The Feelings I Have

Hi! This is a prompty thingy (not sure what you call it) for Sai. It mostly revolves around him and Mai (an Oc of mine who, in my head, falls in love with Sai and vice versa). It mostly revolves about feelings. You can make a request if you can think of one, I will do the same emotion more then once (but a different scenario obviously). Sorry if Sai is ooc. They aren't in any order.


Mai had been quick to defend their relationship, arguing when Naruto had accused them of spending too much time together. Sakura had watched on with a small, knowing smile in place. She'd always had keen eyes.


The feeling bubbled in Sai's stomach, rising up his torso and shooting down his legs faster then he could of imagined. It made him feel light as a feather, content with the breeze on which he drifted. This is happiness, he thought, and he liked it.


Staring at Mai's back didn't seem to be stopping her tears, so instead he followed the advice of his trusty book. He crouched down beside the shaking girl, wrapped in her sorrow, and put one arm around her shoulders. Unlike Naruto, Mai leaned into him and cried on his shoulder.


He wondered in the girl's justu had something to do with gravity, because he couldn't keep his eyes – or his hands – off her.


It was the first time he had wanted to put the subject down on paper and it was the only picture that had a title, Mai Yuki.


While lying in bed one night Mai had asked him that question.

"Sai?" The blacknette spoke quietly. Sai could feel her warm breath on his bare chest.


"What will the Foundation do? When they find out about you and me?"

The only reply Mai received was Sai's arms tightening around her.


He knew the Foundation would find out sooner or later. They wouldn't be able to keep their relationship a secret forever.

Sai glanced at the shorter, beautiful girl beside him.

But he was damn well gonna try.

Don't forget to make requests. Hope you enjoyed it. I'll try to come up with more.