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Every year, the police station would have a Halloween party, everyone will come in costumes, have a great time and try to scare each other, but this is more Joseph's hobbies. That night, though something extremely different happened.

"I am so going to scare the living crap out of B.R.A.V.O Team! They're going to be crappin' themselves in fear! I can't wait!" Joseph said in an excited tone. He was juts finishing putting more blood marks on his hand- he was dressed up as a zombie. Jill was arranging her lipstick, she was dressed up as a Vampire. Barry came in and he was dressed up as a lumberjack. Chris came in after him and he wasn't dressed up just in his police uniform.

"You're not dressed up?" Jill asked Chris as she glanced back at him.

"Yeah, I'm the guy whose pissed off at actually coming to this thing." Chris said and crossed his arms, he went and sat down on a chair and watched his team get ready. Brad came in dressed up as a reindeer... "What the hell are you supposed to be?" Chris asked as he eyed the antlers.

"I'm an elk." Brad said.

"Oh, I thought you came dressed up as Bambi." Joseph teased him and laughed.

"Shut up Joseph, it's a good costume Brad." Jill said as she was doing her mascara. Wesker came in a black suit and sunglasses. The STARS team stayed looking at him.

"Howdy Johnny Bravo." Joseph giggled and continued to do his blood marks.

"Shut up Joseph, I am not wearing a costume." Wesker said as he gracefully walked across the room. The room was decorated in black and orange streamers, skulls dangling off the ceiling and pumpkins surrounding the windows, 'Happy Halloween' was written in a black Gothic font covered in cobwebs surrounding in an orange banner. "Tonight, I plan not to have fun at all." Wesker added simply.

"Sounds like you captain." Joseph said as he finished up his skin and twirled around for his teammates. They both nodded in approval.

"Tonight is gonna be sweet.." Joseph said and started to walk around.

That night everything started off smoothly, everyone was dancing and the party had just began, everyone in the station was dressed up in different costumes, BRAVO and STARS were both in the same room and both were planning to scare the crap out of each other. Then the lights went out.

"What the... HELL!?" Chris yelled as he looked round the dark room.

"Did somebody blew a fuse?" Joseph asked the group in the room, then they both heard a scream from their captain, chief Irons.

"Captain!" Jill yelled as she went running through the crowd to see what was wrong. As soon as she got into the hallway -where the scream originated- no one was there, nothing but pure darkness. "Captain?" She asked to the hallway but nothing responded her. "Guys!" She yelled and got back out. Chris was now holding a flashlight along with Joseph and Barry, Brad went hiding in a broom closet and BRAVO team were left in the dark. "Guys, the captain is gone, he screamed and just vanished, do you think he's okay?"

"No." All of them said in one go, which shocked everyone.

"This isn't funny! We have to go and look for him! He could've fallen down the stairs!" Jill said flailing her arms round.

"God, if that happened the floors would be shakin'" Said Forest.

"Chris?" Jill asked him what they should do.

"I vote on getting the hell out of here." Joseph said. "Come on, what's fun having a party in the dark?"

"Joseph, our captain is missing and all you care about is a party?!" Jill yelled.

"Look, we've got firearms to kill this sucker."

"You're all acting as if this is some horror movie!" Forest yelled and threw his hands up in the air. The howling of wind shook them all and the windows started to shake too with the pressure the wind is giving.

"Okay, we should split up into two teams and search for Irons and get the hell out of here!" Jill yelled. Everyone scoffed and then agreed, Jill had a point. "And where the hell is brad?"

"Where do you think?" Joseph asked sarcastically and then everyone turned their heads to the broom closet. Jill, sighed with frustration, she went and knocked on the broom closet and Brad, who was in the closet, said nothing. "Brad..?" Jill asked as she leaned against the door. She only heard a whimper from the man who was dressed up as an elk. Jill left him there and walked back in the room, "Yeah... He's not helping us."

Jill split the two rivaling teams, Chris and Edward would search on the top floor, while Joseph and Forest would search the area that they were in, Barry and Enrico would search the lower floors, Jill and Kenneth would help search the higher levels. Brad -after getting him out of the closet- and Kevin would search the lower floors as well, Richard would have to stay in the party room so that if they came by they'd call the rest of the members to stop searching.

Chris and Edward began their journey, Chris was holding the flashlight while Edward was supposed to lead, but he stayed behind Chris.

"Chris, what's that over there?" Edward whispered and pointed with his index finger to an object, Chris shown the light on it and stared backwards to Edward narrowing his eyes: "It's just a statue, God you're so paranoid." As soon as Chris said that he heard a squeak and jumped backwards, with Edward laughing, "Who's the paranoid one now?" He told Chris and put his hands on his hips still laughing, Chris narrowed his eyes and clipped Edward on the head.

"Can we just keep moving?" Chris asked and took off ahead of him, Edward sighed and started to walk past him.

"Why aren't you in costume?" Edward asked as he eyed him up and down.

"Who says I'm not?" Chris told him, turning his head to meet his gaze.

"Fine. Then what are you supposed to be?"

"The guy that's gonna beat you senseless if you don't shift your ass into gear. Now come on!" Chris said and turned his head, leading them down a hallway, eerie and cold. "Who turned on the damn air conditioner?"

