Beyond Smallville: Metropolis, 2010


Lois leaned heavily against Clark's broad shoulder. The young couple gazed out over Metropolis Bay. "This was well worth the wait." Lois said seductively as she kissed Clark passionately.

Three months ago:

Lois was about to break the greatest story of her young career. She'd challenged Lex Luthor face to face, and won. The evil billlionaire had backed down. He'd resold the Daily Planet to a private company, spearheaded by Perry White. Tess Mercer had wrested control of Lex's empire, and partnered with Queen Industries.

Lois had threatened Lex with digging up some major dirt on him and Luthorcorp, confronting him after his unlikely return. Of course, he could have simply sued Lois for character assassination, but for some reason, he couldn't pull the trigger on her, both figuratively and literally.

Lex had the cell phone in his hand, ready to call in his vast array of thugs, to facilitate Lois's 'disappearance.' He suddenly flipped the phone off, and the order was never given. Instead, Lex called up his latest girlfriend, he nicknamed Mercy, because she'd had none. Enter Tess Mercer.

He saw it as a momentary bout of weakness, making a mental note that he could always call for Lois's 'reeducation' at a later time. For now, with her elevation to City Beat journalist, he decided to use her as a mouthpiece for Luthorcorp. The Board of Directors had hired Perry White, a middle-aged, experienced journalist turned Newsroom Editor to run the City Section of the Daily Planet.

Lex would send Lois his press releases, and she'd write them up, and feature them in the paper, with Perry's approval, of course. He would quickly regret that ambiguity.

Lois had talked Clark into filling out the application for cub reporter with the Planet. After some prodding, he'd decided to take her up on it. Partially, to access the paper's massive database, and partially, because Clark had also reached another decision: he needed to be where the action is.

After the Lana debacle, Clark was going to swear off relationships for good, however he'd found himself more and more attracted to his best friend, Lois. The first interview went well with Perry, who admittedly already knew Clark, but had offered to try him out on the staff, and no one, even Lex, had objected. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, was a creedo that Lex lived by. Both Lois and Clark were now right where he wanted them, in plain sight.

Today, Clark was starting his first day at the Daily Planet as City Beat Reporter. Perry had seated him across from Lois, near Chloe's old desk. Kent, there's only one thing i value more than hard work, and that's initiative. Perry had said at the final interview.

I want you to help Lois. Perry added. She's a good kid, looks like she wants to work hard, but her spelling is atrocious. He said, half-seriously. You two will be a team. The future legend was born.

Clark was in early, poring over the possible news stories to cover on the internet. Perry would assign them as he saw fit, so Clark was willing to be prepared. Lois walked in a few minutes later.

"Morning, Smallville." Lois began tiredly. "Why are you here so early? The chickens drag you out of bed?" She quipped. "You're going to make me look bad in front of the boss."

"Just tell Perry that i'm an insomniac." Clark bantered playfully. "Perry, Eh?" Lois echoed. "You're on a first name basis with the Editor on your first day?" She taunted. "Lois, I told you, I already knew Mr. White." He corrected, specifically to irk her.

"You know Smallville, you never cease to amaze me with your surprises." Lois shook her long brownish blonde hair from her eyes, put down her coffee, and finished pulling her hair back into a ponytail. If you only knew, Clark thought ruefully.

Perry White waltzed in behind them. "Lane, this is not a beauty parlor!" He taunted. "I need to see you and Kent in my office five minutes ago." Lois sighed, as Perry sped through the newsroom.

"Welcome to the Daily Planet starting lineup, Clark." Lois said facetiously. "Let's see, blue sport shirt with black tie, black Dockers, and black wing tip shoes. You know Smallville, you don't look half bad. Double time soldier!"

Clark smiled as Lois turned her back, and he watched her as if seeing his good friend through different eyes. She is kind of cute, in an annoying way, he mused as they entered Perry's office...