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"Ok....what the hek is it and area 71??? come on man, you guys just have to have 1 somewhere in there don't you???" Hiller said still shocked from the big...thing in the, hanger?, before him.

"Its a star ship, captain Hiller, and yes the government does like 1" he said the last part with a tone filled with sarcasm and a warning to not goof off.

"This boys, is the Russel, Miguel visibly flinched at the name of his father, It can go up to 700 kilos a second and is armed with the latest weapons that the UEFC can supply. Picture a L-45 rifle but larger and could melt threw a meter of titaneium in three seconds..." the aged general said as the two min beside him marveled at the ship they were looking at from the landing.

"So this tin can is taking us to mars?" Hiller asked looking the ship over, or as much as he could.

" yes any problems captain?" the general asked.

"No. just wanted to make sure I called shotgun on the right ride" He said before heading down the ramp to the massive ship.

"Should have guessed he'd made a snappy comment..." Miguel said shaking his head as he and the general headed after Hiller.

"Yes you should have, some of the staff had a pool going on how he would take it" Grey said as they came to a elevator the size of a house that led up into the belly of the beast, literally.

As they rose up the elevator they saw the side of the ship, the lasers, the hangers, the troops and techs running around at the bottom of the large hanger. Tanks, transports, copters and planes were going onto loading ramps as well as crates of ammo, armor and other supplies.

"Whats with all the gear? Expecting Armageddon?" Hiller asked with a smirk.

"Possibly. In case the base is there the UEFC wants to be ready for it, and this ship will be the command center for not only earths army's, but its fleet as well" Grey said.

"Wait. Your saying there are MORE of these things?" Casse asked.

"No. a dozen other ships have been built around the world, but they are only a fifth of the size, support and attack ships. Frigate classes" the General clarified as he watched the massive blast doors above their heads open and the platform they were on entered the ship.

"Hiller, Casse. Report to flight control, Sargent Jackson will take you there" Grey said, he motioned for a soldier nearby. "Sargent. I want you to take these men to the FC room" Grey ordered.

"Sir!" Jackson said and nodded to Hiller and Casse, "This way Sirs" Jackson said and led them down a hall, past a set of doors and then up a elevator. Threw out the entire trip each room, every door and window had heavy security ranging from guards in armor with the L-45 rifle, to security cameras and hand pads.

When the elevator opened they where in a small command room. The room had a central platform and then rows of computers against the wall surrounded it. The central platform was hexagonal in shape and had a raised wall up to mid chest level and gaps in each small corner. Holographic screens were floating over the walls and technicians manned the screens and computers.

On one side of the room there was a floor to ceiling window that covered the entire wall. On the other side of the window showed the hanger bay they had seen on the way up, dozens of the new X-78 Space and Ground Fighter Bomber, or SGFB. The plane resembled a F-17 but with the dull Grey/black of the alien armor and laser weapons as well as no jets, as it used anti grav drives and a nuclear power core.

"You the new guys for Egale squadron?" a man asked. He had dark black hair, tanned skin and a Scottish accent as well as scars that covered the sides of his head and face. "The names Alexander Picket. Most call me Scar face though" The man said with a slight smirk as he looked at a readout. "I presume you both know how to fly a 78?" he asked, when they nodded he continued, "we leave tomorrow for mars, you have till then to tell your family's your leaving, get anything you need for ten days such as belongings and cloths and report back here" Picket said and then dismissed them with his hand as a tech called him over to a screen.

Hiller and Casse headed for the elavator and found Jackson waiting there.

"im to take you out of the base and to your homes" Jackson said as they stepped onto the platform as it lowered from the ship. "Pretty big waist of time if you ask me...could'a just phoned you" Jackson said as he looked threw the gratings at the floor below.

"you could say that again" Hiller said.

The next day they were boarding the Russel as it prepared for launch. Miguel was off somewhere as Hiller stood with Grey looking out the bridge windows. Three massive windows had been placed covering half of the hexagonal like bridge. Computers, holographic projectors and other equipment was set up around a command chair that was placed close to the window, showing a large amount of the Russel threw the window.

"Prepare to Launch!" Admiral Dallas said, the Admiral stood six feet tall with graying hair, he had a light build and had just recently been assigned to the ship.

The Admiral had commanded the fleet codenamed XERXES to Madagascar to stop the uprising there, the UEFC had thought it to be a minor uprising, however over thirty enemy vessels had been waiting for a ambush.

Dallas and his ten ship fleet were outnumbered and out gunned but due to strategic thinking on Dallas' part they destroyed half the fleet and only lost two ships before a armada of seven X-78 squadrons showed up and wiped the enemy base and ships out. Due to his victory Dallas was given command of the UEFC's command ship.

Now the men under his command scurried to get the massive ship ready for its maiden voyage. The other dozen Frigate-class ships were also shown on a holoscreen nearby glowing green and showing their status, all had a LAUNCHING under the picture of the ship and name.

"Ready to go sir!" a technician yelled.

"Good, begin launch" and with those simple words the massive ship's docking locks made a hissing sound and then the ships anti grav drives kicked in and the vessel was now floating fourteen storys above the ground.

"open the gates" The Admiral said. Within minutes the massive roof above the ship split in half and showed the blew sky as the ship floated up and out of the cliff face that it had been hidden in.

"All ahead full!" Dallas Barked and the ship flew forward at twenty KPH and slowly sped up. Soon they were soaring up to space. After a few alterations to the speed and shields they began to break into the atmosphere, after two minutes they were looking down at earth.

"Any word on the fleet?" The admiral asked.

" Battle group Whitemore is currently breaking orbit and are heading over to the moon sir!" the tech with ensign rank said.

"Then quarter speed to the moon" Dallas said looking out at earth. He and the rest of the quarter million on board the Russel felt the large mile long ship move towards the moon, they didn't actually feel it but rather a humming sound and vibration filled the ship.

Within ten minutes they were orbiting the moon as three more Frigate-class ships approached the fleet.

Dallas scanned the screen in his chairs armrest. All thirteen ships of battle group Whitemore were now orbiting the fleet, among the thirteen ships there were nearly ten million people, sixteen thousand marines, over ten thousand planes, bombers and drop ships and over a hundred ORION-class nukes.

The fleet he was commanding could wipe out any resistance that could be thrown at the UEFC, and yet they still didn't know if it was enough to stop the possible alien threat on mars. Dallas sighed and looked for Captain Timberland, "Captain, he said, give me a channel to the fleet".

"Yes sir!" the captain said, Jacob C. Timberland was five feet tall, 25 years old with sandy blond hair and beard, a strong build and a veteran pilot from the Human-alien war. He accessed the com system and put up a holo in front of his commander with the ship listings of the other dozen ships in the fleet.

"This is Admiral Dallas of the Russel, all ships report in" Dallas said waiting patiently for the fleet to report in.

" Allaince here,

Fox Trot here,

Dealer here,

Knight here,

Shadow here,

Nile here,

Trickster here,

Bomb bad here,

Marilyn here,

Wilder here,

Okun here,

Connick here"

And with that the list was complete and the armada was ready to move out. "all ships, engage drives, see you in a few days" The Admiral said and gave a nod. A tech nearby hit some switches and said something into a comlink. Soon the Russel began moving at full speed, 700 KPH.

The Admiral sank into his chair as he watched the ship blast off. Three days and they would be orbiting earth, three days and they would either have made the trip for nothing or they would be fighting for their lives.