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Chapter 15- The End

The last three years have been the best. Edward is the best husband, I had the best friends (when Leah wasn't glaring at Edward. She didn't appreciate my thoughts of him,) and I had the best food, what can I say? Esme is a great cook.

I sat by my throne which I had been ruling the last week every morning without fail. I puked. (A/N: The throne is the toilet in case you hadn't caught that.)

"This had better be worth it." I mumbled and threw up again. In a flash Edward was beside me rubbing my back.

"Of course it is, love." He smiled at me. I smiled back and patted my swollen stomach. A mother. Rosalie, Alice, Esme, and Edward were ecstatic. The poor baby already had three rooms, they had gone so crazy. Even Carlisle had done his bit to push me past insanity. He mad me keep a journal for future studying.

"Better go write down that I puked." I joked. "Anyway, I better go or Leah will rip my head off. No joke."

Laughter filled the room downstairs. Yes, Leah was there. Probably being force fed by Esme.

"Dog princess, would you hurry up? A stench is filling my room."

"Shut up, Emmett." Everyone yelled, even Rosalie. That joke was getting old.

"Calm down! It was just a joke."

"A very poor one, Em." Rosalie rolled her eyes, or at least I figured I knew her well enough to make that assumption.

I stood in front of the mirror, making sure I looked good.

"Love, why do you stare at yourself when you're just about to shift anyway?" Edward speculated from our bed, where he was writing something in the cursed journal.

"Do you have a problem with it?" I glared.

"Well, I guess not, but-" I stopped his sentence with a kiss.

"Bye Edward." I waved and jumped easily down the stairs.

"Bella, you realize this is the last time you get to shift before you deliver?" Leah sniffed.

"Yes, to protect the baby. I'm sure you and Sam will do fine without me, although I do feel like I'm abandoning you guys." I frowned. "So let's make this run extra long, okay?" I ran outside and shifted after taking my clothes off. I would never make that mistake again.

All clear in La Push. Sam greeted.

Yes, same with Charlie. I just left him. Jacob bounded our way. It reminded me slightly of Edward when-

No! Not him again! They all shouted.

Sorry. I apologized.

Ah. Sweet freedom. I love running loose. Leah practically sang and ran for the river by the house.

Man, I agree. Seth catapulted himself in beside her.

I challenge you all to a race, from here in this river up to La Push by swimming the whole way. I smirked.



Hold up, I'm almost there! Jacob said.

Slow poke. Leah mentally rolled her eyes.

And----Go! The race was on.

Dum de dum. Leah, the fastest swimmer, taunted as she waited on the shore for us.

Ugh, my muscles are sore from so much swimming. Seth groaned.

Poor baby. We feel so sorry. Paul barked as he saw us. Pregnant lady is here.

Shut it, Paul, or I'll show you how it was made. I threatened.

She will. She used Alpha voice on me to make me watch because I made fun of her. I'm still scarred. Leah shuddered. I grinned and enjoyed the last moments of being werewolf before my baby was born.

16 years later

"Mom! Paul Jr. is showing me pictures of his night with Ray last night." My oldest daughter, Renesmee, who was sixteen, complained. She had just started shifting a week ago. She had become Alpha since the rest of my pack had married and gone.

"Sweetheart, you'll get revenge someday with pictures of Benjamin. Right now he's revenging his father by harming you for the wrong I did to his father long ago." Benjamin was Leah and Jake's son who had imprinted on my daughter.

"Mo-ther! Uncle Emmy says-"

"Emmett!" Emmett roared.

"Uncle Emmy says I can't play on the WII with him!" My fourteen year old, Allison, yelled.

"Emmett! Let her play!"

"Mama's girl." I heard him mutter.

"Mom! Caleb just stole my video game!" One of the twins, Elizabeth or just Ellie, yelled.

"Shut it, Ellie." Caleb, her twelve year old twin growled.

"Caleb, give it back." I sighed. Finally, a moment of rest. Jacob, my oldest son who was fifteen, played the piano softly on the background.

"Now I see why I left after Allison. It was peaceful before I dragged my myself back and met the devils, Ellie and Caleb." Lauren had given up on Edward after the battle in the meadow nineteen years ago. We had the same sister relationship we had when we were little with little to care about in the world. We had been best friends then.

"Well I like them." Emmett sat beside me on the bench in the kitchen.

"I wonder why? It couldn't be because they seem to enjoy being your partners in crime. Which reminds me, I've set my revenge for rearranging my closet." Alice gave an evil laugh.

"That was fun, though." Ellie smiled at her aunt. "Of course Allie is just a mastermind of her own and won't help us with our plans." (A/N: Allie is Allison and Alice is just Alice, also Jacob is Bella's son and Jake is her werewolf buddy)

"Yeah, remember the time she put butter in the vanilla ice-cream bucket? That was hilarious watching your face, Ellie." Jacob laughed.

"Mwammy! I wast a twoof!" My two year old, Taylor, grinned. Edward was right behind her.

"Ah, let mommy see! You know who visits you tonight!" I gasped trying to keep a straight face.

"The Twoof Fwairy! The Twoof Fwairy!" She squealed and ran to her cooing aunts, uncles, siblings, and grandparents who surrounded her with hugs, kisses and 'such a big girl.' I loved my family which had just started out with me and Edward. Then came along Nessie and Jacob, Allison, Ellie, Caleb, and finally Taylor. Six beautiful children.

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