"Katon" – jutsu

"DIE" – Summon/ Demon talk

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx – Scene change

Story start

Naruto was traning so he could enter the academy when a group of drunken villagers came up and started to attack him. 'Why me? Why do they always do this to me?' the young blond thought to himself. The villagers were hitting him with various objects, everything from clubs to pitchforks. If it wasn't for the kyuubis chakra Naruto would be dead. There's a common misconception that the kyuubi actually heals him, but this is not the case. What happens is since Narutos body is so small it can't contain the chakra, so when it leaks out it heals cuts. Now back to Naruto.

The young boy was feeling tremendous pain and asked out "Why are you people doing this to me?" "Don't play dumb demon, you've nearly destroyed are village six years ago. Now we're going to kill" a random villager said while posing to strike him in the head with a pitchfork. Before the weapon could connect Naruto felt a strange power surging through him and he subconsciously called out "Shinra Tensei", this launched all the villagers away from him; one was impaled by the pitchfork. Naruto stood up horrified by the damage he appeared to have caused. Suddenly an ANBU wearing a weasel mask jumped out of the trees and walked over to Naruto.

Seeing the ANBU Naruto cried "Please it was an accident, I don't even know what happened. Please don't hurt me!" The masked man… err, boy walked over to Naruto in a way not to startle him. "Don't worry Naruto-kun only one of them have died, the rest are simply knocked out. Now come, we have to get you looked up". Naruto cautiously walked over to the ANBU and they headed to the hospital. 'Interesting' the kid thought after looking at the Narutos eyes, 'lord hokage would want to know about this'.

After bring Naruto to the hospital to have his wounds treated he went to the hokage to report what happened. "This certainly is interesting, can you tell me where Naruto is now" Sarutobi asked him. "He is currently at his apartment resting" the ANBU replied. "Very well, you're dismissed Itachi" the aged kage said. When Itachi shushined out of the room Sarutobi went to check up on our favorite blond.


The old man arrived at little Narutos apartment and knocked on the door. He heard somebody call out "What's the password?" Sarutobi answered "Ichiraku". Naruto then unlocked the door and motioned for the hokage to come in, "What did you want to talk to me about old man?" The 'old man' hesitated but said, "I wanted to discuss what happened tonight Naruto". The blond then got really worried thinking that he was going to get in trouble, "It was an accident old man honest. I don't even know what happened" he said in a frantic voice. "Naruto look at me" he said, after getting a good look at his eyes he could tell Itachi was right, the continued "you're not in trouble. I just want to know what you remember". Naruto visibly calmed at this then spoke, "the villagers came and attacked me but before they could kill me a strange power flowed through me, then nothing".

After hearing his story Sarutobi knew that Naruto had the legendary Doujutsu. "Okay Naruto I know what happened" he said catching Narutos attention, "you've unlocked the Rin'negan". "What's that old man?" Naruto asked. "I'm not totally sure but I'm going to recall my old student Jiraiya, he knows a lot about the Rin'negan. For now I want you to wear these" Sarutobi said while holding out some sunglasses. "We can't have people asking questions about your eyes. Remember classes start next week, until then practice that technique you used today. We don't need you to accidentally using it in class" the kage said before leaving the apartment.

Naruto thought about what the hokage said then drifted off to sleep.


It's been five days since the incident at the training ground. Naruto decided that going to a different location to train would be a good idea, just in case the villagers went looking for him again. So far Naruto managed to get down the move he used on the villagers but he found that it had a weakness; he won't be able to move for five seconds after activating it. The blond also discovered another jutsu which he calls Banshou Ten'in. This does the opposite of the Shinra Tensei, it attracts objects to him. He can't react in time so he keeps on getting hit by whatever he use the move on, so he decided that he needed to work on his reflexes if he is to get the move down.

The day before the academy orientation he was confronted by an old dude with really long hair and carried a scroll on his back. "Are you Naruto Uzumaki?" the stranger asked. "Yeah, what of it?" the blond asked while never stopping his training. "My name is Jiraiya and my sensei called me here because of you for some reason" the newly identified Jiraiya said. Naruto now stopped and turned to Jiraiya with his sunglasses off. The sanin gasped at what he saw, the boy had the Rin'negan. 'So, it looks like Nagato is not the only on to have it' the sage thought to himself. "Well now I understand why sensei was insistent on my return. Well kid I guess I'm going to be your sensei for a while" Jiraiya said. This caught Narutos attention; him having his own personal sensei, this was a dream come true.

"Are you going to teach me some super cool ninja move or something" Naruto asked eagerly. "Calm down gaki we haven't gotten to that part yet, and the only reason I'm teaching you anyway is because one of my other students had the same doujutsu" Jiraiya said. "Now since tomorrow is the academy orientation I'm just going to explain your eyes to you. They give you natural control over all elements and natural perfect chakra control. From my experiences with it, it gives the user a strange control over gravity in a sense" the sanin started to explain. "I already know that part" Naruto said. "I'm already working on my second technique, but I need help on my reflexes".

"Very well we'll work on that tomorrow after the academy. Meet me here at four o' clock tomorrow" Jiraiya said before he walked away.

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Naruto was walking through the hallways of the academy looking for room 110, today was just a day to meet your classmates and teacher. When Naruto opened the door he saw the teacher trying to calm the class down so he could take attendance, seeing that all the seats at the front were taking he went to the back and sat next to a girl with lavender eyes. "Class quite down" the teacher yelled finally getting the class's attention. "My name is Iruka Umino and I'll be your sensei for the next few years. When I call your name please raise your hand and say here" the chunin sensei explained. "Shikamaru Nara, here. Sasuke Uchiha, here…" Naruto just drowned him out till he heard his name "…Naruto Uzumaki, here. Hinata Hyuuga, here" the voice next to him said. 'So her name is Hinata' Naruto thought.

"Okay class now for your schedule, Monday thru Thursday will be lectures and Friday will be taijutsu and weapons training. You will all also be taught the three most basic ninjutsu" the sensei said. Then the bell rang 'thank god' Naruto thought. Since it was only 3:00 he still had time to eat before meeting up with Jiraiya so he headed to Ichiraku for a late lunch.

When Naruto got to the meeting area he saw a note was stuck to a tree via kunai, it read "meet me at the waterfall just outside of the village". The blond boy made his way to the waterfall the not was talking about. After he arrived he saw his mentor staring at three women in bikinis playing in the water. Naruto walk up behind him and said boo, this shocked Jiraiya and made him nearly drop his telescope.

"What the hell was that for gaki?" he asked. "You're just a pervert, aren't you?" Naruto asked. "I'm not a pervert, I'm a super pervert" Jiraiya said.

"Whatever pervy sage, can we just get my training started already?" Naruto asked annoyed. "Fine brat just, don't call me that again" he responded. With that they started the training.