Summary: Ten years ago Lily and James Potter's only son harry went missing, Five years ago Lucius and Severus Malfoy Snape adopted a ten year old boy with bright green eyes. In the present day Sirius Black finds himself caught up in a love affair with fifteen year old Kal... It's just an exploson waiting to happen.

Warnings for whole story: Swearing, underage sex, underage drinking, smoking, drugs references, scences of a sexual nature, violence

Pairings: SB/HP, LM/SS, LP/JP, JP/RL

Disclaimer: The plot is mine, All the characters are JK's, I just like to mess with them.

"Make me yours...."

Sirius Black scanned the nightclub, and, spotting who he was looking for, walked towards the bar. "Firewhisky please, and whatever he's having." He told the bartender, nodding towards the man he'd just sat next to who was wrapped in a cloak. "Rum and coke please." The man said quietly. The barman nodded and headed off to get their drinks. The two men waited until they were sat at a table in the corner of the club with their drinks before they spoke "I didn't think you'd come." The other man told Sirius.

"Yea well… I figured we should talk Kal. I'm sorry I just left the other night but… well I was in shock I guess." Sirius shrugged. "I mean, you did kind of admit to me that you're only fifteen."

"I am sorry I took so long to tell you." Kal said, "What we had.. It was good, and I kind of knew when you found out I was underage you'd stop it."

"What we had was just a bit of sex twice a week Kal. I felt bad enough anyway because you looked so young but fifteen! Merlin Babe." Sirius sighed, taking a big gulp of his firewhisky and running a hand through his hair.

"It felt like more than just sex to me Siri." The youngster said sadly, taking a sip of his rum and coke. Sirius leant forward and took the glass off him. "You're too young to drink." He said quietly. "And shouldn't you be in school?"

Kal sighed, "I got expelled from Durmstrang, start at Hogwarts next year."

"Bet your parents were delighted." Sirius couldn't help but laugh.

"I'm grounded forever." Kal said, "You have no idea how hard it's been to sneak out these past few months. You were worth it though."

"I'm twenty years older than you." Sirius said, shaking his head slightly. "What happened was… well it was illegal for a start! I could go to prison if anyone found out."

"Who's going to find out Siri?" Kal snapped, suddenly angry.

"Your parents might."

"My fathers are thick…"

"Fathers? As in plural?"

Kal smiled, "Yea, my gay fathers, I'm adopted, but I have a brother too, a few months older than me, He's my Father's dad from his arranged marrige." Sirius nodded, Kal's father was probably a pureblood, most purebloods had arranged marriges. "There's so much I don't know about you." Sirius whispered.

"So stick around and learn." Kal shrugged, leaning up and kissing Sirius. Sirius knew it was a lost cause the second the teenagers lips touched his own. "Just one night Si, just for tonight forget all this. Make me yours…" Kal whispered in his ear. "We can talk tomorrow." Sirius frowned but another quick kiss from Kal had him gathering his jacket and leading the teenager out of the pub and back to his flat.

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