His fingers brushed the white door lightly, sensually. Was it creepy to love this man-made box so? He couldn't think so. If a man could waver another man's heart, so could this thing waver his. Who cared if it was creepy? It could just be between him and the fridge.

He moaned at the sucking noise the door made as it opened away from the frame. The chill swept over his already bare skin. That was his lover touching him. The contained fish aroma wafted around him. That was his lover's smell. It was sweeter than any woman or man he'd known.

He gently touched the butter in the dish, pushing his fingers into it, coating them as he slowly melted it with his body-heat. When his fingers were all sticky with the beautiful yellow liquid dripping down his hand, he stroked his length lovingly. His hand glided over smoothly, making him moan.

He wanted more. He grabbed a pack of ice and spilt some out. Picking up a particularly big one, he licked each side, making the cube just slick enough. He fell to his knees and nuzzled the lower drawer with his forehead. Reaching between his legs he found where his little ice cube was going... and pushed it in.

It was so much colder against the heat he was giving off compared to his fingers. He leaned forward, dragging his head further and further down the fridge. The ice slid down his passageway, leaving a chill as it went. Iceland cried out as the cube reached so deep it was rubbing against his sweet spot. He wished the fridge had a name so he could scream it through the roof.

He clenched the cube in place, so he could reach once more into the open fridge. He pulled out the first thing his fingers blindly touched, which turned out to be a tomato. He immediately bit down on it, making the juice squeeze out over his face and chest, and even in his light-colored hair.

Iceland wiped some of it over his chest, ending with a thumb over his budded nipple. He pinched and played while he bent over again, letting the almost melted ice rub and melt on his nerves. The tomato fell from his mouth. He took his hand, covered in water and tomato-juice, and pumped his buttery erection furiously.

His breathing grew fast and his heart beat. He thought about the fridge... oh how he loved the fridge. He screamed out his euphoria and shot out all over the fridge's lower door. Leaning against it, his stroked it with his fingers, leaving a trail of red and yellow. He closed the door and kisses the handle as that sucking noise was made, telling him back that the fridge loved him too. He fell asleep, whispering to the inanimate object.