Title-Konoha under the Red Sun

Rating- T (language.)

Genre- Cop Drama/Romance

Authors Notes-

Ah…I figured I'd try a mystery drama type deal. I haven't ironed out the pairings yet, but they're forming in my head. There is however, SaixIno stuff only in this chapter, but it's irrelevant so if you're not a fan try to bypass it. : )

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Chapter One- Overture/Act one

The fog rolled in and out of the city docks. A limo was stopped at the side of a warehouse, shut off and dark. Two figures sat waiting in the front, one smoking a cigarette that added to the lack of visibility even in the car itself.

"Damn it. When's this misfortunate son-of-a-bitch going to show up?" said the passenger, taking another breath of the lit stick of tobacco. His silver hair was slicked back and his maroon eyes made him look more severe. It didn't help to see him in a long, black trench coat, with his other hand resting on a sixteen-millimeter handgun.

"He'll come when his comes, yeah? Patience is a virtue, Hidan, un." The driver had long blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail, bangs covering his right eye. He was wearing the same coat as the passenger, a red cloud insignia showing from under a gun in his pocket.

"Deidara, Hidan, aren't stakeouts supposed to be quiet?" came a cool voice from the back, as Deidara looked back, rolling his eyes. The figure was sitting in the middle of the backseat, and his red eyes gazed past the windshield. He was also wearing a trench coat, but his was blue with a little badge on the front that read 'KPD' in large letters with a little crest in the middle.

"Maybe in police outings, Uchiha Sasuke. Right now you're on a family stakeout, yeah." Said Deidara with an amused smile on his face.

"With the Head's brother in the car, damn it." Muttered Hidan as he elbowed the blonde, "you piss off him you risk your life, newbie, so shut your goddamn mouth."

Deidara rolled his eyes again, and Sasuke opened the door.

"Here he comes. You two stay here."

"Yes sir." The two voices sounded nearly sarcastic as Sasuke left into the humid, foggy air. It was mostly quiet, save for the wavesand the now pounding footprints of the two adversaries. Sasuke's mouth curved into a smirk as he spotted his target more clearly under a lamppost and loaded his gun, safety now off. The person stopped, the light showing his features. His emotionless face stared at Sasuke, eyes shifting down at the gun, and then back at corrupt officer. The man's mouth curved into a smile of sorts.

"Good evening, Detective Uchiha."

"I wouldn't say that it's a good evening, Lieutenant Sai." Sasuke's voice stayed cool.

Sai's eyes narrowed.

"So, you are a part of them. You're the one who planted the false evidence, right?"

His face turned into a fake happiness.

"I suppose you've come to kill me, then?"

Sasuke held up the gun and aimed.

"I suppose."


Hidan and Deidara heard a gunshot, and Deidara immediately turned on the engine. Sasuke seemed to appear in the backseat, seatbelt buckled.

"Drive, Deidara."

Deidara needed no prompt as they sped off into the fog, Sai's dead body lying in a pool of blood.



That was all head investigator Hatake Kakashi had to say as he squatted next to the body, the whole investigation department taking evidence. Kakashi stood up and turned around, his police vest specially made to cover the lower half of his face. There was a scar on his left eye, and that eye was a deep shade of red. He looked around to see two officers consoling Yamanaka Ino, the original officer to the scene, and the girlfriend of the victim to boot.

"He died with a smile on his face." A blunt voice came from the blonde next to Kakashi, "Just like Sai, eh Sakura?"

"Like he knew it was going to happen." said a pink haired officer, with a camera in hand, taking pictures of the scene next to him.

"He probably did." Sasuke walked up to the three, police trench coat flapping in the morning air.

"It's probably another mob job then." Said Kakashi, "Naruto, take Shikamaru and inform Commissioner Jiraiya. We'll talk later."

The blond nodded, "Yeah, Yeah. I'm on it." He left after tugging on a forensics officer with a spiky brown ponytail, who groaned in annoyance.

