Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. "Paint or Pollen" and its lyrics belong to Blind Pilot.

Song: "Paint or Pollen" by Blind Pilot

you got blown shore to shore
not quite sailing
riding on the trade winds of age


Naruto was one of those people for whom, and with whom, summer seemed to last forever.

Every day held the promise of countless new adventures: Those days when they jumped in the car and just drove and drove and drove, with no map and no destination. Those nights when Naruto filled up the silence with mindless chatter, and Sasuke was content just to listen to the sound of his voice and the ever-present hum of friendship. Those mornings when they crept out of their beds at dawn and collapsed into them at midnight, exhausted but smelling of grass and gasoline and sunlight.

If he lives to see one hundred summers, Sasuke knows he'll never forget that one evening when they laid on the hood of Naruto's car watching the sunlight fade out across the ocean, and Naruto turned and kissed him like he'd never meant anything more in his entire life.

And it's enough; enough to get him through the coldest winter days, or the nights when Naruto hogs the blankets, searching for the warmth of summer sun in his dreams.

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