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Chapter 1 – Tip Off

Alex could hear a phone ringing in the distance, somewhere faraway. She rolled over and mumbled something incoherent as the ringing slowly got louder. As her eyes fluttered open she suddenly realised that the ringing was coming from the phone on the bedside table. Her phone.

She groaned and sat up, pulling her hair from her tired eyes and picking up the phone with a sigh.

'Hello?' She said sleepily.

'Bloody hell Bolly, you sound like death. You been up with another thatcherite wa-'

'No, I have not!' Alex retorted. 'What the hell do you want Gene?'

'I want you and your fancy French knickers down here at the station, ASAP. 'Yer later and we've got a tip off.' And before Alex could reply, he'd slammed down the phone on her.

She groaned again and put it down, pulling the covers off and getting out of bed. She showered quickly and pulled on her tight black jeans, a purple shirt and favourite white leather jacket.

'Ah, finally decided to come in have 'yer?' Gene said as she walked into his office and perched on the other side of his desk.

'Yes I have.'

Gene raised his eyebrows at her. 'Are you sure you were alone last night?'

'Why? You jealous?' Alex quickly replied, her lips quirking into a smile.

'Don't flatter yourself Bolly.' He said as he stood up, grabbing his coat. 'Right come on, let's fire up the Quattro.'

'Guv, what do you want us doing?' Chris asked as Gene and Alex made their way out.

Gene turned and glanced around. ''Well Christopher, you and Raymoundo here can have a look at the wallets in Lost and Found, drag some scum in off the streets and accuse 'em of nicking 'em. Ok?'

'Yes Guv.' The two replied as they hurried off, probably more likely to find the nearest game machine rather than do what Gene had asked.

'Umm, what do you want me to do Guv?' Shaz piped up from behind her typewriter.

Gene shrugged, 'make them two coffees.' He said before walking out of the door, Alex in tow.

'You know Gene, Shaz isn't here to make us coffee and tea.' Alex told him as they reached the Quattro.

'Bolls, just shut 'yer red lipstick coated lips and get 'yer privately educated arse into the car.' He said, getting into the car himself and pulling on his leather driving gloves.

Alex sighed and rolled her eyes, but got in nonetheless. 'You really are a sexist pig, you know that Hunt?'

'And you really are a posh mouthy tart. Now shut 'yer gob.' He commanded as the Quattro screeched away at full speed.

'Do you have to drive like a complete maniac?'

'Yes. It lets me release frustrations. Stops me from slapping 'yer.' He replied in true Manc Lion fashion.

Alex pretended not to have heard the comment and continued. 'You know, the only reason men drive madly is because they're trying to impress the opposite sex.'

Gene stopped outside a dingy flat block in the outskirts of London and turned his head to look at her. 'Are you trying to suggest something DI Drake?'

'No. Merely commenting.' She said with a smug smile as she got out of the car and looked up at the concrete tower block.

'Is it in there then?'

'No Miss Marple, the flat block we're really looking for is around the corner. I just thought I'd park in front of this one for a laugh.' He retorted sarcastically.

Alex just sighed and went inside, Gene following behind. 'Which floor?'

'Twenty. Is there a lift?' He asked her, looking around for one before staring with dismay at the stairs.

'No, we're gonna have to take the stairs.' Alex said.

Gene tutted. 'Oh bloody hell; are they trying to kill me?' He pulled off his gloves. 'Right, you first.' He said brightly.

Alex shook her head and smiled. 'Oh I don't think so Mr Hunt.'

'Why not?' He asked innocently.

'Because I don't particularly fancy having you staring at my backside whilst we walk up twenty flights of stairs.'

'Fine.' Gene huffed, stepping in front of her and beginning to climb the grotty stairs.

They didn't talk the rest of the way up. The only sound being the clink of Alex's heels against the linoleum floor and Gene's heavy breathing, which steadily got heavier as they went higher.

Once they had reached the twentieth floor Gene sighed and leant back against the wall, close to panting.

'Tired Gene?' Alex teased.

Gene looked at her. 'Just because I am not as physically fit as you Bolly Kecks-'

'Physically fit am I now Gene?' Alex's lips tugged upwards into a smile. She'd got him now.

'Shut 'yer mouth Bolls. Put that brain of yours to some use and look for flat 367.'

'Whatever you say boss.' She said, strolling off down the corridor. 'It's here!' She called, stopping in front of a door about half-way down.

Gene stood back up straight and walked down to where she was standing. 'Right Bolly, stand back.'

Alex took a step back and watched as Gene rammed into the door, with no luck. The door stayed put. She bit back a laugh. 'Good Gene. Very manly.'

Gene just grunted and shoved the door again, this time with more force. The door fell in and they both stepped inside, taking in the scattered debris and shattered glass. Carefully they made their way through to the main room. Alex gasped and clutched at Gene's arm for support.

'Oh my God.'

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