It All Started With a Comment

All of my other stories are in Bella's POV, but this is 3rd Person POV. After Bella was changed but there is no Renesmee.

3rd Person's POV:

"You better hurry up, Jasper, the baby deer's getting away!" Emmett laughed as they ran through the forest, hunting. It was just Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Edward, and Bella. Bella's newborn strength coursed through her and she felt the rush of the speed as she flew past the trees.

"Oh, shut up and go find yourself a bear, Emmett!" Jasper growled at Emmett. Emmett's grin increased as they ran further into the forest.

"I would, but I'm afraid little Bella here will be angry at me for taking longer than she would like to get back to the house, so her and Edward could get it on again—I'm still waiting to see that house knocked down, Bellsy. Maybe you could take some lessons from Rose—" Emmett said, laughing. Bella's held down fury built up, and burst at that moment. A ferocious growl emitted itself from her teeth as she changed her course and leaped at Emmett, tackling him into a tree. The tree was uprooted and tumbled towards the earth as she repeatedly punched Emmett.

Damn bitch! Who the hell does she think she is?! Fucking whore—

Rosalie thought as she moved towards Bella and Emmett. This angered Edward, causing him to launch across the clearing and attack Rosalie. Rosalie growled as Edward took her by her arm and threw her back across the clearing and into a tree, causing it the fall over. Edward turns around and runs to help Bella in her assault on Emmett, where they have taken down nearly 6 trees in their fight. Rosalie quickly picks herself up off of the ground, and pats her hair, making sure it wasn't damaged, before running after Edward and jumping in on the fight. Alice and Jasper decided, what the hell, and started fighting as well.

"FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!" Emmett yelled as Bella threw him into a tree, taking it down with him.

"FREEDOM TO SHOVE MY FIST UP YOUR ASS!!" Bella yelled back. Suddenly, Rosalie tackled Bella to the ground in a dog-pile manner, shouting "I HATE YOU!" then Edward jumped on top of Rosalie yelling "GET OFF MY WIFE!" and then Jasper jumped on yelling, "YOU ALL SUCK!" and then Emmett jumped on the pile yelling "I'M GONNA KILL YOU ALL!!" and then Alice jumps on the pile yelling, "LOVE!"

-5 minutes later-

They all were in the middle of the large clearing, with dozens of trees knocked down around them, still in the dog pile, unable to move. Silence enveloped them....

"You just had to say something about the deer, didn't you, Emmett...." Jasper muttered.

Do you guys like or dislike the 3rd person POV?

Thank you to Starthevampire for letting me right this!