Sirius stood with James, Remus, Regulus, Lucius and Severus, watching Kal pose for photographs with his friends and Proffessors. "I feel old." James mumbled making Remus laugh.

"At least you don't have three of them graduating at once!" Lucius said, they'd adopted Blaise a few months after his father's death and considered him as their own, "And they'll all be moving away..."

"It's going to be quiet for you." Remus said.

Lucius and Severus exchanged looks, "Actually... We were thinking of adopting another child." Lucius said quietly, "But we haven't told the boys yet so..."

Remus grinned, "I think it's a great idea." He said, "Speak of the devil." He added as Tyler came running towards him.

"Daddy! Daddy, Kal's wearing a silly hat!" The five year old laughed and Remus smiled. He and James had adopted Tyler just over a year ago, a few months after their wedding, he had been orphaned after a death eater attack and James had been the aurour investigating, he'd felt an instant connection with the boy and had spoken to Remus about adopting him, a few months later they had their son. "Kal's not the only one." Regulus chuckled, lifting the little boy up and tickling him.

"Stop it! Uncle Reg!" Tyler laughed and Regulus put him down as Draco, Blaise and Kal walked over, along with Susan Bones. "Kal!" Tyler yelled and flung his little arms around the teenager's legs, Kal laughed and picked him up, leaning over to kiss Sirius gently, "Yucky."

"Oh shush you." Kal laughed at his little brother.

"Father, dad... Everyone. This is Susan," Draco said, finally introducing his girlfriend of several months.

"Pleased to meet you." Lucius smiled.

"And you." She replied before looking up as someone called her name, "Oh, excuse me, that'll be the family. Come find me later?" She asked Draco who nodded and gave her a quick kiss. "Sorry I couldn't talk for longer. It's a busy day." Susan apologised to the others and then she was gone.

"Congratulations." James said, smiling at Kal, Blaise and Draco, "What are your plans now then?"

"I'm going to aurour training in Septmeber." Blaise smiled, "Then hopefully on to become an unspeakable. Make my dad proud."

"And I'm going travelling for a while with some friends, then I'm not sure, maybe politics." Draco said.

Kal snorted, "I can just imagine you as minister of magic, telling everyone what to do." He said and Blaise laughed.

James looked at his son, "What about you, what are your plans?"

Kal opened his mouth to answer but Tyler got there first, "Kal and Uncle Sirius are going to have a baby." He grinned and there was a stunned silence.

Kal sighed and glanced at Sirius who pulled a face, "It was soemthing we discussed, maybe after I've finished Med school. Which wont be for like, four years." Kal explained, "And you shouldn't be listening in on other people's conversations." He told Tyler sternly and the child pouted.

"So not now?" Lucius asked, his relief obvious.

"No, no. Not now." Sirius smiled, he wrapped an arm around Kal, "Can we take a walk?"

"Sure." Kal smiled, putting his graduation cap on Tyler's head and handing the child to Draco "I'll see you guys later." He said before taking Sirius' hand and walking off. They walked away from the crowd, along the edge of the lake.

"I'm really proud of you." Sirius murmured as they left the sight of the crowd, heading into the trees.

Kal laughed, "I only graduated." He pointed out. Sirius smiled and dropped Kal's hand, stopping suddenly, "Siri?"

"Hush." Sirius said before he suddenly leant before Kal, Kal's jaw dropped as Sirius pulled a ring from his pocket, "It's been just over two years since we first got together, and I know it's not that long and I know you're still young but... Would you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?"

Kal blinked, "I... Yes! Yes!" He laughed, letting Sirius put the ring on his finger before flinging himself at the man and making them both tumble to the ground. "God I love you... Oh... Shit... My parents are going to freak."

"Actually they were pretty cool about the thought when I told them. It may have taken two years but I think they might actually have accepted me." Sirius laughed, standing up and helping Kal do the same.

Kal smiled, a tear falling from his cheek, he quickly wiped it away, "Merlin... I'm so happy."

"Me too." Sirius grinned, kissing the top of Kal's head.

"You working on Saturday? Only I'm gonna need a hand shifting the rest of my stuff to yours." Kal said.

Sirius kissed Kal lightly, "I'm free all day. We should get back, they'll be wondering how it went."

"They all knew?" Kal asked in surprise.

"Well, except Tyler, figured he'd suck at keeping secrets." Sirius laughed, remembering the awkwardness earlier. They linked hands and headed back over to their family, Draco grinned instantly when he spotted the ring on Kal's finger and drew his brother into a hug, "Congratulations!"

"Thanks." Kal smiled, letting himself be hugged by everyone.

"Come on kids." Lucius smiled, "Say goodbye to your friends, We've got dinner in the oven back home. We can all have a nice meal, you lot included." He said looking at James, Remus and Sirius, "And then you can go to whatever parties you had planned." Everyone smiled and started heading towards the school gates, stopping occassionally to say goodbye to people,

"I wanna be with you tonight." Kal told Sirius quietly.

"No babe, you go to your graduation party, we've got the rest of our lives to be together." Sirius said.

"You're so cheesy." Kal laughed, letting Sirius wrap an arm around him as they left the Hogwarts grounds, he grinned... His life was great.


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