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Notes: I've claimed Kharg for gaming_muses on Livejournal, and since I haven't been writing with him lately, I've come up with a little project to get back into the swing of things. It's not an original idea, using a word-prompt for each letter of the alphabet, but since I'll be writing 26 drabbles for three characters, it will pile up rather quickly.


Prompt: Antagonist


"Why am I the villain?" Kharg asked the village children with an air of great suffering. He and his brother had decided to help with a play the children were putting on for the annual festival. Though for some reason, despite the fact that he was a hero in real life, he had been cast as the play's 'bad guy', to use the children's words. He waited patiently for an answer as the children conversed among themselves.

"'Cause you're scary." One brave boy piped up, his voice sweetly innocent as he told the most feared person in the village what they really thought of him. Kharg felt his eye twitch.

"Then why is Darc the hero?" He asked calmly, trying not to grit his teeth.

"'Cause he looks scary." They answered. Not wanting to argue with that kind of logic –Lilia had taught him that it was futile-, he resigned himself to being the antagonist, sending a disgruntled glare in Darc's direction before allowing the children to dress him up.