well and lets me off early on the weekdays, so I can be with my little sister. I've never given him a problem."

Sookie straightened up, her face relieved. "Well, that's good. How old is your sister?"

I smirked, thinking of my little sister. "She's thirteen going on twenty five. I don't remember ever being like that."

She laughed. "Boy crazy, huh?"

I rolled my eyes, not noticing Eric striding towards the bar. "You have no idea. She drives me insane. I'm dreading the day she turns sixteen. She'll be a pain in the ass big time."

I finally noticed Eric standing beside Bill and I fell silent. Sookie noticed my silence and glanced behind her to see the reason for my stillness. She gave him a small smile. "Hello, Eric."

He glanced down at her, but he addressed me. "You're free to go, Isabella. "

I nodded, untying my apron. "Thank you, Mr. Northman." I glanced at Sookie and smiled. "It was nice meeting you, Sookie."

She smiled brightly at me. "You too, Bella, we should hang out soon."

"Definitely," I said with a big smile.

"Isabella," Eric said, impatiently.

I quickly snatched my purse and walked quickly to the door, hearing Sookie reprimand Eric for being rude. I laughed quietly, as I pushed open the door. My black Yamaha was parked next to the side of the building; my smile was pure sin when I gazed at it. It was my pride and joy. I strapped down my purse then straddled the bike, started it and sigh when I revved it. I shoved the helmet on my head, kicked up the kickstand, revved it again, and then, took off. The road leading to Fangtasia was long and isolated just how I liked it. I picked up the speed, loving the way the cool wind caressed my bare arms, as I shot down the road. When I finally got to the traffic, I began to weave in between cars, ignoring their blared honks. It usually took my thirty minutes to get home, but since Fangtasia wasn't open, the traffic wasn't bad and I was home in twenty minutes. I came to a stop in the driveway, turning off my baby, unlatched my purse, and walked it into the shed next to the house. After it was in and covered, I closed the doors and locked it.

Walking up the sidewalk to the porch, I noticed lights were on and sighed. Digging my house keys out of my purse, I stomped up the steps letting her know that I was not pleased. The door flew open before I could pull my keys out; my sister had the biggest smile on her face.

I froze. "What did you do, Kaylee?"

She scowled. "What makes you say that I did anything, Bella?"

"You're smiling. You either want something or you did something that I'll be pissed at. So, which is it?" I asked, ruffling her hair.

She shoved me away. "Okay, Matt Thomas, invited me to go camping with him and some friends for his fourteenth birthday. Parents will be there, of course."

"I'll think about it, kid." I said, jogging up the stairs.

"That's a no, isn't it?" She shouted up after me.

I looked down at her from the top of the stairs. "No, it means that I'll think about it."

Her screeched followed me to my bedroom; I smirked as I tossed my purse on my dresser. Sighing, I took my hair out of its ponytail and ran my fingers through my hair before going into my bathroom. Yawning, I turned the faucet on and splashed my face with cold water and stared hard at my reflection. Long, curly dark hair that surrounded a smooth, tan face with clear, green eyes, a cute nose, and pink, pouty lips. I snarled at my reflection, grabbed a towel and dabbed at my wet face. I tossed the towel on the counter and went back into my room, shrugging out of my tight, red shirt and tossed it on my bed, took of my bra, and then I shimmied out of my jeans. The doorbell rang, startling me, as I pulled on my worn Batman shirt and black, booty shorts.

"I got it!" Kaylee shouted.

I glanced at my alarm clock and wondered who could be here at one in the morning. I waited and then, Kaylee shouted that it was for me. Curious, I walked out of my bedroom and to the top of the stairs. I couldn't see who it was, all I saw was black slacks, but I knew who it was. I cursed mentally that Kaylee had invited him in. He may be my boss, but I'm not comfortable with knowing that he can come in whenever he wants now. Bracing myself, I walked down the stairs; Eric turned and watched me walk down the stairs. I was now suddenly self conscious in a very old, thin shirt with no bra on and the fact that my shorts were barely long enough to cover my ass.

I paused at the bottom step. "Mr. Northman."

I tried to ignore his eyes scanning the length of my body, mostly my legs. I'm average height, but I've got legs up to my ears. My heart began to race. I noticed that Kaylee was watching, simply curious. I cleared my throat and said, "Go to bed, Kaylee."

She frowned and brushed past me on the stairs, she began to stomp up the stairs and I sighed in embarrassment at the slam of her bedroom door. "Sorry about her, Mr. Northman."

He smirked in amusement. "Tomorrow, Bill and Sookie will be going to Dallas. I will soon join them and you will accompany me."

I gaped at him. "What? Why?"

"I will tell you when we arrive." Eric said in his don't-talk-back-to-me voice.

"What about my sister? I can't leave her here alone." I protested.

"That's not my problem, Isabella."

I couldn't help, but scoff. "Yes, it is! You're forcing me to go to Dallas with you."

The next thing I knew, Eric was in my face with his hand wrapped around my throat. I grasped at his wrist, as he bared his fangs at me. "You will do what I say, Isabella. Understood?'

I nodded, because that was all that I could do. He smirked and then, he released me.

"Be at the club tomorrow at eight sharp. Don't worry about clothes, they'll be taken care of," Eric said, walking to the door. And, then he was gone. All I could do was stare at the door.