Shilo stumbled along the alleyways still covered in blood. She may have crossed the bridge leading from the island; she had no way of seeing through the tears. She had walked past the crowd and walked past the limos and the Largos. She walked past everything she had ever known. She had known how to talk since before she was 2 years old, so that's what she did now. She walked, and walked, until she couldn't walk anymore, then she passed out. Her grandmother's words rang in her head. Had it been only two nights ago that she dreamed that conversation? She slipped into a semi-conscious state. She dreamed again.

"Is this what you meant when I said I was going to lose something close to me?"

"Yes, my granddaughter. I'm sorry; it is not something I could stop, only something I could see. The details are never clear, and probability is even less likely." Sarah wasn't sure if she was being clear to the girl, still she had no reason to hide anything from Shilo now.

"But why? Where am I going to go now? I have nothing." Shilo couldn't help but feel scared, despite the fact she was now liberated from the world of the Largos, and the way her father had kept her like a prisoner. She had no idea how else to live.

"No, not nothing. Your heritage lies here, in the Underground."


"Yes, it is different from your world entirely. I am sending help."

"What kind of help?"

"He will arrive shortly." And as usual, the image of Shilo's grandmother began to fade. These conversations were always too short by half.

Shilo awoke, starving. She looked around and saw she was in a back alley from somewhere. Examining herself she noticed that though she had been covered in her father's blood the day before, her skin was immaculate, and she was clothed in one of her clean long-sleeved night dresses now. The soft slippers she now wore were a mystery to where they had come from.

Unbeknownst to Shilo, she was being followed. The Graverobber, curious as to how this was all going to play out, followed her. He wanted nothing more than to see the Largos go down. The kid had walked a long way. She was the legal heir of GeneCo., if he could just convince her to return. Genoco., under their rule together, perhaps, would be much better. Hell, anything would be better than the characteristic Largo ruthlessness. He had to find a way to convince her that ruling GeneCo. Would be best for everyone all around in the end. No one was more surprised than he though when he saw some troll appear and offer Shilo a peach. He stayed close to the shadows to listen to what was being said.

"Who are you?" asked the slight figure of the girl.

"I'm called Hoggle." He held out a peach for her to eat and she took it greedily. It was cold and juicy, the first bit of food she had in the last 48 hours. It wouldn't take her long to devour it.

"Hoggle? That doesn't even sound like a name," Shilo mumbled between bites, peach juice running down the sides of her thumbs.

"Yeah, yeah, I've heard worse," said the ornery dwarf, "wait until Jareth gets ahold of ye, his only granddaughter to return."

"Granddaughter? You mean you're going to take me to see my grandmother?"

"Cor, follow me." It seemed as though the dwarf couldn't keep his voice one tone at a time. Shilo, having done with the peach, threw away the pit and rose to follow the short figure in front of her. He legs were unsteady, and they moved slowly at first. She followed Hoggle through some twists and turns into and manhole, which looked as though it had been lifted from below. Both figures disappeared from the island Shilo used to know as home.

In the shadows, Graverobber was more intrigued than before. The hell? He thought to himself, and began to follow the pair. The manhole cover turned out be much heavier than he thought. He was torn. He had followed the girl the night previous from the back of the trash truck. He knew where she lived. Her father was a doctor. No, he decided in the end. He was a scavenger, not a thief. There was a distinct difference. Graverobber didn't have much pride, but when it came to his reputation. . .his 'business' was based on his reputation. Even the Largos were dependent upon him for their addiction, at least the lovely miss Sweet did, in any case. But like a cat with a new curiosity, he couldn't just let Shilo go and not find out for himself what was going on. He could speak to her about business when she was done with her little errand. Whistling a wordless tune, he went off in search of a crowbar, and possibly, a peach.

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