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Chapter Two: Mermaids in the Basement


"Wait, so Weir actually bit Rodney?" Ronon asked as he walked with the team to the infirmary.

"Can we talk about something else? Five year old worth much more concern that this!" The scientist yelled.

"You're just humiliated that you boss bit you." Sheppard grinned. Rodney smacked the back of his head.

"Let it go!" He yelled.

The three were silent as they entered the infirmary.

"She actually bit you?" Ronon asked again. Rodney groaned.

"Who's he?" Elizabeth asked Teyla who sat by the bed while pointing at Ronon. "I like his hair."

The colonel and scientist snickered.

Ronon didn't react.

"Lizzie," Teyla started. "this is Ronon-""He looks like Chewbacca!"

The two men began to laugh insanely. Teyla and Ronon looked confused.

"So…" The little girl said as she turned to Teyla. "Doctor Bucket said that we were in Atlantis, right?"

"That is correct."

"Are there mermaids then?"

Teyla raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"You know, mermaids! Half fish half human. I saw a movie once where Atlantis was under water and full of mermaids!" She waved her hands around for the effect.

"I'm sorry Lizzie, I do not think there are mermaids on Atlantis. Just us."

"There must be though, I saw it in a movie. Did you check everywhere? What about the basement? You can find all sorts of things down there. Like this one time I went into our basement back home and I found all these magazines with pictures of women in-"

"That's very…interesting Lizzie…" Beckett said as he entered, cutting off the little girl to keep her for telling the rest.

"Hi doctor Bucket! Did you meet Chewbacca?"

More laughing came from Sheppard and Rodney.

"Hello Lizzie and yes, but his name Ronon-"

"I call him Chewbacca though." She beamed.

"I'm not sure he enjoys that though. Anyways, I checked your results from those tests I did-"

"No more needles!" Elizabeth cried as she quickly grabbed Teyla's arm.

"Relax Lizzie, you don't need anymore needles, I promise." The doctor said. She nodded and let him continue.

"You are completely healthy and can leave the infirmary as soon as we find something that fits better than your shirt." The doctor smiled at her as she looked down at the baggy shirt. She smiled back, then looked at her favorite alien.

"Teyla…" She started.

"Yes Lizzie?"

"Where's the basement?"