"Wasn't me." Edward said to Chris. His body started shaking, finally reacting with the air temperature.

"Why don't we check this room? I mean, maybe the captain crawled into a room."

"Why would he be crawling?"

"I don't know. Just get in!"

"Oooh, Touchy. By the way, what are you supposed to be?" Chris asked him, referring to his costume.

"I'm a soldier."

"Really? Thought you were a GI Joe."

"He's a soldier too.."

Chris got a hold on the steel doorknob and twisted the door open...

Forest was left mindlessly wandering around. "Where the hell is Frost?"

"Boo!" A voice yelled from behind him which caused Forest to jump and nearly killed Frost who was now too busy laughing. "You should've seen your face! Oh god! That was a classic."

"Shut up. Before I kill you."

"Fine, fine fine, I promise, no more jokes." Joseph said as he put his hands in front of his chest, as soon as Forest turned his back on Joseph, he whispered to himself: "For now that is..."

Joseph and Forest kept walking down several hallways. "Please, do NOT just tell me you got us lost." Joseph said, now tired of walking down the same hallway.

"Okay, I wont. But we are..."

"Damn you Forest!"

"Hey, aren't you the one who is leading?!"

"You actually believed me!?" Joseph yelled. "How big of a jackass are you?!"

"Well, from this experience, I'd say pretty damn big."

"God! What now?" Joseph asked.

"Got a pack of cards, wanna play for money?" Forest asked him.

"Sign me up!"

Barry was ahead from Enrico, both men didn't say a word to each other.

"This way or that way?" Barry turned round and asked Enrico. Enrico shifted his head left and right.

"Wanna flip a coin?"

"Sure why not, we're lost anyway."

Heads would be right and Tails would be left, Enrico tossed it up and it landed heads, both men turned and what the right way and both of them thinking only one thing: They're both hungry.

Jill kept walking steadily in the darkened hallway. This wasn't the time for a blackout. She sighed as soon as he torch started to flicker on and off, she knew trouble would be ahead.

"Jill, what the hell is wrong with the torch. I can't see a damned thing!" Kenneth asked her.

"I don't know. Shit!" Jill cursed out, as soon as the torch completely went out. Surrounding them in darkness. The lightening roared outside causing both of them to jump.

"Shit. Damn lightening nearly made me crap my own pants!" Kenneth breathed out and stood along the wall. "You're lucky I'm not pissing my self now!"

"Stay calm Kenneth, we dealth with scarier situations then this."


"The hostage situation, 1998."

"Good point." Kenneth nodded his head, agreeing with the young woman. "What now? We're in the dark. Wanna make out?" He asked her in all seriousness, which received him a good slap in the face.


Brad and Kevin weren't doing good neither. Brad was scared shit less and Kevin was drunk.

"Where should we go Kevin? AGH! WHAT WAS THAT!"

"A rat or a mouse, could be a possum, I don't know and I don't give a crap!" Kevin replied positively and raised his hands up in the air. "LET'S PARTY! I'LL GET THE CHAMPAGNE!"

"We don't have champagne."


"Calm down, if we find the captain, we'll get champagne!"

"Then why are we standing here?! Let's go!" Kevin yelled and ran straight in the wall. "I'm okay!"

"Chris?" Barry said, calling out to the darkness. Along with Enrico who said: "Edward?" Both men turned round facing the other two. Chris sighed contently and Edward jumped for joy.

"Thank god, we're lost!" Edward cried to Enrico.

"We're on the same boat, we have never been more lost." Enrico nodded with sympathy to Edward.

"We're not lost, we're just misplaced." Chris said, reasoning the situation out.

"HA-HA! I WIN!" The group heard this cry of achievement, Chris immediately knew it was Joseph and Forest. "OH YEAH, I WIN W00P!" Joseph said and started dancing. Chris, Enrico, Barry and Edward stayed looking at him with shocked expressions.

"Hey Jackass, what the hell are you doing?" Chris asked Joseph.

"Dancing." Joseph replied in a matter-of-factly tone.

"Great..." Chris sarcastically said and rolled his eyes. "Can we go now? I wanna go home."

"Chris is that you?" Jill yelled from down the corridor.

"Yeah! What're you doing?!" He said as he heard bumps coming from the corridor.

"We don't have a flashlight, so we decided to find our own way. Guess whose bright idea that was!"

"You know, you nag a lot." Kenneth glowered at her. "Thank god, now get that thing out of my face!" He said, pointing at the flashlight which was blinding him. Chris turned the flashlight away from him. "Well, almost everyone is here except..." Chris was soon cut off. Hearing a shrilled voice yelling for champagne.

"CHAMPAGNE, CHAMPAGNE! I JUST WANT CHAMPAGNE!" Kevin yelled in a sing-songy voice.

"Kevin, don't run!" Brad came tumbling after him.

"...Never mind." Chris said. Soon after, they heard a moan, a large unholy moan coming from the broom closet. The group huddled together, shivering and sweating in fear. The door of the broom closet started to slowly open and from it emerged--- the captian.

"Chief Irons?" Jill asked to the figure. It said nothing. The two rival teams got closer only to see that this wasn't the captain, but a dead man walking!

"BOO!" It yelled to them. Causing everyone to scream....

It started laughing. It was actually the chief wearing a mask. "Scared yah Huh?!"

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