Chapter 1- BPOV

The rays of the sunlight broke through my window and shined down on my face waking me up from my peaceful slumber. I reached up and stretched moving my muscles all around. I look back out the window at the sun going up in to the sky it was so beautiful. This is the only time you can see the sun and at twilight when it sets and the moon makes an appearance. Where I live you hardly ever see it. Welcome to Forks, WA; the wettest place in the continental U.S. We are under constant rain coverage three hundred and sixty- five days of the year. Occasionally we have a warm sunny day.

I'm glad the sun is out today. I believe it is a way of telling me that the best summer of my life is fixing to begin. I just graduated from Forks High School, along with my two best friends; Rosalie Hale and Alice Cullen. We all have the summer off before we start college at the University of Washington in Seattle for the fall. This summer we want to make the most of it, by spending time together and doing the most exciting things.

I rolled back over on my side and fell back asleep.

"Bella", a familiar pixie like voice woke me up. "Wake up".

I grunted and pulled my pillow over my head. "Now", she pretty much yelled at me. I still just layed there, it got quiet and I could have sworn I heard her leave my room, but what I felt next was a whole lot worse. Someone was jumping up and down on my bed.

"Ok, Ok, I'm up", I said while removing my pillow. I looked up to see Alice standing up on my bed; she jumped down and came to sit by me. Alice was a very pretty girl just like Rosalie. They both had supermodel looks, while I just looked normal. She had black, short, spiky hair. Alice was very short and had the grace of an angel. Rosalie on the other hand had long golden blonde hair, with the right curves all over her body, she was also tall. Rosalie and Alice are very much into fashion that is what they are going to majoring in at college. They love to both dress me up, but it makes them happy so I let them do it.

Rose and I have been best friends since we were about 4 years old. She has a brother named Jasper. Jasper and Rosalie's parents are hardly ever home, all they do is travel around the world. They stay at my house a lot, even Jasper. He is like the older brother I never had. He is a year older than us and left last year to start college in Seattle.

Alice and Jasper is a couple who love each other very much. Alice just moved here about 5 months ago with her family. Her father is doctor Carlisle Cullen, he is the doctor at Forks Hospital and her mom is Esme Cullen, she is an interior designer. Both of her parents love us very much and consider Rose and me their own daughters.

I live with my dad Charlie, he is Forks Police Chief and my mom Renee, and she is an elementary school teacher. Charlie and Renee are high school sweethearts and had me at the age of 18. They are still very much in love today.

"Go get dressed, we are going to the beach today, it's sunny", Alice said taking my hand and dragging me out to the bathroom.

"I picked out your bathing suit it's on the counter and hurry Rose is waiting".

I went into the bathroom and looked at my bathing suit. It was a one piece and red. At least she picked out something I would like. I took a quick shower, using my wonderful strawberry shampoo and got dressed in my bathing suit. I walked back in my room where Alice fixed my hair in a lose side shoulder pony tail and applied little bit of makeup. I put on the white cover up and my flip flops.

I grabbed a bag and put my towel and my favorite book Romeo and Juliet in it and walked down the stairs. Alice was right behind me rushing me out of the house. I barely had enough time to grab an apple on the way out. I locked the front door and ran over to Rose's red, convertible BMW and climbed in the back.

"About time", Rose said

"I was still sleeping", I replied. Rose pulled out of my driveway and started towards First Beach at the La Push Indian Reservation.

"Girls, this is great. Our first day we get to go to the beach", Alice said.

"This is going to be one hell of a summer" Rose said.

The rest of the way we listened to the radio singing along with some of our favorite songs. About 20 minutes later we pulled up at the beach and made our way down. We found a spot and laid our towels out. I took my cover up off, grabbed my book and lay out to get some sun. Rose and Alice followed suit. Rose's bathing suit was a 2 piece bikini that was black. Alice had on a two piece that was pink polka dotted. (Pictures on Profile)

One hour later we all decided to get in the water. It was cold but bearable. We splashed around and played some water games. The beach was fun today. At four we decided to pack up and make our way back home. We were loading the car when a familiar husky voice stopped our thoughts.

"Well, I see my baby decided to come back to me". I turned around to see my ex boyfriend Jacob Black standing behind me. Jacob has russet colored skin with long pitch black hair. He was very tall and muscular with brown eyes. Jacob was pretty good looking.

"I did not come back to you", I replied.

"Sure you did, you know you miss me", he said. Jacob walked forward and rubbed his fingers up and down my arm. I flinched away.

"Leave me alone", I yelled at him and stepped away.

