Double Trouble

Chapter 1~ Yusei's POV

Somewhere, in my mind, I always knew there was something wrong with Kiryu. We all did. We probably should have gotten him help before he could no longer control himself. But none of us did. By the time he snapped, it was too late to prevent his mental illness.

Kiryu, Jack, Crow, and I were all part of a dueling gang. We preferred to call ourselves a team, rather than a gang. We were Team Satisfaction. We all looked up to Kiryu as our leader. One day, I realized that what I felt towards him was more than just friendship. I had fallen for him. Day after day, I longed touch him, hold him, kiss him. I always stayed by his side. I never had the courage to tell him how I felt. However, I didn't need to, because he ended up confessing to me. I was utterly shocked. I never imagined he'd feel the same way as I did. When Jack and Crow returned that day, we announced our relationship. Crow was happy for us. Jack was just kind of like, "Whatever." Only now do I know the real reason why Jack began to distance himself from us starting that day. It was because he also had feelings for me, just as Kiryu did. But I'm sorry to say that I could not return those feelings to Jack. My heart was, and still is, Kiryu's. So much so, that I let him take my virginity. Of course, I took his too. Soon after that, I noticed slight mental changes in Kiryu. He became more daring, more fierce, more… unstable. He began to scare us. He developed anger problems. He snapped at the littlest things. He threw tantrums and broke things. He started fights with people. He was violent. He even hurt Crow and Jack, his own teammates, causing them to leave the team. But he never hurt me. He never got angry with me. He was different towards me. He loved me. And I knew he'd never hurt me. But none-the-less, he scared me.

He was Crazy.

I knew there was something wrong with him. I knew he was mentally ill. I knew he needed help. But I didn't do anything about it. I was too scared. It wasn't until "the incident" that I finally got him the help he needed.

One day, Kiryu and I were taking an evening stroll. A Security officer spotted us and scolded us for being out so late. "What's it to you if we're out late?" Kiryu spat at the officer. "It's dangerous out here when it's dark," the officer replied. "Hmph. I can take care of myself!" Kiryu snapped back. "Kiryu…" I whispered urgently, tugging at his arm, knowing he was going to start a fight, "don't… it's not worth it… he's just concerned for our safety…" "Just get a move on…" the officer sighed, as if we were boring him. That's when Kiryu lost it. He had finally snapped. Kiryu lunged at the man and began to beat the shit out of him. The guard, taken by surprise, had been knocked out. "KIRYU!" I screamed, trying to yank him off the officer, "What the hell are you doing?!" "I need to crush him, Yusei!" Kiryu roared, "I need to kill him! I need to kill him!" I was terrified. With all my might, I pried Kiryu off the beaten, bloody body of the officer and pinned him to the ground. "Yusei! Get off of me! I have to kill him! I have to kill him!" Kiryu twitched and jerked around, struggling to break free of my hold. "Kiryu, stop! Why are you doing this?!" I yelled at him, scared and confused. "Because! Because I have to kill him! He told me to! I have to kill him!" "Who's "he"?" I asked. "Get off me! I have to kill him!" Kiryu ignored my question. No matter how many times I asked who "he" was, or why Kiryu wanted to kill the officer, Kiryu gave the same answer. But I knew the truth; he had no real reason. He was just crazy.

More Security officers arrived quickly. It took four of them to hold Kiryu down. How just I managed it before is still a mystery to me. He was still screaming and writhing. He wouldn't calm down. A guy in a white coat walked over and knelt down besides the screaming wreck that was Kiryu. He pointed to Kiryu's arm, and the officer held it down more firmly. The white coated man then took out a syringe. He gently and carefully injected it's contents into Kiryu. Kiryu screamed louder and thrashed around more violently. He had begun to foam at the mouth. "He'll be okay," an officer said to me, putting his hand on my shoulder. "W-what's happening to him…?" I gasped. I realized I was shaking. My stomach felt like someone had tied it in a knot. "The medicine will calm him down," the officer assured me, "Now, can I ask you some questions?" I mindlessly answered the questions I was asked. What were our names? Where were we going? Had Kiryu been upset at something previously to our encounter with the officer? Was Kiryu on any medications? Was he doing drugs? Was he drunk? I answered no to the last four. The officer said they'd have Kiryu take a drug test when they brought him in. He also said I'd have to go in for questioning tomorrow. "Kiryu's not a criminal," I told the officer, "He's just… a little mixed up. He needs help…" "We'll discuss this tomorrow," the officer told me. I turned back to where Kiryu was. He had calmed down for the most part. He was breathing heavily and didn't seem able to fight anymore. He was mumbling strange sounds.


I turned. Jack and Crow were standing there, concerned looks on their faces. Before I could stop myself, I flung myself to them and began to cry hysterically. "It's okay…" Jack said, pulling me close. "No, it's not okay!" I sobbed, "This is all my fault! I should have gotten him help sooner! But I was too scared! When he started driving you two away… I knew there was something wrong… I should have…I-I could have-" I hiccupped, burning my throat. "Calm down, man!" Crow said, putting his hand on my shoulder, "You're going to make yourself sick!" "And it's not all your fault," Jack told me, "We're responsible too. We should have gone for help too. But none of us did." Jack let go of me and I began to calm down. They were right. This couldn't be just my fault. But I still couldn't help but feel responsible.


We turned. Kiryu was standing up. An officer had handcuffed his hands behind his back, and another had I tight grip on Kiryu's arm. "They're… gonna take me away… You won't let them take me away, will you?" He stared at me with a desperate, pleading look. "I'm scared…" he choked out, and I felt his words yanking at my heart, threatening to tear it open. He was scared. This was the real Kiryu, the one I knew. The Kiryu who mindlessly snapped and attacked the Security officer… that wasn't the real Kiryu. "Yusei, what's going on? Why am I being taken away?" I'll never forget the hurt, scared look on his face. I could almost barely speak. "You need help, Kiryu," I told him, my voice shaky. "What do you mean?" he accused me, "What are you saying?!" "He means, you're sick," Jack told him bluntly. "Sick? I'm not sick!" Kiryu yelled. "Dude, you're freakin' nuts!" Crow said, shaking his head, "You're crazy, insane! And you need help." "There's nothing wrong with me!" Kiryu snapped, putting emphasis on every word. He turned back to me. "Are you going to let them say that about me, Yusei? I'm not nuts, am I? Yusei?" He looked half crazed as he pleaded to me. I couldn't speak, so I turned away, fighting back more tears. He was breaking my heart, and I knew I was breaking his. "Yusei? Yusei?! YUSEI?!" I heard him take a few deep breaths. Then, he made a strange sound, like a whimper of defeat. I looked back at him, but he had his head bent down. I watched as he was led into a Security car, and then I watched as all the cars sped away, vanishing from sight.

I collapsed to my knees and just screamed. I was shaking. I couldn't think. I didn't want to accept what had just happened. Things would never be the same. Kiryu was going to be locked up in jail and I'd never see him again. My Kiryu… my precious Kiryu… was a mental case. He'd never be the Kiryu I loved ever again.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up. "It's gonna be okay," Jack said, "Tomorrow we'll go to Security HQ, and we'll sort this all out. They'll be easier on him if we get him tested and he turns out to be mentally ill, which we all know he is. And then they'll get him the help he needs. And then everything will go back to normal." I nodded at him and stood up. Yes… tomorrow, we'll sort this all out… and Kiryu will be okay… he just needs help… I told myself, following Jack and Crow back to the hide out.

Oh, how wrong we were.