Sex. Pop. Music. Candy

Chapter One: Sex Addictions are not Funny

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I'm not a bad person, or crazy, or anything. And, contrary to popular belief, I am not a slacker. I am an artist. I tend to work when inspiration hits me. I cannot just up and decide what to write, and when to write. When my muse calls, I listen.

Only the little tart hasn't been calling much lately.

I probably should explain things. Forgive me for being very vague.

I, your fellow narrator, am Kinomoto Sakura, a lyricist for the music company, Wolf Inc. Despite me being just twenty years old, I have worked with countless artists and their music, giving them words to sing. You know that cute pop idol, Tomoyo-chan? You know her? Yeah, she has sung seven of my songs. That's right, seven. Four of them were top charting singles. Suck on that!

I worked for this company since I was eighteen—fresh out of high school. It was all fine and smooth sailing until I was asked to write for this popular band that Wolf Inc. really is whoring out to the media and world. That band is Black Moon, or BM according to the fandom. Yes, that Black Moon; composed of the hot and sexy Hiragizawa Eriol, Li Syaoran, Yamashita Shuuji, and Kitagawa Ryou. The band went under a hiatus, so it was time for their big comeback. Most lyricists would die for the opportunity to work with such a popular band. I certainly flipped my lid when I got the call. I began to think about rhyming sequences and such in preparation for this.

So I went to meet the band (who are all better looking in person, by the way), and observed them while they were to record. Only to find out...

...they were all unbelievably terrible.

Don't get me wrong, they're talented. The lead singer, Eriol, has an amazing vocal range, only does not know how to control it. Ryou, the drummer, is not really putting in all his effort, so he doesn't stand out much, and is easily forgotten. Shuuji, the guitarist, is trying to upstage the whole band, and honestly does not flow well with the music. The only one who I could not really find something to criticize about was the bassist and leader of the band, Syaoran. He was quiet, pensive, and an amazing bassist. If I had to point out one thing wrong about this guy was that he was a horrible leader. He must have known that his band sucked, and I was surprised that they were so popular. Though I never heard of their stuff previously, I assumed based on their fan base, that they were great. I was only just greatly disillusioned.

Which just goes to show you; you can never underestimate a man's good looks, and the hormones of teenage girls.

It was no wonder that our rival, Johnny's Entertainment, was so damn successful. Have you seen that company's talents? Have you seen them in person? Pictures and television don't do them justice.

But I digress...

So I had very little to work with. Usually, when I hear the music, the words come out naturally. However, in this case, nothing was coming out. Everything was forced. I wrote some of the shittiest pieces of crap, and passed it off as lyrics.

Naturally, it was expected that the heads of the company and Black Moon were not pleased with my work.

This is how I found myself in Li Ye Lan's office, getting my ear lectured off.

"This company does not accept anything below mediocre. These lyrics are an insult to my company!" She flung my lyrics at me. I stayed quiet.

Her words were complete bulls hit. Black Moon sucked and she knew it. That's probably why I, Cheri, was called in to be their lyricist. Because I am actually good. Honestly, if her son was not the bassist (and if they were not so good looking), she wouldn't have shown them any mercy. But of course, I am the one that gets blamed for it.

Life is so unfair.

"Forgive me, boss. I will give it my all to redeem myself." I bowed, doing what was expected of me, even it pissed me off that I was being used as the scapegoat.

"You better. Because if I don't get a hit song from you by tomorrow morning, I expect your letter of resignation on my desk."

Say what?!

"Excuse me?" I was bewildered. She was seriously going to let me go because her precious son's band sucked so much that I could not produce a good song? What a bitch-tastic move on her part. "With all due respect, boss, don't you think you should reconsider this?"

"Don't you think you should leave my office and write Black Moon a song?"

I hated my life.

I spent a lot of time in my office at Wolf, trying to write something mind-blowing for Black Moon. That way I could it under Ye Lan's stuck-up nose, and properly tell her off for doubting my talent. Alas, that was a dream that would not be realized because by the time I gave up, it was past midnight, and I needed to get home to my cat, Kero. This was upsetting; only a fat housecat was waiting for me. It was pathetic.

I got out of the building in a daze. It was dark, so I pulled out my phone; a habit, just in case I was going to get molested or followed, or something. Walking briskly, I walked past the alley near Wolf Inc. It was then that I heard noises. Like a man being assaulted.

"Is someone there? Are you okay?" I called out. No one responded, so I panicked. It would be just my luck to find a near-dead guy in an alley. I followed the noises as best as I could. After a few minutes, I found the source of the noise.

It would be my luck to not find a near-dead guy in an alley, but instead a hot bastard getting a blowjob.

I .Shit. You. Not.

What was even more amazing than this discovery was that it was none other than Li Syaoran getting said blowjob from some random girl.

Even though I don't go around finding men getting blowjobs on a daily basis, I was pretty chill about it all. For the most part, anyway. Namely because he was so beautiful. His dark chestnut hair was askew; his chocolate-amber eyes were almost closed, displaying his lust, and his lips were open, mouth gasping for breath. His chest was exposed, displaying his six-pack abs, and his arms were muscular. The way one hand was in the girl's hair to help her without shame was kind of turning me on. I felt my body tense up. Something took over me, and the phone in my hand raised up...

And took a picture of what I was seeing.

It was that moment that he noticed me.

Even though I didn't know him very well or saw him much, save for the few moments I listened to Black Moon play, I expected him to at least freak out about it. He didn't. In fact he was pretty chill about it. He politely told his lady friend to get the hell away, put his junk back in his pants, and walked over to me. I quickly shut my phone and put it in my purse.

"Kinomoto, perhaps we should talk," he said to me in a calm voice. What was with this guy? Did he have no shame?

