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Notes: Also, check out DoomFlower's stuff if you get the chance, she also does Darc in Gaming_Muses. She gave me the idea for Kharg and his panty obsession –by which I mean, he likes to wear them-.


Prompt: Creative


"Well," Kharg said, staring at the interesting object Darc had created from some things he had found 'lying around'. "It certainly is imaginative."

Darc smirked proudly, puffing out his chest as he gazed upon his creation. A couple minutes passed, both brothers staring at the thing in silence. Kharg was still trying to figure out how he was going to retrieve his favorite pair of panties.... He meant boxers, out of that mess.

This little 'project' of Darc's was courtesy of Kharg mentioning that Tatjana had made several of her inventions out of things she had found lying around the Dilzweld bases. Darc, of course, had insisted that, despite knowing little to nothing about human science, he could make something better from things lying about Kharg's –their- house. Now Kharg was, mournfully, faced with the results.

"So...." Kharg asked, after a great length of silence. "What does it do?" Darc blinked and then swore.

"I knew I was forgetting something."