A/N: I have a tendency to be very long-winded while writing, so I decided to challenge myself by writing some drabbles. Each will be no more and no less than 100 words, and will not be connected to each other whatsoever . . . aside from all being Sweeney-related, of course.

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From his shop window, he sees a customer pinching her buttocks.

Unexplainable, inescapable red suffuses his vision. Before he knows it he's outside, fingers locked around her shoulder.

"Why were you encouraging that man?"

She raises her eyebrows. "Encouraging? Hardly."

The red thickens.

He lunges forward; she holds him back.

"C'mon, dear. He's an ordinary bloke what's after a woman. Not that I'll let him near. Y'know, I managed fine without you for fifteen years. Surely you've more trust in me?"

She smiles. "Don't tell me you're jealous, love."

"No." Scowling, he leaves; her taunting smirk burns into his back.