A year after the fall and rise of Optimus, the destruction of The Fallen and Megatron's retreat, Sam thought his life finally seemed to have a taken a turn for the more normal. That is, after the government dealt with the whole entire-world-on-the-look-out thing and people finally stopped pointing and shouting as he walked by. He no longer got death threats by phone (it may or may not have had to do with changing his number only a zillion times) and stopped being afraid of someone coming up to him with a rock and knocking him out.

Not fun.

Of course, life wasn't really normal, as he finally had accepted to sort of take the position of alien ambassador, and in general, he was only brought in when relations really got strained. He was thankful for that, and was able to keep studying at Princeton. Not that his studies were anything that he would've envisioned some time ago. Now he was taking mostly political and historical classes, going for a degree that would help him in his new job.

It wasn't all bad, though. His position as ambassador certainly had an impressive salary to boot. And now that he had finally convinced his girlfriend (the term didn't really seem to fit their relationship, they've gone through too much together) Mikaela Banes to leave their not-so-quiet-home of Tranquility, he used that money to get her a nearby apartment to his campus. She probably could've afforded one of her own (her work on cars was impressive) but Sam insisted on making sure she was very comfortable.

So that would be why Sam, riding in his coveted yellow Camaro (unbeknownst to people that it was actually an alien) parked and waited for Mikaela to leave her apartment. He had offered to escort her from her door, but she insisted on him waiting outside, something about it being a special night, and him not seeing her until she was ready.

It was a special night. It was the 3rd anniversary of meeting the Autobots, that fateful day when Barricade had demanded the glasses ("Are you username Ladiesman217?!") and it had all begun. Mikaela and Sam also counted their own anniversary on the same day, as it was that day that really brought them together.

"Where are yoooou?" played from Bee's familiar radio.

Sam laughed, slapping the dashboard affectionately, "What would I do without you, buddy?"

"You sir, would be nowhere."

Although Bee's vocal processor mostly worked now (it still fizzled out sometimes), the mech still had a habit of conveying his emotions and messages through the radio. Even though most of his sound clips were obscure to Sam, the 'bot seemed to enjoy using them to communicate.

Sighing, Sam's playful manner turned serious, and he ran his hand over the center of the steering wheel, thumbing the Autobot insignia that lay there. "Man, doesn't feel like three years. A lot of stuff happened and it feels like a lot longer..." he paused, feeling a little embarrassed, "But you guys are my life now. Especially you, Bumblebee."

A little static came from the speakers, but then Bumblebee's own voice rang out, "You are the per-s-s-sson I care most about." His engine growled softly after his words, almost a purr.

There was nothing more to be said.

Some minutes later, Bee's radio came to life again, startling his charge, playing "She wiiiill be loooooooved..."

Sam looked up, his eyes resting on the form of Mikaela coming out through the door. His mouth was left a little ajar, and his brain short-circuited. Bee, however, opened Sam's door and gave the seat a little shake to get his attention again. Sam, pulled out of his stupor, stepped out the door in a hurry and rushed over to Mikaela, and grabbed her hands as he stepped back.

"Wow, I mean, wow. Mikaela! You look so great, you look just amazing! Of course you always look amazing, but wow, I don't even know if I actually handle watching you all night like that! Where did you get that dress? But then you always dress amazing, so I don't even know what I'm talking about, I don't even know how to dress, I mean–"

Laughing, Mikaela freed one of her hands and placed her index finger over top Sam's lips. "Hey, kid, you're embarrassing me here." She smiled. "Good to see you dressed up properly too."

He looked down on himself. He was, of course, also dressed up in a nice suit. But Mikaela's dark navy evening dress, with a slit to the thigh, her hair gathered up on top of her head, jewellery glittering and impressive heels just showed that he was nothing compared to her. Really, it always had seemed to him that men were simply accessories to the woman's outfit.

A honk from Bumblebee set the pair laughing. "I guess he wants us to get going!" Mikaela laughed.

To this, the yellow Camaro popped open both car doors, further urging the young couple to hurry on in. Sam waited for Mikaela to step in, and once the door was closed, he walked over to his side of the door. He placed his hands on the steering wheel, his hands on the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions. Not that he was going to be steering: Bumblebee was going to be doing the driving, as Sam had no idea where they were going.

His engine roared to life, and with that, shot off into the road.

Looking out the windows, the pair was quiet, watching as the cars zoomed past (really, it was more like they were zooming past them) and watched as the road became quieter and darker. They were heading away from the city. As the lights of the city darkened, the stars in the sky brightened.

Mikaela squeezed Sam's hand (when did it get on Mikaela's lap?) and she whispered, "Do you have any idea where we're going?"

