Lust, Love and Everything in Between

Iruka looked at the paper in his hands and checked the number for the third time, the feeling of unreality still making it impossible to believe. There it was, in black and white letters.

Hatake Kakashi - number 21

Just his luck, apparently, that the one time he participated in the Lottery he had to get the Big One. Exactly the one he didn't want to get.

The Lottery: Sandaime's worst fucking idea during the war.

Well, actually it hadn't been such a bad idea at the time. They were at war and didn't have time to get involved in affairs of the heart, or any other complication which could potentially distract the soldiers. Iruka could see the merit of something like that then. A draw pairing up people, a week to be together and chat or have sex or whatever the hell they wanted to do, no strings attached and no hassle. And completely voluntary.

It took the concept of sex friends one step further, you didn't even need to be friends.

And it gave both parts the chance to pass if the draw wasn't to their satisfaction, not that many people actually took it.

It had been a good thing during the war, how it had survived to this day was the question. And why hadn't Godaime abolished it.

And, of course, what in seven hells had possessed Iruka to put his name in the draw. He must have been feeling lonelier than he thought to have done a thing so against his character.

Cursing his bad luck, Iruka grabbed a pen to draw a cross next to his number, signalling a pass.

Sorry Hatake-san, he thought looking at the name in the paper again, but I don't want to do it. Not like this.

He sighed, quickly making a sign in the appropriate place, followed by a different one on the side.

There, it was done.

Kakashi looked at the paper in his hands and felt his brows trying to crawl up his forehead. He didn't know if he was more surprised to see the name written there of to know he had been the unfortunate sod to get paired up with him.

He was certain, considering their history, he was going to find a pass scrawled in the appropriate box.

Well, what was done was done. He hoped he'd have more luck next time, if he even bothered to participate. Not that he had anything against the Lottery; it had lots of things in its favour for someone like him.

For one, at least the people participating didn't expect romance or an attachment he couldn't and wouldn't feel.

He'd had enough of hurt feelings after the last time he had tried a relationship with someone.

He went to the bulleting board to make sure he had been rejected and stiffened in shock at what he saw. Next to his number was an affirmative mark and by its side the kanji for home.

Well, that was certainly unexpected but he wasn't going to complain. They might not have been in the best of terms, but apparently Umino Iruka had accepted to be his partner for the next week, and even offered his house.

It was going to be an interesting week.