AUTHOR NOTES: This is nothing more than a revamp of an old story. I'd appreciate it that if you find an errors to please let me know so that I can correct it.

Prologue – Divine Intervention

An old leather bound book rest on a golden pedestal, its cover gilded with golden writing and adorned with precious jewels. Of course this was no ordinary book, one could automatically tell by the slight illumination that was coming off the pristine pages that it was supernatural in nature. ,This extraordinary book was one that recoded all the events of a certain world's history. Even now, as it rested quietly on it pedesral, words were appearing on its once blank pages, until…

A page, which once was blank, suddenly began to stain black with ink while footsteps echoed within the darkened room. From the surrounding shadows an old man, who had a thin white bead and mustache which fell to his knees, stepped into the illuminated area. The man's bald held shone dully in the muted light of the room, but what was even more interesting was the beautiful sword that hung at his hip. The exquisite blade crackled with electricity every now and again while the elderly man went about his business.

With a wave of his frail hand the darkness of the room ignited into light as rows and rows of bookshelves revealed themselves. The old man took one look at the black page and shook his head in what seemed to be disappointment before ripping out the offending page.

Turning his attention towards a shelve that held similar books, he pointed a finger and waited as one of those many books wobbled before flying through the air and landing safely in his old weathered hands. Reading some of the words the old man finished by speaking one name, "Uzumaki Naruto…"

Letting go of the tome in his hands, it wasn't a surprise when the book found its way back to the shelve where it had been stored. Turning his head the man summoned another tome that seemed to interest him. Said tome was a rather thin book which sported a faded image of a fan on its cover.

Flipping the pages of the book, the elderly man mumbled something to himself before stopping on a certain page. The very air around the man shivered while the book in his hands began to change and warp. The image of the library and the bookcases melted and fell away as they revealed a bright forest with a rocky landscape. Looking down at his hands the man smiled as he watched the short tome suddenly transform into a thick book that was filled with new blank pages.

Closing the book, and watching it melt into nothingness, the elderly man began to stroll briskly in a certain direction. His stroll brought him to the mouth of a small man-made cave. With the dank recesses of the cave a strange scene greeted the old man.

There, in front of him, four people hovered in mid action, as if the scene was nothing more than a picture that had been given life. A brutish looking man, whose hand was set firmly on the ground, wore a wicked grin on his face. The man's gaze seemed to lock on a trio of young teens that seemed to be caught in a hail of boulders, undoubtedly the man's doing.

A brown haired girl looked on in horror while a boy with spiky black hair and red eyes seemed to be pushing his friend, or comrade, out of the way of a very large boulder. The old man knew the child was about to save his friend at the cost of his life.

Twirling his long, thin, wispy beard around his fingers in thought, while taking in the scene of self sacrifice, he smiled to himself before saying in a soft voice, "You must not die here, young Uchiha. There is much for you to do, and a darkness that must be averted."

Pulling his sword from his belt as the sound of rolling thunder echoed through the plains, the old man struck the boulder that was threatening to kill the young boy. Nothing happened, but yet the man looked pleased as he quickly turned away from the scene and nodded in self satisfaction. Stepping away from the quartet the man's form slowly disappeared until there was nothing left, except for the sound of thunder rolling through the area.

When he left, the scene, which had been frozen in time, now began to resuming its normal speed.

The black haired boy squeezed his eyes shut expecting the boulder to strike him, while at the same time the boulder overhead split into two halves and completely missed him. Not feeling the hit of the boulder, the black haired boy opened his eyes and saw that he and his friends were fine. That was when all three of them looked at the now very angry and equally confused man, they watched as his wicked smile now fading from his face only to be replace with a suspicious look.

"You're going to pay for that!" said the red eyed boy as his friend stood next to him, "This time we're going to make sure you stay down!"