A/N-I'm tweaking Repo! events to fit my needs. It takes place before Rotti calls Shilo at the beginning of the movie. If ya like it, I'll write more. If not, then this is a oneshot :) None of these characters belong to me. I'm just borrowing them.

The thin, sickly girl on the bed dreamed fitfully. Sarah, her grandmother often came to visit her in her dreams. They were so vivid. Many times they took place in a sort of stone castle. She got the profound sense that she was Underground, somehow. It was like she could simply sense it, as if it were in her very nature. She didn't know how she Sarah was her grandmother, she just knew. As a matter of fact, it seemed that no matter when Sarah came to her, she never aged. It was as though after a certain point, she couldn't age. She was always glad of these dreams. It was good to have someone to talk to about her 'life'. If life it could be called. She felt she lived in a glass bell jar much of the time. Her father never let her out, but he was all she knew. Maybe one day that would all change and she would get a cure, and be able to go outside without her mask and not feel like a freak. For now, however, it seemed her life was going to stay as it was. She'd never get a chance to see Blind Mag live, or the stars without city lights. She hated being sick. Taking medicine was the worst.

Often, there were days when she could no longer cope with her illness and wished her mother were around. It was at those times that these dreams would come to her. Funny creatures would always feature. Red, furry things that were small, and a large red furry thing who called everyone 'friend'. There would be a funny little man sometimes who said 'cor' as a sort of muttering. Most of all it was times when she wished her mother were around that Sarah would arrive. They would talk and talk, sometimes her questions would be answered, sometimes they would not. It never dawned on her to ask if she had a grandfather since it was only a dream, vivid though it was. Sometimes she woke up grasping to remember things she knew were important. Certain information seemed to evanesce upon awakening. It could be more frustrating sometimes than trying to deal with her life and her father here.

Shilo also got the sense that her father was not to know about these dreams. He never talked about his parents, they were both dead. Since she didn't know her mother, she had no idea if she talked about her own parents. It was comforting since her father worked much of the time, and she was limited in her activities due to her illness. Even though she did like to take the odd sandwich and pack a bag to visit her mother's grave. She always made sure to make those trips short. Though she took medicine on a regular basis, she never failed to forget to take it at the most important times. She had a couple of close calls.

"Shilo, you've grown up so much. I sense there will be a great trial in your near future," warned her grandmother on this particular evening.

"What do you mean?" Asked Shilo, she was desperate for specifics.

"You know I can't tell you that, but I do want you to have some time for preparation."

"Am I going to die?"

Sarah smiled bitterly, "No. No you aren't going to die. You will be cured."

"I will?" She smiled excitedly. She could go see Mag in person, in concert.

"There will be a great cost to you."

"Like, money?"

"No, personal cost. You are going to lose something dear to you." Shilo found this concept hard to understand. Her father was really the only thing dear to her, but he wasn't going anywhere. So far as she knew HE wasn't ill. He was a doctor. That just couldn't be right. And as far as she knew he had no enemies. There was no way of knowing this for certain. He didn't talk about his work much, he mainly spent his time worrying about her.

"I don't think I understand," she admitted.

Sarah just shook her head. "I must be off, I can only contact you for the briefest of times."

Shilo awoke to the sound of a call from Rotti Largo.


"Sarah, " said Jareth exasperated. "You know you can only come to her in her dreams, and not for very long." They sat in his study in the Goblin castle, each on either side of a large oak desk. Jareth's study was a sight to behold. Made of stone, but decorated in red damask and velvet. The chairs must have cost a great deal alone.

"She should be warned of what is to come. You know how I ache for her."

"It isn't even a certain future, it's a plausible future, the scrying crystal is not 100%, my lovely one." Jareth came around and put his hands on Sarah's shoulders. His wife of more than 100 years. She hadn't aged a day since arriving in the Underground. Such were the powers of strong magical connections.

"You know as well as I that it is more than likely to happen. As Marni was our youngest, I ache for Shilo the most. Especially since her mother denied her heritage, and chose not to return. I was never so devistated as I was that day." Sarah found her speech patterns had changed since she came to live Underground. She spoke like Jareth and other creatures of the Underworld now. It was a good thing she couldn't call her brother. She was certain he wouldn't recognize her voice.

"It was true love. You know how that goes. Even you, the great Goblin Queen cannot return to the world of your birth. Those are the laws. Come let us retire for the night." He stood to lead her out of the room.

Wth a sigh, Sarah capitulated, she had the profound sense that this wasn't over, not by a long shot.