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Heirloom Connections

Aang knocked on the door to Zuko's chambers. Now that Zuko was Firelord they had to spend a lot of time in meetings. Unfortunately that meant he rarely had time to see Firelord Zuko as just Zuko his friend.

"Come in." he heard Zuko call.

Aang entered the room and saw Zuko gently polishing a headpiece that looked oddly familiar.

"Hey I was wondering if you wanted to take a break and go into town or something. You have to be stressed. I know I am." Aang said distractedly, still wondering why the headpiece looked familiar. "Where have I seen that before?"

He didn't realize he spoke the question aloud until Zuko said "I never did tell you did I?"

"Tell me what?"

"Before I made up the decision to join your group, Uncle gave me instructions to find my great-grandfather's history in the Dragon Catacombs. I looked up Sozin's history of his death and went to Uncle telling him everyone already knew it. He told me I was looking at my father's grandfather. My mother's grandfather was-"

"Avatar Roku?!" Aang exclaimed incredulously and Zuko nodded.

"I was as shocked as you are. You said you saw this beforeā€¦ did Uncle show you?"

"No Avatar Roku did when he took me on a journey in the Spirit World." Aang froze as he got an idea "would you like to meet him?"

"Avatar Roku? How can I do that? He's been dead for 100 years."

"His spirit is inside me. I am able to get a form of my past lives in front of me for council but I am not sure he would mind if I did it to meet you. After all you helped save the world too."

"He must hate me though. I got you hurt and supported my father. I almost got you killed. I even tried to kill you myself."

"But you changed your ways. You ended up helping me. Without you I would have lost the war." Aang reassured him.

Zuko paused in indecision. "I still don't know. I still think he would hate me."

"Well there is only one way you can find out isn't there?" with that Aang concentrated and summoned forth from his body the spirit of Roku.

"Avatar Roku meet Firelord Zuko, your great-grandson. He helped me end the war."

"Indeed he did." Roku said as he scrutinized a wide-eyed Zuko.

Zuko bowed low being mindful of the artifact in his hand. "It is an honor to meet you Avatar Roku."

"I see you have my headpiece and are taking good care of it. You look a lot like your great-grandmother you know."

"I know I take after my mother's side a lot or so I've been told." Zuko replied.

"I know you are wondering how I feel about you. You were tested in many ways and failed often. In the end however you succeeded greatly. Your relationship with Avatar Aang reminds me of before Sozin and I fought. I have a feeling that it will not end the way ours did. Because of the hardships you have faced you have become strong. Do not abuse this power. If you and Avatar Aang continue on the path you have laid out the world will restore to balance. I must admit I did not see Sozin's plan until the motions of it had been set. You have much work ahead of you but you are lucky to have good guidance. You know the secret of the dragons and you must keep it. In a skewed way you and Aang are family. I hope you treat him as you should have been treated from the start. You have a good heart inside and that gives me a good feeling for the future. I do not hate you my great-grandson." Roku dissolved after his speech and Zuko was left with much to ponder.

"Told you." Aang said smugly.

"That was incredible." Zuko said dazedly. "I can't believe he doesn't hate me." He added as an afterthought. He looked down at the heirloom and frowned in though. "I just decided if I am to have a son and Mai agrees I want his name to be Roku. I also want him to have this." Aang nodded in approval.