"Sure," I responded. He nodded and signaled me to follow him. We walked back into the Wolf Inc. building, and he took me to his band's rehearsal room. It was empty, and kind of chilly. Not to mention creepy. He sat down on a chair, and pulled one out for me.

"Kinomoto, I'm sorry you had to see such a sight," he apologized.

"Okay..." Honestly, what was I supposed to say? Yeah, me too? Thanks for the show? You have a fantastic body? No, it was a situation where the less I said, the better.

"That woman you just saw was a paid cabaret girl," he explained, much to my dismay. I almost fell out of my chair. What was wrong with him? "I have a problem that I cannot seem to easily solve."

"Um...okay." Yes, less is more.

"I happen to be addicted to sex, so I often have moments when I lose control and need to find some sort of release." He explained this to me the way you would explain why it snowed in the winter; with complete ease. It was more unnerving than the sight I witnessed.

Not that I believed it.

"You lost me." I chuckled. "I'm sorry, but that is the lamest piece of shit excuse I've ever heard. And believe me; I know something about using shitty words to cover your tracks. It sounds to me like you are just some guy who likes to have girls in his bed at night."

This angered him. He punched the table next to us, which made me jump a little. "Sex addiction is not funny!" he yelled defensively. "You wouldn't understand what I have to go through, and how this affects my life!"

"Excuse you? I know nothing of suffering?!" I stood up, my fists shaking. "I had to go through the worst bitch fest earlier today because your shitty band is shitty, so I cannot write any good songs for you to play! And who gets yelled at?! Me! Who is threatened to get fired?! Yours truly! And why is that? Because your shitty band cannot play to save it's life, but the boss's precious son is in it, so we must yell out our frustrations at someone else! I could lose my job! So I happen to know a good deal about personal suffering!"

It was then, in my anger that I thought up something brilliant. I smiled devilishly at Li Syaoran, taking out my phone. He was surprised by my outburst, but now he was looking at me with caution.

"Only, I won't get fired. Because you are going to talk to your mommy, like a good boy." I held up my phone. "Or else mommy, along with the rest of Japan, will see how the great Li Syaoran likes to spend his nights."

He stood up quickly, towering over me. His eyes were narrowing dangerously, and I felt his aura flare up in anger.

"You wouldn't dare," he hissed at me, grinding his teeth. I only smirked at him.

"Try me. It seems like I'm the one with the upper hand." I jabbed my finger in his chest, getting closer to him. I heard his breathing fall short, and he looked at me with lidded eyes. "You best do what I tell you to do."

At first, I thought it was weird he was not fighting back, I mean, I was basically blackmailing a powerful man. Usually, powerful men don't take kindly to being blackmailed. They more or less try to get out the situation with money, and people, or something. But Li Syaoran was not putting up a fight. In fact, he was letting me push him around. It was mind boggling. Why would he do that? But then I realized it when I felt it. My body, which was really close to him, felt hardness in between his legs. It was then I realized that Li Syaoran had a boner.

"Oh my God, you're a sick bastard." I laughed. "You're getting turned on by this, aren't you? You are enjoying the fact that I have power of you."

"W-what are y-you t-talking about?" he stammered, getting red in the face.

I don't know what came over me. It was like someone else had taken control of my body. Someone who was horny, dominating, and wanting it...bad.

Okay, I won't lie; it had been awhile. I'm not saying I'm ugly or anything (in fact, I get complimented daily on my looks), or that I am a total prude that I haven't had sex in a long time. I have just been busy, and meeting a guy was not at the top of my priorities. So it was understandable that I may have gotten excited. Especially when I found out that I had the capability of making a hot, rich, musician excited. So I more or less got out of hand.

I pushed him down with all my strength, and since he was caught off guard, he fell to the floor. I climbed on top of him so that I was straddling him. My hips were on his member, massaging it, so he gasped and arched a little. His face was really red, blushing wildly. I giggled. It was just so cute.

"You're kind of a masochist, aren't you?" I said while I was undoing my top. I unbuttoned it so that my bra was visible. He bit his lip underneath me.

"K-Kinomoto! You should...stop!" he gasped. I laughed again and moved my body up and down. His chest was still exposed, so I let my hands roam freely across his abs.

"Really? You think I should stop?" I taunted him. Truth was, he was getting even more turned on. His hips kept bucking at me, begging for more. "Because your body is telling me something different."

I moved away for a few moments to take my panties off from under my skirt. His eyes followed my movement, moaning in anticipation for what was to come. I climbed back on top of him, my hands moving to the buttons of his black pants. Slowly, I undid them and pulled his pants down, letting his dick stretch out fully. My eyes widened at the size. I knew then that there was no going back.

I positioned myself so that I was right behind it, my clit rubbing against it. I began to moan and heard him do the same. It was enough; I could not control myself for much longer.

"Beg for it," I whispered harshly. His breathing was erratic and his eyes closed.

"Ride me, please!" he begged. And that was all I needed.

His boxers came off and I let him enter me. Moving up and down, I began to ride him. Soon, I was going faster as I felt him penetrate my walls, filling me up the way no man had ever done before. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my exposed breasts, commanding him to pleasure them. He complied, and I was experiencing this wild pleasure. His hips thrust up to meet my rhythm, both our orgasms building.

"K-Kinomoto!" he cried before he released inside me. A few seconds later, I came and collapsed on top of him. Both of us for gasping for breath, red in the face, and completely drained.

It was not until after we were done that I came to my damn senses, and it hit me: I fucked the Li Syaoran. I was horrified as I quickly got up—to his confusion—and began to redress myself. I cleared my throat as I buttoned up my shirt.

"Well, Li, that was um...great. See you tomorrow." I waved and left him there on the floor, half-naked with a puzzled look on his face.

Little that I know that everything had changed.

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