"Nope." He thought back on Bee's instructions. "Just was told to bring dinner and anything I needed to celebrate."

"Did you?"

"Of course! Brought a little wine, some food... well, okay, I did my best," coughing, he added, "At the very least, we won't starve."

Rolling her eyes, she added, "Beats me why they'd ask you to prepare."

The silence from the yellow car finally broke, his voice intoning, "Almost there."

Looking out the window, they realized that there seemed to be no light coming at all from the side, until they caught on where they were. Or at least, sort of. The ocean. They were driving by the ocean.

Mikaela tried to look up from her window, having difficulties with the glare until Bee rolled the window. "Thanks, Bee." She looked out to the ocean, listening to the quiet rumble of the waves. Closing her eyes, she focused on the smell. Strange how the ocean of this side of the country was so different to the one she was used to back at home. Even smelled different.

The sound underneath Bee's tires was no longer the smooth roll of pavement, but rather, now was louder and it was bumpier. Soon enough, they could feel and hear the sand as they drove over it, and the Autobot slowed down his driving. Aside from where Bee's headlights touched, it was pretty dark and they couldn't really see much, although they could see darker shapes.

Finally rolling to a stop, Bumblebee opened both doors at once, and the pair stepped out. Sam looked around, and Mikaela frowned as she realized it was not going to be fun walking in sand.

"Sam."A familiar bass voice rang out, "Mikaela."

Turning around, they couldn't really see much aside from the piercing blue optics that belonged to Optimus Prime. They watched as he knelt down, bringing himself closer to their level. Some of the newer arrivals asked him why he nearly always knelt down to talk with the humans, and he always patiently responded that he saw the humans as equals, and that towering over them was not the best way to portray that.

"Optimus." Sam responded, and then asked, "So who's here?"

The Autobot leader looked past Sam, over to the darker shapes where certain Autobots sat in their alt forms. "Ironhide and Ratchet, of course, as they were here three years ago." He paused, thinking of the one mech that was missing. Jazz. Jazz who hadn't been able to taste the break of war, who had died before he could know the fate of the All Spark. His optics dimmed slightly, before they brightened again and he continued. "Arcee as well. She claimed this needed a femme's touch."

"Apparently not enough," muttered Mikaela as she pulled her shoes from her feet, holding them in one hand. As her feet sunk into the cool but soft with age sand, she couldn't help but smile. "So, what's going on? I thought me and Sam were gonna have a nice anniversary dinner, but you guys all look so serious..." she trailed off, frowning.

Behind her, the grinding and clanking sounds of Bumblebee transforming broke through the night. Following after the younger Autobot, the other three transformers also began to change, forming into their bipedal forms, with the exception of the blue Arcee, who had fallen into the habit of moving with one wheel in her alien mode. Bumblebee remained standing, towering behind the pair.

The low rumble of the serious leader's rare chuckle resonated, "Perhaps it would be best to ask Sam instead. We are gathered here at his request, and we are most honoured."

With that, Optimus stood up to his full height, and turned on the headlights on his chest, keeping them dim, but enough so the area was softly lit. The other Autobots made their way to them, circling the pair, their blue optics burning as brightly as they watched the two humans. The night was quiet, and as requested by Sam, they chose a place where they could be in their alien forms without too much worry, but still somewhere beautiful where they could see the stars.

Mikaela turned her bewildered gaze to Sam, who was smiling in a quiet way. Cocking her head to the side, it only left her more confused. She had never seen that expression of Sam's before. She watched him cautiously as he stepped forward, took one of her hands in his own, and kneeled on one knee before her, staring up at her.

"Mikaela," he sighed as he said her name, her beautiful name, "We've gone through a lot together. From discovering an alien race," he nodded towards Optimus, "To bouncing in the Egyptian desert," he thought of the late Jetfire's space bridge, "To nearly being separated forever. And you know what I've realized this past year?"

"What?" she whispered, her voice barely audible.

"What am I waiting for? I love you more than anything, and no one else could be wife. Mikaela Banes, will you marry me?" At his words, Bumblebee knelt and lowered his hand down, opening his palm up beside Sam, who picked out the ring from his best friend's hand and looked up at Mikaela as Bee pulled his arm back up and rose.

Tears began to flood her eyes, as she murmured, "Of course. Yes. Yes!" Sam pulled the engagement ring lightly over her finger, kissing her hand before he stood up and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

The Autobots were as quiet as the stars above them, not even the whirring of their internal parts. As they witnessed the two below, they couldn't help but feel at peace. The rituals and reasons may be different, but love was the same all around.

Optimus glanced up from his gaze on the pair, looking up at the stars. Despite all the war and death, there was still goodness to be found.

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