Interview With a Super Girl

Lois Lane passed by the drying bales of hay that were neatly stacked next to the Kent barn. "Ah choo!" She sneezed repeatedly. "Bless You!" A young female voice said from somewhere above her. "Thank You!" Lois replied as she wistfully glanced up at the window that led to the loft apartment in which she had spent so much time with Clark. Life was much simpler then, she mused.

Kara Zor El Kent floated gracefully down from the clouds that dotted the blue Kansas sky. She landed beside Lois, as the ace Daily Planet reporter sniffed, and wiped away a tear that had formed in the corner of one big brown eye. She brought to a halt her reminiscent walk and faced the young alien.

Kara's usually clean, form fitting white t-shirt with the ubiquitous "S" shield at its center, was soiled and slightly torn. "What happened to you?" Lois smirked, continuing, "You run into some air turbulence?"

Kara laughed. "No. As I was flying in over the west pasture, I noticed that some livestock had gotten trapped in a muddy bog." The alien beauty explained. "So, I spent a few minutes digging the cattle out and carrying them off to a flat, drier plain on the east end of the property."

"I guess the life of a superhero isn't always glamor, glitz, and glory." Lois snickered as she spoke. "I can see the headline now 'Supergirl saves cows, apocalypse averted!" She needled. Clark's young cousin laughed heartily. "Ready for our interview, Kara? Inquiring minds want to know." Lois teased.

"Let me get cleaned up first." Kara said as she vaulted upward. "Thanks, I'd appreciate it…" Lois began as the supergirl disappeared from sight. "I still hate it when they do that." Lois grumbled aloud. She resumed her walk towards the large yellow and brown Kent family farmhouse.

By now, Kara had been in the shower and grabbed some fresh clothes. She zipped back to Lois just as the ace reporter had reached the front porch, appearing beside her. "Geez!" Lois was still startled. "You know, I never really get used to that." Kara smiled and gestured Lois inside.

Clark and Lois had purchased a condo townhome near central Metropolis after their wedding, mostly for appearances sake, so Kara had the farm to herself. It would be some time before Martha Kent and Jonathan Two would return and settle down back in Smallville. Senator Kent's term was nearly up, and she had announced her intention to retire.

Clark and Kara really didn't need much sleep, so one or the other would keep the farm running. During the day, the alien heroes tended to their mundane jobs, leaving most of the common crimes to the Metropolis Police Department. As Linda Lee Danvers, Kara had become an office assistant to Lois and the rest of the Daily Planet staff. Her brunette wig, and mousy glasses limited anyone's suspicions.

At night, the super-powered crime-fighters cleaned up the city and suburbs, capturing every conceivable offender and dumping them off at the MPD lockup. There were still plenty of perps to put behind bars. Since the Blur had first appeared, the crime rate had steadily declined. Amazingly, all crime never really stopped. The criminal element just didn't get the message.

"Let's get right into it." Lois urged, as she sat down at the Kent's kitchen table, across from Kara, and flipped on her personal recorder. She tapped away on her laptop, creating the headlines. "Why choose the name Super Girl?" Lois began the interview. "I wanted a name that would hide my secret identity, and something that everyone could relate to." Kara's gave a well-rehearsed response.

"Fair enough." Lois remarked. "Why are you here?" She prompted. "Our parents were dysfunctional, like many of Earth's families, but we knew one thing: Our parents loved us." Kara said sincerely. "Ultimately, that's why they sent Superman and I here. Our home worlds of Krypton, Kandor, and Argo were on the verge of destruction. Our red sun, Kryptos was about to go supernova."

"The scientific community debated and debated the annihilation of the Krypton System." Kara continued. "Soon, it was too late. The red star literally pulled apart our planets, and nearly everyone was destroyed. Superman and I were saved, just as the solar system tore itself to pieces."

"How sad." Lois played up her part well. "So you and Superman are actually refugees from a series of doomed planets." She clarified. "That's correct, Miss Lane." Kara said sourly. She had been studying how humans responded to questions and how they reacted to sad or bad news.

Lois flipped off her personal recorder. "That will really tug at the public's heart strings." She added. "We want to cover some really intimate things about you that people may want to know, probably something that they can relate to." Kara gulped. "How intimate?" She asked Lois nervously.