"Captain, do we even know which family has taken over the underground?" asked Sakura, looking up from examining the bullet shell. Kakashi shook his head.

"It seems there's a new family in town. The Kurama and Sarutobi families know nothing about it of course, only which of their people have started to get killed off as well. Naturally, in questioning, we haven't found anything to prove their own crimes either. We've come up with a blank slate on every end we have."

Sasuke listened carefully and nodded.

"So now what?"

"We go through Sai's desk. See if he left anything behind. If he did know that he was targeted, he probably left a file of clues somewhere. Go through his desk for now, and if you can't find anything that could get us fixed on a good lead, go to his apartment, and have Ino give permission for search, so we don't have to apply for anything."

"Yes sir."

Sasuke got into the driver's seat and Sakura slipped in next to him.

"I'm worried." She said simply, as Sasuke turned on the engine, "If this is a hit job, then any one of us could be next."

"I doubt it." Said Sasuke, "It depends on what information we find. For all we know, Sai could have pissed them off somehow." Sasuke inwardly chuckled at this, because pissing certain people off wasn't that hard.

Sakura sighed as they pulled into a spot in front of headquarters and got out.

"It's just not safe in this city anymore."

They went straight to Sai's desk and started to poke around. Sakura opened a drawer and took out a file, glancing at the doodles of animals. Sasuke turned on the computer, noting that the background was a copy of The Starry Night.

"He certainly liked his art." Said Sasuke wryly, as Sakura nodded.

"He liked to make art too." She said, flipping through the files, seeing mostly doodles and small pictures on the reports. Sasuke clicked through the digital version of the same reports, read through e-mails and things, ignoring many possible leads.

"Hey, look at this." Sakura's voice came out with interest, Sasuke leaning over her shoulder in calm curiosity.


"This entire file has no doodles on it."

Sasuke picked it up and his eyebrows raised slightly. The credit card statements had six-digit sums on them.

"He bought a lot of art."

"You think he was late on some sort of payment?"

"Could be." Sasuke handed it back to Sakura, "Let's check his apartment."

Sakura nodded and took the file to the car, and Sasuke stayed behind to shut off the computer. Not a second after Sakura had shut the door, Sasuke's phone vibrated. He swiftly picked it up.

"Detective Uchiha."

"Are they off the trail yet?"


"Maybe. I'm off to see what our little snitch left in his apartment." Sasuke's eyes narrowed at the phone as his brother spoke.

"Don't disappoint me, little brother. One mistake, and I can kill off the whole department myself."


Sasuke shut the phone and walked out the door, putting a usual smirk on his face as he saw Sakura tapping her fingers on the window. He walked around to the driver's side.

"Impatient, are we, Haruno?"

"You're the one taking forever. Let's go." Sasuke merely smirked at his partner's impatience.

"Calm down. If it's the mob, we've got time. They're obviously not going anywhere- they don't want to draw attention."

Sakura scowled, "Well, if they know who's on the case they could just as easily do me in as I'm sitting in the car waiting for you."

"Start wearing a bullet proof vest like Captain Hatake if you're so paranoid."

"You are such an arrogant ass. You know that, right?"

"Why thank you."

"It wasn't a compliment."

Sasuke kept his smirk and continued to drive, Sakura obviously not finished with her tantrum of the week.

"You're constantly late, you never pick up your phone, you're asleep at your desk in the morning-," she paused at Sasuke's' amused snort, "Don't think I don't see you sleeping! Besides that, you're always disrespectful to the captain, and sometimes I think you're keeping something from me."

Sasuke stopped at a light and looked at Sakura, point blank.

"We're not married."

She flushed a bright red, "Well, I know that, but we're partners on a case. If you're keeping something that's relevant to the investigation, then it hurts both of us."

"Sakura, if I knew anything about Sai's death, I would have said it out loud. I'm as just as shocked and appalled as you are." His face stayed his usual, stoic, cold front.

