Warning: This is cheesy beyond belief. So prepare yourself for your share of cheezeee.


Just Us

Roxas hummed to the song in the background. It was relaxing and it offered him comfort to no end. His soul was in peace. He hadn't felt so good for a while, so it was a nice change of pace. He was currently sitting cross-legged on the chair, in front of his computer, moving in peace and humming, swaying back and forth.

There was no one in the house, except him.

He smiled to no one in particular and his breathing was leveled.

He stared at his keyboard, as if counting the key. However, he was thinking of nothing in particular, nothing at all.

Then, he picked up the cell phone that was sitting on the desk, just an arm away. He flipped it open and stared at the wallpaper. A picture... of him and the redhead. He stared at it for a good minute before smiling again, thinking about all the good times he had been through. And also, about all the bad times that they had suffer through together. There were quarrels, different opinions, debates, pain, and all sorts of discomfort. But it didn't matter.

All of the uneasy feelings were in the past. And they shall remain the past, nothing more. They were the past that had shaped both of them. And he appreciated all the experience, whether good or bad.

He pressed the number '1' on his cell phone and then the green phone button.


"Axel," Roxas greeted.

"Roxas. What's up?"

"Just wondering what you are doing," Roxas answered easily, without even the need to give it a thought. There was no need to think when he was speaking to his precious redhead. There was no need for pretenses between the both of them. Because they were pure when they were with each other. There was no need to hide anything.

"Just thinking about you," Axel's voice was so gentle and relaxed.

"That is weird."

"What is?"

"I was thinking about the same thing."

"Oh, you do? You're thinking about yourself?" Axel teased.

Roxas chuckled. "I was thinking about you, of course. Who else would I be thinking about?"

Axel hummed in response. There was a good silence between both of them, but the music in Roxas' background was playing over and over again in a very nice harmony.

"I want you here," Axel whispered.

"Me too."

"We're miles and hours apart. I wish we could be closer."

Roxas chuckled. "You're so sweet. Still busy with work?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"I wish I could help...even just a little."

"You are helping. Just hearing your voice soothes me."

"I love you," Roxas wondered how many times that phrase had come out of his mouth. But every time, he always said it with his heart and soul attached to it. And every time, Axel would receive it as if it was Roxas' first time saying it.

"I love you more. If I could, I would buy the whole world for you."

"I have no need for the whole world. Just you are enough. Nothing fancy. Just you."

Axel hummed again.

"Me too... just you," he answered then.

And the peaceful tune kept playing in Roxas' background. The phone stayed on-line for the whole day. None of them had the intention to hang up.

It was a great day.

And without the need to say everything out loud, they knew that both of them would keep in contact with one another, no matter how far apart they were.

Just the both of them.


No matter how tough life was...

When everything was falling apart...

When everything was turning to pieces...

When nothing seemed to matter...

If they were there for one another...

They knew that everything would be alright again.

They had gone through storms and hurricanes together.

And they will be.

There was no doubt about that.

Just Us.


Ramble. :3