Right ok lets get started then shall we?

Hermione watched the sun set slowly over the hedges outside the Burrow. It had a been a pleasant day up until about four o'clock, she'd played 3 aside Quidditch with Harry, Ron, Ginny and the twins (who had been surprisingly protective of her today ). Not surprisingly both the teams had been rather evenly matched what with 5 out of the 6 being on the Gryffindor team and one out of the 5 being prone to showing off (Ron) that had easily made up for her lack of skill in the game. Naturally her team had trounced Ron's and her, Harry and Ginny had each won a free product from Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. Of course Ron continued to say throughout the rest of the morning that he had let them win, this only provoked Ginny to bop him hard on the head, causing the rest of them to fall about laughing at the two siblings squabbling. Things had gone on much the same as usual they'd eaten lunch, the girls sat around chatting while the twins designed yet more products to produce, and Harry and Ron played chess. Then at four o'clock members of the Order began to arrive Lupin, Tonks, Kingsly and much to everyone's disappointment Snape, Arthur was late which was not unlike him, he was generally late due to the fact he had recently purchased yet another car and refused to apparate anywhere now that he owned one again. This obviously outraged Molly no end but amused everyone else. Once everyone was seated comfortably the meeting began.

It was much the same as every other meeting they had had that was until the end,

"Ok everyone now down to the most serious issue of tonight I take it Fred, George you've told the relevant people?" At this the twins' ears went pink and they both became very interested in their shoes, "You didn't tell them did you?" Lupin asked with a small sigh,

"We couldn't…" Fred began "We didn't have the heart" George put in.

"I see " nodded Lupin.

"Well maybe you could now?" stated Snape in a almost kind tone that made everyone look at him.

George swallowed turned in his seat to face Hermione, Ginny (who was sitting on the arm of Hermione's chair absentmindedly playing with her hair) Ron and Harry, "We…urhm…well…um at the end of the last meeting the Order had a more intense meeting which only involved the members who had left Hogwarts and seeing you four are still at school you were not aware of it. We've come up with a plan which, should it work, could be the solution to eliminating most Death Eaters…." He trailed off.

"Well? What's the plan?" Ginny asked looking at her brothers one eyebrow raised expectantly.

"One of you have to go back to when a majority of the Death Eaters were at Hogwarts. We can't afford to send all of you back so don't ask. We've discussed it and come to a decision on who should go. And we…um…well we all think that…err, Fred you tell them."

Fred cleared his throat "Errhum, we all think that Hermione should go back, befriend the Death Eaters and possibly if it should happen fall in love and marry one of them so we can stop the future from happening. Of course if this works it means that Harry you will never be The-Boy-Who-Lived Sirius will still alive but we still are not sure if your parents will be affected by this if all goes according to plan maybe we can save everyone a great deal of pain and heart ache." He finished and locked eyes with three sets of furious looks and one of complete astonishment.

"No, never you cannot do that, are you totally insane, if you take Hermione away we wont stand a chance at finding the Horcruxes, defeating Voldemort and staying alive!" Harry was on his feet fist clenched yelling at the top of his voice, everyone was taken aback at this outburst, the twins were looking embarrassed, Lupin, Tonks and Kingsly were looking confused, Molly and Arthur looked despretly sad but Snape, Snape looked furious.

"You selfish boy, " he whispered "you have the chance to change the past that will potentially save our future and you're not willing to do that just because there is a slim chance that somehow someway you might be able to survive our current affaires, how stupid do you have to be to see that even if you somehow were able to live for just a little while longer there will still be millions of families out there who will be in the same predicament as you are in right now No mother No father No family what so ever, is that what you want hmmm IS IT!?" Snape was by this time inches away from Harrys face flecks of spit were glistening on Harrys cheeks, he was completely stumped never in all the 6 years he had known this man had he ever seen him lose his cool like this. Hate, embarrassment welled up inside Harry spilling over into tears that rolled down his cheeks.

"You're right" he whispered "I hate to admit it but you're right Snape" He turned to face the tear stained face of Hermione "He's right you have to go, you're our only hope Mione save us… please"

Wordlessly she nodded turned to face Lupin and said "How do I do it then?"

Lupin released Tonk's hand and moved towards Hermione "I'm sorry to be the bearer of even more bad news but you have to leave at 8 o'clock and seeing as the time now is 6:30 I think you'd better get a move on. We've released you from the age restriction on magic due to the fact you'll need to use it outside of your time zone now quickly apparate to your family home and say goodbye to your parents because you wont be seeing them again for many months possibly years. This plan needs time to be affective so I hope you understand that you will be back there for a long time, we will somehow transport your required stuff back to Hogwarts along with you it just might take a little while longer to reach there than you will." He gave a small smile at this "Please do not worry Hermione you will be perfectly safe, we will be transporting you straight to Dumbledores office so you will not cause to much of a commotion if we just drop you in the entrance hall."

She nodded again tears dripped one by one onto her emerald green polo necked jumper leave splogess of black in their wake. Ron had been sitting in silence throughout this whole escapade but at the sight of Hermione's tears falling faster he got up stood behind her wrapped his arms around her and whispered

"You'd better not forget about me Mione, I'll be right here waiting for you to come back to us…back to me." Gently he placed his lips against the back of her head turned and walked out of the room. Hermione sniffed, wiped her eyes, managed a watery smile, turned on the spot and apparated to her family home in county of Gloucestershire.

"Bless her," sighed Molly "she's only 16 Remus, and you have just bestowed on her a life changing commitment, are you sure you've made to the right choice?"

"Molly dear, if this works we will be changing history for the best, you understand that don't you? Yes I know Hermione is only 16, yes I know this is a big risk but I have complete faith in her. We all should. She is an extremely intelligent young woman and is not one to go looking for trouble it generally finds her." At this Lupin's eyes met Harry's, "if something goes wrong we can easily bring her back we are not sending her there unarmed and unprepared I promise you that."