I am officially in love with He's Just Not That Into You, and head over heels in love with Alex and Gigi. They are the most amazing pair in the universe. So to cure my long endured writer's block, I decided to write a little poem dedicated to them. Enjoy my friends.

You are my exception.

As Alex kisses me his words echo in my head,
He wraps his arms around me,
Pulling me close, close enough
To feel his heart beating.

His lips feel amazing,
Softly caressing my own as my head spins,
My heart swells and it seems as if
I am soaring high above the world,
And I cling to him,
Like he is the only thing keeping me grounded.

Although there are a million things running through my head,
I feel myself getting lost in this amazing kiss,
Time stands still and there is nothing in this universe
But us.

Nothing except us.

We are the exception.

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