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Mr Campbell never reported what his daughter told him that day and some might see this as wrong but truth be told it was the right thing to do. If Emily had been taken away by social services Naomi would never have seen Emily again and Mr Campbell 12 years later would never have seen his daughter happy and in love with the girl next door.

Instead Mr and Mrs Campbell made it very clear to the Fitch's that Emily was always welcome round their house and she was Naomi's best friend. The first time Mr Campbell went round with Naomi to invite Emily round for tea he was shocked that Mrs Fitch said Emily couldn't come but Katie could. Mr Campbell explained to Mrs Fitch that it wasn't Katie he was inviting round and insisted Emily was allowed round for tea, he even made a hint that he knew what was going on. It seemed to work because from that day onwards there hadn't been a week where Emily wasn't round the Campbell's.

Emily became like a second daughter to Mr and Mrs Campbell and Emily loved feeling like she belonged. As time went on the girls grew up and the beatings stopped, Emily practically lived at the Campbell's and the Fitch's didn't seem to care, they were to busy fussing over Katie to notice Emily was hardly ever there.

It was secondary school when Emily had to endure a different type of abuse however Naomi was there to protect her, like she always had been. Emotional abuse can be seen just as painful as physical abuse. There wasn't a week where Naomi didn't have to stick up for Emily at school because of Katie. Several nights a week Emily would cry herself to sleep in Naomi's arms, the only place she felt safe and loved.

Katie had become the Queen Bee and everyone in secondary school listened to her. In Katie's eyes, Naomi was a loser who cared about politics and injustice and Emily was her loser sister. Katie made sure everyone knew how she felt about her sister and the girl next door. Naomi and Emily became outcasts from the very beginning of year 7.

This didn't bother the best friends as from the day Emily moved in Naomi only ever wanted to be around Emily and it is still the case today. The girls did everything together they didn't need anybody else. It wasn't until year 11 when the girls were 16 that things started to change between Naomi and Emily.

Naomi and Emily had never had boyfriends, unlike Katie who had always had one since she was 7. Sometimes Katie had more then one on the go and Emily and Naomi liked making sure she got caught cheating, it was rather amusing for the best friends. They talked about boys like every teenage girl does but they always said they preferred each other's company. Naomi knew everything about Emily and vice versa. Mr and Mrs Campbell found it amusing when the girls finished each other's sentences and how they could tell when something was wrong just by looking into each other's eyes.

One night Emily was over at Naomi's as usual and the girls were snuggled up watching a horror movie with Mr and Mrs Campbell.

"More popcorn girls?" Mr Campbell asked

"Umm yeah can we have…" Naomi said.

"Toffee this time." Emily smiled at Naomi; she loved creeping her out by finishing her sentences.

"Alright you too, stop with the creepy mind reading" Laughed Mrs Campbell. Once the film was over Mr and Mrs Campbell headed up stairs to bed.

"Not to late tonight girls, you know it's a…"

"School night" the girls answered together and then burst into laughter.

"Night sweethearts" Mrs Campbell said before turning off the hallway lights.

"You wanna watch another film Emz?" Naomi asked going through the pile of DVD's. Emily didn't answer instead she just looked at her best friend, her protector. Emily never realized how beautiful Naomi really was until now, with her crystal blue eyes being captured by the moonlight streaming in through the crack in the curtain. Emily's heart began to beat faster, she wasn't quite sure what she was feeling but she had a sudden desire to kiss the girl who'd always been there for her ever since they first met.

"Um sure, yeah you chose Naomi" Naomi stopped and looked into her best friends eyes. She was shocked to see the look of fear she had seen many times before but that was usually over her mum or Katie, Naomi couldn't understand why the fear was there tonight.

"You alright Emz?" She asked while returning to the sofa, she held onto Emily's hand.

"What's wrong and don't say nothing I can tell summit's up." Emily sighed, closed her eyes and gave herself a few seconds to compose herself before refocusing on Naomi's eyes.

"I'm scared" Emily closed her eyes and looked down at Naomi stroking her hand, the touch she was use to but tonight it made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Naomi placed her finger under Emily's chin and slowly tilted her head up so her eyes were focused upon hers.

"What you scared of?" Naomi didn't drop her gaze, she was trying to read her best friends eyes but for some reason she couldn't.

Emily bit her lip and tighten the grip on Naomi's hand and replied, "You"