Title: Crisis Reverted
Series: Naruto
Rating: T
Genres: Drama, sorta-angst, adventure, romance.
Warnings: Crack, swearing, shounen-ai, shojou-ai, het, time bending.
Verse: Canon Redeux.

DHC: A not-so-average take on your cliche of the 'Travel back in time' fic. It may start out that way because of it being slow going, but trust me, it will definitely get weirder as we go along. Okay, with that said, I hope you enjoy.

"Sasuke... Sakura-chan... I'm sorry," Naruto wheezed quietly as blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. Likewise, two said people were in similar states, gasping and hacking up blood. They were dying. They had all pushed themselves once too many times and they went past the borderline of death this time.

"I never thought..." Sakura breathed, pain laced in her voice, "That we would die like this." Despite knowing her fate, she was unafraid. Her years had steeled her nerves. She knew well not even her healing jutsu would help this time around--she could not produce enough chakra to save them all. She would rather die with them than be considered a coward for saving herself.

"...I guess this means, we'll be together once again, na, dobe, Sakura?" Sasuke said quietly, the slightest smiles of regret on his expression.


Naruto turned his head from where he lied to look dazedly towards the two. "Guys... I'm sorry we had to be like this."

"No," Sasuke replied. "It's better like this. To die with my friends...than to die alone."

Sakura nodded slowly in agreement.

"But this never should have happened in the first place..." Naruto argued weakly.

"Shut up, dobe. We can argue about this in Shangri-la. For now, let's just...enjoy this last moment together as one."

They lapsed into silence, save the ocasional wheeze or cough. The lied there in a semi-triangle, perhaps a symbolism of the past, their days as team seven. Naruto's vision clouded and he knew; he knew he was finally dying. Not even the kyuubi's healing powers were fast enough to save him. But, maybe...

"Guys... It's not gonna end like this. I won't let it. I'm sorry, but I'm going to save us all. You'll hate me for it, but I'm going to."

"Idiot, how are you going to do that? You can't even move." Sasuke countered.

Sakura mumbled something along the lines of an agreement, she was the most fragile of the three, she was closer to death's door than the other two.

"Just...trust me. When I give my word, I keep it."

"Naruto..." Sakura whispered softly.

"Save your strength, Sakura-chan. I promise, we're not gonna die here. Dying can be for another time. I can't stand to see us resign ourselves to fate when we can change it. We're gonna live. Just watch."

Whatever any of them said afterwards was lost to him as he slipped into his mind.

He walked along the familiar corridors of his mind until he reached the cage of the nine-tailed demon fox.

"Well, well. I guess you're finally about to die." The fox snapped.

"If I die, you're coming with me," Naruto countered softly.

The bars rattled where the fox slammed against it with an angry snarl. "You don't think I know that, you cursed fool? I know all too well what it means!"

"Then help me." Naruto said simply, staring at the demon without fear and looked it right in the eye.

"How? I cannot heal you enough to keep you alive, you know that."

"I know, that's not what I meant. Give me what's left of all your chakra. Unleash it all, I'll use it. If we do that, there's a chance we'll live. Not just you and I, but my friends."

"Do you even understand what you're asking of me, you idiot? If this fails, it's more than just our lives on the line, it could possibly tear our souls apart, as well. You had better give me one damn good reason that I should give you the rest of my powers."

"How badly do you want to live? How badly do you want freedom? How much would you give for the sake of either? As long as there is the slightest glimmer of hope, there is always a chance. I'm willing to take that chance, for the sake of my friends. I want their happiness more than anything." Naruto said defiantly, resolution in his voice.

The fox stared wearily out from between the bars of the cage, letting out a soft rumbling sound that Naruto couldn't identify.

"Well spoken, and just like you." The demon said, a chuckle rumbling throughout the room.

"Very well, brat. Do what you will. My chakra is yours, but don't screw up. I want to live a little longer."

Naruto bowed his head in a silent thank you before in an instant, his eyes snapped open wide and a red glow enveloped his entire body.

"Naruto?!" Sakura rasped out, spitting out a mouthful of blood as she did.

"What are you doing now, dobe?" Sasuke asked weakly.

The red glow grew brighter, stronger, the wind around them spun in a circle as if generating a tornado from the sheer strength of the chakra.

"I'm going to save us," Naruto replied again.


"You'll see. Trust me."

Moving his limbs was harder than it should have been, but he managed. He brought his hands together and with concentration, began channeling all of the chakra inside of him and the kyuubi into the jutsu as he formed the seals.

"Time release!"

"Dobe, what are you--" Sasuke's voice seemed far away.

"I'm scared," Sakura's voice echoed.

"Trust me," He replied, turning his head to smile at them, one last time. Just in case he was too late and this would be the last time he ever saw them again. If he died, it would be worth it, at least he saved Sasuke and Sakura.

The red glow dispersed from his body and instead surrounded the three of them, the wind whipped around, trees were torn out of the ground by their roots, everything was flying and to the three, it was all a blur. Everything finally seemed too much for them and their eyelids lowered.

"G-goodbye..." Sakura breathed as hers slipped completely shut.

"Not goodbye," Sasuke corrected softly.

"Not...ever...goodbye..." Naruto echoed after them.

Slowly, their vision went dim and they slipped off into oblivion.

The wind died down, but the red glow remained. In another moment, their bodies completely vanished, ceasing to exist.

'Sasuke... Sakura... We'll be okay...this time...'