"Captain its good to see you again" a man said to the captain sitting in a chair in the very small waiting room. Captain Steven miller looked up and grinned at the tanned man in front of him. "Hello to you to Lieutenant Miguel" he said and stood up and shook the mans hand.

Miguel nodded " I never thought I'd see you again" he said. Miller shook his head, " no way in this galaxy, the top brass called you in for the meeting eh?" Miller asked the tanned man.

"Yes sir" he said. Milled put up a hand " no need with the crap, just mill or captain will do" Miguel nodded and the two turned as the door opened and two MPs walked out holding the new L45 plasma assault rifle, stolen tech from the crashed alien spaceships and stood at attention " Captain Miller and Lieutenant Casse, the generals are ready for you" they both said.

"thank you" miller said to the corporal and walked in with Miguel. The small hallway was full of paintings and pictures from the war with the aliens just two years ago. Miller remembered the strife and trouble the world had gone through.

They had worked hard to build a strong world wide government and had settled with the united earth forces congress plan. Each country's leader would still rule like normal but a delegate of each country would go to the new massive base in Greenland to discuss world issues. A supreme congressman would be elected by all the country's around the world. Each year a new one would be elected or reelected. The congress members would change every two years and that way every world power would get one vote and hopefully keep earth united.

They came to another set of double doors and went through the same process. Both men walked through the doors and stood at attention. Before them where the military leaders of every major super power, Russia, EF, Asia, Africa and USA. "At ease gentleman" said general William Grey. Miller relaxed and said " General good to see you again sir". The general nodded then gestured for them to sit down. Both men sat down after Miguel said the same to the general.

"Now on to the briefing" he said and hit a button on his tablet and a holographic image popped up over the table in front of Miller and Miguel. It was a picture of mars, " as you know two years ago aliens came to earth and attacked and destroyed most major cities" the general said.

Miller remembered that too. Civilization was all but destroyed and they had been working hard building new cities and rebuilding old ones. Only a few dozen major cities were on earth right then and were still in danger of falling apart.

"We believe that a base was made on mars while they watched us and prepared to strike. If there is a base on mars then we could advance our technology in record time and also if there are aliens left there then we must wipe them out" the general said. Miller raised his hand, " Sir I understand the importance of the mission but how can we get their in time? Even the new X-78s cant make it their yet without a few years of space travel" he said. The general showed a grin that meant he knew something they didn't " what if you could make it in a few days...?"

Miller was sitting next to Miguel in a D1-40as the general drove through the wastelands that where once towns and rodes , another advanced vehicle from the crashed alien vessels they had stolen. It was basically a Hummer with anti-grav drives on it and a heavy plasma machine gun on the top. It had reinforced armor from the alien armor they had been mining off their hulls, it could hit up to 210 mph and could carry up to 5 marines.

They were approaching a large canyon and stopped near the edge before going down a zig zag rode that took them to the bottom. Then after approaching a large cliff face they stopped. The general spoke into a comlink and then a part of the cliff face opened up revealing a metal tunnel.

The D1-40 flew down the tunnel and through numerous passages that were at least ten feet wide before coming to a stop at a yellow taped square. Again the general spoke into his comlink and the square started going down. Grey turned around " Okay boys this is a Off limits zone and that means EYEs only, no one outside knows about it and no one is going to got it?" he asked and both men nodded.

Miller wondered what could be so big they couldn't speak a word about. Area-51 was compromised and now just a normal military base that was used to study alien objects, which was headed by David Levinson and his wife constance Levinson.

Miller saw the platform land and a blast door open in front of them. Scientists were walking through the corridors and halls to different labs. The three men hopped out and walked down halls, side doors, and several blast doors. Each time they were confronted by half a dozen MPs all of which carried the same L-45 assault rifles.

They came to another blast door guarded by a entire squad of marines which had on experimental AC armor and the more advanced L-90 assault rifle. "Sir whats with all this heavy security?" Miller said as they walked up to the gate. " Behind this door is our prized prepossession" the general said and entered a code then scanned his hands and eyes before a voice test. The door opened slowly and Miller's mouth dropped as he looked at the massive ship in front of him as it dropped to the floor.

In the room in front of the three of them was about a mile long and about half as wide. Inside was a ship that took up most of the space. It was blade shaped and had a massive bridge at the top center with a handful of massive windows. In the back was a large set of engines and laser guns, and dock slots were everywhere. All and all Miller was speechless as well as Miguel.

The general grinned and looked at the two. "Welcome to Area 76 men" he said.