Lois smiled as Kara squirmed in her seat. "Don't worry, I'll keep it PG-13." She needled the young alien. "I'm sure Clark would appreciate that, too." Kara countered, regaining her composure. "Ready?" Lois prompted as Kara nodded. Lois had restarted her recorder.

"Supergirl, do you have a boyfriend or anything?" Lois began playfully, as Kara reddened. "Uh no, Miss Lane, I'm not sure that Kryptonian and human physiology are compatible." She evaded. Lois's eyes sparkled, because she knew from personal experience that the biology was certainly compatible.

Kara just didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention. "We still eat, drink, sleep, and think the same way as humans do." She clarified, adding: "Our parents chose Earth because they had known of your race for eons, and believed the denizens of Earth to be an honorable people."

Lois gave Kara the thumb up, mouthing the word 'nice'. Kara took a breath and continued on. "Our scientists were considered to be among the most advanced in the known galaxy. It was they, specifically Superman's father and mother, who determined that we would have the best chance of survival if we made it to Earth." Lois grinned, commenting: "That makes sense."

"Who among us wouldn't wish the same for our children, if we found ourselves in the same dire situation?" Lois argued forcefully. "What will you be doing while you're here on Earth, Supergirl?" She continued. "We had hoped that Earth's people would welcome us into their home." Kara began sincerely. She and Lois had rehearsed that line earlier. "That shouldn't be a problem." Lois remarked. "There are plenty of resources for everyone, including a couple of intergalactic refugees."

"Moving on." Lois invited. "How about doing what I call a lightning round? Meaning, I ask you some questions and you just give simple, short answers?" Kara took a breath before replying. She and Lois had also been practicing this segment of the interview. "Sure, Miss Lane, I'll do my best."

"Okay, let's begin." Lois checked her recorder's tape, to make sure they had enough room left for Kara's responses. "Do you believe in God?" Lois started with a tough one. "I believe that people choose to believe what they want to, and I'll respect that, including the right not to believe."

Lois gave her another thumb up. "What about the world's religions? They always seem to be in conflict." Lois jabbed. "I believe that everyone should respect each other's religious rights, with the exception of those religions that permit or encourage bringing harm or death to another person based on their beliefs or non-beliefs." Kara responded earnestly, garnering another 'nice' from Lois.

"I don't want to interfere in the lifestyles people of Earth decide to follow, but again, when these lifestyles bring hurtfulness and death to others, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of Earth's laws." Kara freelanced. "Superman and I have said that we are not above the law."

"On a lighter note, how is it that you and Superman can defy gravity? Fly?" Lois switched gears. "As I understand it, Krypton had a much heavier gravity pull, based on our red sun. Once Superman and I entered Earth's gravity well, it appears that we automatically can defy Earth's lighter gravity pull."

"How is it that you and Superman are virtually indestructible?" Lois posed their rehearsed queries. "Our bodies have a much higher density, meaning our cell structure is very hard and tightly packed, compared to humans." Kara replied without hesitation, though they agreed not to say much more than this.

"In closing, Supergirl, how do you see yourself, now that you will be living indefinitely with us humans?" Lois wanted to end the interview on a positive note. "Both Superman and I would like to be seen as friends first, to the people of Earth, and its protectors second." Kara answered vaguely.

"Protectors? From what?" Lois feigned surprise. "Now that the people of Earth know that they are not alone in the universe, you all might as well know that other interplanetary races exist, and many of them are conquerors, and mean, vindictive, beings. Earth is no longer safe from them, and I would suggest that all of the countries of the world consider banding together to fight as one." Kara said with some menace in her adolescent sounding voice. "We will be here to help in any way we can."

A chill still ran down Lois's spine. Though Kara had relayed the answers exactly as they'd rehearsed, the reality still seemed to be setting in, even after their brushes with Darkseid, Zod and the Kandorians, Doomsday, and the rest. This and Superman's interviews had instantly changed the world. Earth would never be the same again. Lois had indeed finally gotten out the story of her lifetime.

"Thank you Super Girl." Lois said, and despite her best efforts, her voice had still sounded shaky as she closed the interview. "Thank you, Miss Lane. We'll be around." Kara said as Lois flipped off her recorder. "So, how did I do?" the alien beauty wondered. "Far better than I expected Kara, well done. " Lois praised though she still hadn't shaken off the interview's dire ending.