"Bells, I want you back"

"You should have thought about that before you cheated on me with Leah". I said. Two months ago I came over to visit Jake at his house. Charlie and Billy, Jake's dad are good friends and the family was so happy that we got together. We had been going out about a year when I walked in on Jake and Leah having sex on the couch in the living room. I was so angry. I called off the relationship right then. I was so heartbroken, I thought I loved him, but I guess God just has a different plan for me and I thought nothing else of it. I forgave him, even though he did not deserve it and since then he has been trying to get back with me. I will never go back with him ever again.

"But I love you and I'm sorry, please come back to me".

"No, Come on girls lets go", I said. We all got in the BMW and made our way back home. I didn't even look at him as we were driving away.

"Way to go Bella, I knew you had it in you", Alice hugged me from the front seat.

"I can't believe I did it myself", I replied

"That means our little Bells is growing up", Rose said reaching back from the driver's seat to mess my hair up.

"Oh shut up", I yelled at them playfully and pouted my lip out. They started laughing at me and I joined in a few minutes later.

When we got home Renee was in the kitchen making supper, which was my favorite dish, mushroom ravioli. Usually when she makes supper it means she has something big going on. Like the one time she told me she and Charlie were going away for Christmas on a cruise. I was 12 at the time and had to spend the holidays with Rose and Jasper. Thank God their parents decided to come home. The second time was when I was 16 and they left for the Caribbean for 3 weeks. That was the best summer ever. Since Rose and I could drive with just went everywhere. One weekend we went all the way to LA for shopping.

So with Renee cooking this could only mean one thing they are going away again. I really don't care about them going away. It helps them rekindle their love for one another, plus I get the house all by myself.

"So where are you going this time", I said walking over into the kitchen.

Renee turned around to look at me with shock on her face. "What makes you think I'm going somewhere", she said with a smirk on her face.

"Because you only make dinner when you are leaving", I replied.

"Well you can just wait till Charlie gets home and we can all sit down and talk, even you girls", Renee said pointing at Alice and Rose.

"Whatever mom"

"Now go get ready for supper girls", she said running us out of the kitchen and up the stairs. We got upstairs to my room. We all took a shower to get the beach sand off of us. I changed back into a pair of jean shorts and a green tank top and put my flip flops on. I left my hair down to dry by its self.

"So what do you think is going on", Alice asked.

"I don't know", I replied.

"Well they are probably going away, that's for sure", Rose answered. We were all sitting on my bed talking while waiting on supper.

"So what is the plan this summer", I asked trying to change the subject.

"I don't know", Alice mumbled quietly.

"WHAT", Rose and I yelled.

"You mean to tell me Alice Cullen you have nothing planned yet" Rose said.

"No Sorry guys I don't", she said looking down at her hands in her lap. I just can't believe she didn't have anything planned. Ever since Alice arrived here in Forks, she has had something for us to do every weekend.

"Ah, Alice don't worry that means we can plan together", I said.

She looked up and Rose and I with a very excited look. She started bouncing up and down on my bed.

"Yay, Let's start now", She said

"Girls supper is ready", Renee yelled from downstairs.

"We can start after dinner", I said. We got off my bed and went downstairs and each took a seat at the dining room table. Renee came in a filled each of our plates and sat down. Charlie came in about 2 minutes later. He said hello to everyone and sat down at his plate. About five minutes later conversation started.

"So girls what you got planned for the summer", Charlie asked

"Nothing yet, dad", I said.

"Really", he replied.

"Were going to start planning after we eat", Alice said

Conversation just fell into place after that. We talked about our plans for college and where we were going to be living and the classes we were taking. After supper I helped Renee clean up the kitchen and the dishes. When we finished we all went and sat down in the living room for them to tell us some big news. We girls sat on the couch, while Renee and Charlie sat together on the love seat.

"So what the big news, dad", I asked

"Well your mother and I decided to go on another trip", he said.

"Where you going now", I asked.

"We are going to Europe for the next 2 months", Charlie said

"What, that's my whole summer", I said I looked over at my friends they looked as shocked as me.

"Now we have made plans for you, Rose and Jasper, since their parents aren't around", Renee said

"You will be staying the whole summer with The Cullen's", Charlie said

"Really", Alice said I looked back over at her; she was jumping up and down. "It's perfect".

"Yes, we have already talked it over with Carlisle and Esme and they are more than happy you will be staying with them. Plus they have a graduation surprise for ya'll".

By now we were all jumping around all over the place. This was really going to be the best summer of our lives.

"When do you leave", I asked

"Tomorrow morning", Charlie said. Well nothing like telling us at the last minute. I ran over and hugged my parents telling them how thankful I was.

"Now go pack your stuff Bella and go enjoy your summer", Renee said.

