Just feeling like writing mindless drabbles today.

Learning to Forgive

Hurtful things had been said. Profanity spilled out when enraged. Knives were stabbed into the heart. And none of those could be taken back, because none of those could be forgotten. It had been done. It had been said. It was all surging pain, never relieve.

Shaky breathes were inhaled and exhaled.

Staring at one another without a single word coming out of their mouths was the easiest way to convey how much they hate one another. How much hatred was flowing between the both of them, emotions... positive that turned to negative.

Palms were curled into fists.

Nothing physical was done.

But inside, they were shattered, bleeding wildly.

And those wounds would never heal.

The weapons called words had stabbed so deep into fragile hearts... so deep that they left scars...

And they would forever stay there.

And when all those anger and rage were gone... came the mind... rational thoughts.

Roxas was sitting there.

Thinking about all the times he had been hurt by Axel's words. Thinking about all the times he had hurt Axel using his words...all the times they hurt one another without thinking of the consequences.

He swallowed, staring into the nothingness in front of him.

It hurt. It most definitely hurt. And the words still rang in Roxas' heart, pounding and beating endlessly.

His mind wouldn't stop thinking...

He yelped when he felt a hand resting on his shoulder. And he stood up from where he was sitting, turning only to find the person who had hurt him immensely standing before him.

Axel pulled the blond into a warm embrace.

"I'm sorry..." the redhead whispered huskily. "I'm sorry..."

Roxas returned the embrace, gently rubbing Axel's back. "..."

"I can't promise that I will be able to control myself in the future... but I apologize, Roxas. I really do. For all those words... for all the things that I have said."

Roxas couldn't give an answer. He had been hurt again and again. So much so that he was willing to close his heart forever. His heart was stepped over and over again... and he kept letting it happen. He took in a deep breath, burying his face into Axel's broad chest. "I forgive you," he whispered.


There was a loud gasped and everything went silence...swallowed by the soothing sound of the rain. A body went limp and fell on the cold, wet ground. Blood was washed away in an instant by the pure tears of the sky. It was dark and hollow... and a man was standing there in the middle of the area, staring blankly, lifeless.

Loud cranking could be heard ringing, echoing endlessly as a razor sharp weapon touched the ground. And the man knelt, staring at the body before him. What had he done?

There was no need for explanation...

The blond was lifeless now...

There would be no more arguments... no more quarrels...

No more...

Because everything was over.

Axel had ended it with his own hands... driven by rage and hatred.

"Forgive me..." he whispered to the rain, hoping for an answer from the dead body.

...I forgive you, Axel... but... you never learn to forgive...

Even if Axel earned Roxas' forgiveness, he would never be able to forgive himself...