Sakura looked at him with a very skeptical face.

The light turned green and he started out again.

"Just promise me Sasuke, that you'll try on this case?"


Sakura rolled her eyes and decided to leave the rest for next weeks' lecture, partly because they were at Sais' apartment.

The two got out and entered the building, flashing their badges at the receptionist. They got to the door and Sakura realized something.

"Ino. She's not with us. We'd need a warrant-,"

Sasuke simply knocked on the door. They waited for a few seconds, and Sasuke made an 'hn' of impatience.

"Sai is our warrant." He said simply as he took out a paperclip and started to pick the lock.

"Sasuke!" said Sakura in a tense voice, "This is a breach of procedure! We can't break in!"

"This is getting our job done, Haruno." He stood up and pushed the door open, walking in. Sakura gave a disapproving glance.

"Come on." Said Sasuke, as she reluctantly walked in, evidence bag in hand.

They poked around the small, four room apartment, looking under every sketchbook and picture frame. Sakura frowned sadly at a picture of Sai and Ino.

"They were so cute together…" she said softly.

"Have you found anything yet?" asked Sasuke bluntly from the other room.

"Nothing." She turned around and observed a large wall painting of two lions fighting done in black and white ink. However, one of the lion's eyes were red. Walking towards it in awe, and barely missing the sofa, she tripped and fell with a thud. Sasuke hurried in and helped her up.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

She ignored Sasuke's amused face with a small 'hmph' and walked a little closer to the painting. There was a split in it, right between the two lions. She went to open it, and Sasuke watched her carefully.

"A secret compartment?" she said as it folded open on one side.

"He was expecting us to search his apartment?" asked Sasuke, as Sakura shook her head.

"No, he was expecting someone else, someone who wouldn't care about his art. Someone looking for something specific…"

There was a small safe on the right side of the painting, which Sakura started to fiddle around with. Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you said that breaking in was a breach of procedure?"

Sakura ignored him and kept fiddling until she heard a click. Sasuke decided that she was mad at him for their earlier conversation.


She opened it and stuck her hand in, taking out a thick file that was marked in red letters, addressed to the police department.

"Bingo…. Now let's see what's in it."

Sasuke's eyes widened as he realized what was in the file. That was Sai's proof and his ultimate downfall.


Sai's eyes narrowed.

"So, you are a part of it. You're the one who planted the false evidence, right?"

His face turned into a fake happiness.


"Wait!" said Sasuke quickly, as Sakura paused, "We should wait for Captain Kakashi."

Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"You were the one who came in here without a warrant, and now you want to wait for the captain?"

Sasuke gave an impatient "hn." And Sakura re-folded the envelope.

"Let's go, then. Unless you want to dilly-dally around here."

Sasuke kept a solemn face as they walked out of the apartment. Things were about to get ugly rather quickly in his department. The two slid into the car and Sakura's phone rang. She placed it on speaker as they drove out of the driveway. Sasuke took this opportunity of distraction to slide the envelope out from under the arm rest, sitting on it. Sakura, preoccupied with the call, saw nothing.

"Detective Haruno."

"Sakura-chan! Shikamaru and I have just talked to the Commissioner." Naruto's awkwardly happy voice rang through the car.


"He's heard that there's a new underground, but it's not the traditional family."

Sasuke took this opportunity to hop into the conversation.

"So what is it then?" he asked, gripping the steering wheel tighter with his left hand.

"It's a group of international bosses looking to forge art and sell drugs. The usual really. We're bringing in some specialists though."

"Peachy." Said Sakura, "Who are they?"

"They're from the south deserts. They've been tracking this one guy, Sasori, he's apparently big in the human trade." Naruto's voice became darker, "He's in with some bad stuff."

"So how are we going to nab him?" asked Sakura, as Sasuke snorted.

"That's what Chief Kakashi wants to talk to you about."

"Right." Said Sasuke, "We'll be right there"

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