We all ran upstairs and started packing all my stuff together. I took practically all my books, clothes, and music. An hour later everything was loaded in my 1998 black Honda Accord. I loved my car very much. Charlie and Renee bought it for me after my old 1950's truck died on me. We sold it to a junk yard and they got me this car. I know it's not new, but it gets me places. Rose and Alice said goodbye and then made their way over to Rose's to get her stuff. I went back in the living room and said bye to my parents.

"Bye Bella, we will miss you", my mom said while hugging me.

"I will miss you to, I hope you have fun and take lots of pictures", I said

"I will and I will call you", she said. I made my way over to my dad. He handed me a black credit card. I looked up at him confused.

"That's in case of an emergency, ok, not shopping", He said.

"Okay", I said while putting it in my wallet. I hugged him goodbye and made the way to my car. I waved one more time and pulled out the driveway.

I made my way up the long Cullen driveway that leads all the way in the back of the woods on the outskirts of Forks. I pulled up in front of the house. I love their house so much. It's a beautiful Victorian home that Esme redid. The house is white, with 3 stories and a wraparound porch, plus a garage of to the side. Inside the house were 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a finish basement with a theater system, a piano room with a library in it, a huge kitchen and a beautiful pool outback. This was my home away from home, even though my family could never afford this. The Cullen's are one of the richest people in Forks. I got out of my car and grabbed a couple of my bags and made it to the front door. I just walked right in.

"Esme, Carlisle", I called out

"Bella dear is that you", I heard Esme call. She appeared at the top of the stairs a second later. I rushed over to her and gave her a big hug. "Thank you so much for letting me stay here", I said.

"Anytime, I love you too much. Plus you are my daughter". I gave her another quick hug.

"Let's get your stuff upstairs. I redid one of the guest bedrooms for you", she said while grabbing a couple of my bags and leading me upstairs. We made it to the 3third level and she opened the door.

"Esme it's beautiful, you didn't have to do this for me". The room was perfect, with its sea like theme. There was a big four poster bed with crisp white sheets, and hardwood flooring. The room was painted my favorite dark blue color. I set my stuff down and gave Esme another hug.

"Well the bathroom is through there, you will have to share it with Edward", Esme said. I looked at her confused.

"Who's Edward", I asked

"Alice didn't tell you", she asked. I shook my head no.

"That's Alice's brother. He's home for the summer".

"I didn't know Alice had a brother", I said.

"I can't believe she didn't tell you", Esme said while exiting my room. "Where are the girls at anyway", she asked

"They went to get Rose's stuff", I replied.

"Ok, I will leave you to get settled". I told her thank you one more time and went back outside to my car. I grabbed a couple of boxes and another bag and shut the trunk. I went back inside and started up the stairs. I was about half way up when I tripped on one of the steps. The boxes flew out of my hands and all my stuff went everywhere. I bent down to try a pick up some of my stuff went I slipped on one of my cd cases. I started falling backwards down the steps.

I bumped right into something hard and I felt strong hands come up to my hips holding me in place. I let out a breath I was holding in. I turned around in the hands of my savior only to be gazing up into two emerald eyes. They were gorgeous. I could see all the way into his soul. I pulled back a little bit to see his whole face. He was literally a god with bronze hair and a flawless face. I realized I fell back into his chest that was defiantly a six pack. I looked back up at his face and he was sporting the most body melting crooked smile I had ever seen. To cap it all off there was this electricity running through my body.

I looked down to realize he was still holding me and he immediately let go.

"Um, thank you", I said

He chuckled, ran a hand through his hair, which add another whole possibility of Adonis to him, and spoke in an angel like voice "you're welcome".

"Hi, I'm Edward", he said again

"Isabella Swan, but I like to be called Bella". He smiled at me

"It's nice to meet you Bella"

"It's a pleasure to meet you too", I replied. We just stood there staring into each other's eyes, till I heard the most annoying scream of my life.

"EDWARD", Alice screamed. We both turned around to see Alice hopping up the stairs. She jumped up into Edward's arms and they hugged each other very tight. They pulled back after a minute or two. Alice looked at me behind Edward and smiled.

"I see you met Bella", Alice said. Edward turned back around to me and smiled.

"Yes we did meet", he answered. A second later there was another loud scream. We all turned around to see Rose and the bottom of the steps gawking up at Edward.

"EDWARD CULLEN", she screamed again and then passed out another, big bulky guy came running out just in enough time to catch Rosalie from falling on to the ground.

I looked back at Alice. "What was that about", I asked. Alice and Edward both turned around to look at me with shocked expressions. "What", I said again

"Bella, I would like you to meet my brother, Edward Cullen, the top Hollywood's top A list actor.


This is another story I decided to write, I hope everyone enjoys it and please tell me what you think about it. Thanks.

For anyone who is confused about the how old everyone is.


Bella- 18

Alice- 18

Rose- 18

Edward- 19

Jasper- 19

Emmett- 20