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Thalia's Pov.

Just because I joined hunters doesn't mean I changed.

Why does everyone give the impression I am different?

I'm still me.

Lady Artemis allows me to wear my own punk clothes, listen to my kind of music, and lets me do my own things as long as I wear my silver tiara that marks me as her first lieutenant and live up to the pledge I made.

I have many hobbies besides just hunting, killing, and tracking monsters, and one you will learn right about now.

It was a sunny day in New York City and Annabeth and I were walking around.

Lady Artemis said I could take a week off so I ended going to Camp Half-Blood looking for my best friends. I found Annabeth and Grover but Percy apparently went home to see his mom. Camp got boring quickly so I asked Annabeth and Grover to come with me, grab a taxi, and walk around New York. Annabeth was more than willing to but Grover said he wanted to stay with this tree nymph. Annabeth told me the tree nymph was his girlfriend and soon to be fiancé! I didn't believe her because I mean come on! We're talking about Grover! The satyr that has little horns, a bad case of acne, hooves, a furry butt and moans "I need coffee!" almost about every single second of the day.

While Annabeth and I were in New York, we walked by a newspaper stand and a colourful picture on the front cover of today's newspaper caught my attention. There was a big article on a skateboard competition in New York City today, right now, at a skateboard park which was five minutes from where Annabeth and I were standing! I grabbed Annabeth's hand and I ran as fast as I could dragging Annabeth with me. She yelled something I didn't quite make out, "Warmph ooff do ink?" I just told her to keep running. This was a skateboard competition and I wasn't about to miss it!


We arrived in time to see a guy do a few tricks and turns. The crowd applauded and I could see girls in the crowd swoon over him.

I noticed he was wearing jeans and a tight black t-shirt. It was obvious he worked out often if not everyday. He wasn't wearing a helmet, knee or elbow pads like all the other skateboarders so I figured he was pro.

Annabeth then suddenly whispered, "Oh my Gods! That guy on the skateboard is so good!"

I looked at Annabeth and started cracking up. What did she know about skateboarders?

We stayed and continued to watch. All the other competitors after the first guy sucked. I mean almost all of them ended up falling off their skateboard so I wondered why they even bothered trying. Many of them were amateurs and they couldn't even turn or stop. When they started going, most of them screamed, "AHHHHHH!" waved their hands in the air like pathetic morons and crashed into the fence on the other side of the skate park.

I turned to Annabeth. "Do you want to go? This is getting stupid."

No answer.

I looked over at Annabeth and caught her staring at the skateboarder she called, "good".

"Uh…Annabeth?" I asked.

No answer.

I put my hands in front of her face and started to wave. "Hello? Anybody home?"

Nothing. I started to get impatient. "OMGS! IT'S YOUR MOM!"

"Huh? Oh...what?" She snapped out of her daze. "MOM? Where are you? How come I cannot see you? Why-" She saw me roll my eyes and blushed. "My mom isn't here..."

"Really?" I said with heavy sarcasm, "I thought I saw her over there." I pointed. "Oops. Sorry, my mistake, it's a telephone pole. You know it looks so much like her...with her the slender figure and tallness..."

"Shut up."

"Oh come on...can't you see it was an honest mistake?"

"Uh...yea...except my mom is not made out of wood."


"Exactly my point."


Again, I caught Annabeth staring at the same skater dude...

"Dudette! If you like him go ask him out!" I told her.

"You have got to be kidding me."

"Why not? You are Zeus over Hades about him."

"WHAT? I don't even know who he is!"

"Well clearly you have a thing for him...or you just have a thing for staring at people's arms...hmm...yummy...I must say...you know how to pick your guys..."

"I beg to differ."

"uh huh...yeah...sure you do."


It was ten minutes ago when I finally convinced Annabeth to go 'spy' on the skateboarder. I wanted to see what he looked like before I made Annabeth talk to him. For some reason, he was always moving...like he had ADHD or something and unfortunately, his back ALWAYS seemed to be facing us.

Annabeth sighed, "I give up."

I was about to agree when I realized the skateboard competition was almost over.

"Let's just wait until the end and maybe we can find out what his name is."

"Sure, whatever."

I rolled my eyes.

"Ow." I cringed as I watched a skateboarder smack into a wall…again.

"That must hurt." Annabeth said with a frown.

I nodded.


"Okay, listen up everyone! This is it! The moment you've all been waiting for!" The announcer standing on the stage yelled into the microphone.

The crowed cheered and whistled. It was finally the end of the damn competition.

"After many contestants and minor injuries…not including the guy that was sent to the ER…" The announcer trailed off and picked up again. "The judges," he motioned to three punk looking teenagers who had my kind of taste in clothing and style, "have finally decided our winner."

"YEAH!" Someone yelled.

"And so the winner, for the fourth year in a row…"

Wow. Four years in a row? That guy must have skills…

"from the city hosting this awesome event is…"

The announcer winked and smiled at the guy Annabeth and I were trying to get a glimpse of. Was he the winner?

"Come on, come on…" I muttered.

All of this seemed so agonizingly slow. By that time, I was ready to let out a battle cry, shoot the announcer with an arrow, stab him in the eye and whack him a hundred times. I didn't do it, of course...obviously, but I couldn't help wonder what the crowd would see if I actually had attacked.

To calm myself down, I took out a can of coke from my bag, popped it open and sipped it.

"the one and only…PERCY JACKSON!"


I spewed my coke all over Annabeth, who I thought would've hit me but she just stood covered in my…uh…mess…looking half like a goldfish and half like a demented gorilla. Let me tell you something, you do NOT want to see Annabeth looking like that because…well…trust me. It is NOT a facial expression you want to see on a girl.

The skateboarder we were 'spying' on went to the podium to collect his trophy.

Well isn't it funny the way things turn out? All this time we were looking at the back of our dearest friend, Percy.

I'm not sure how long we stood there, but I knew I almost died from shock. (AN: haha get it?)

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