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"Cissy for once I…I don't think I can do this" Bellatrix swallowed falling back behind her sisters strides, Narcissa turned, a shocked expression plastered to her taught pale face.

"Yes you can Bella, you have to, WE have to, if we don't we may loose her forever. Do you want that? Do you want to loose Ka-Hermione forever?" Narcissa corrected herself reaching out and gripping Bellatrix's wrist tightly, her piercing blue eyes begging dark brown to have courage.

"No…" Bellatrix croaked "I don't want to loose her…Not again"

"Well then come on if we don't hurry we'll miss our chance and be seen." Once again Narcissa strode off dragging Bellatrix behind her, apprehension and fear fixed on bout their faces. If everything they'd discussed with Lupin last night went to plan, although it would cause great uproar it would be worth it to have a) the whole family together and b) be able to see Hermione again.

Reaching the landing at the top of the stairs Hermione stood and listened for the sound of voices, Teddy was contentedly dribbling onto his blue baby grow whilst entwining a think ringlet between his podgy fingers. "Remus Lupin in the name of Albus Dumbledore have you lost your mind?" the muffled sound of Tonks's voice could be heard coming from a closed door.

"Dora dalring please listen to me, it is the only way to sort this mess out. We sent her, now she's back but at the same time she cannot forget about them and they cannot forget about her. They were her family do you not understand that?" Lupin sounded desperate and agitated.

"Of course I understand that Remus, and I understand and support what you've done but you couldn't have chosen a worst group of people to have present whilst it happens." Hermione frowned, what had Lupin done?

"Dora please calm down, Remus is right it's now or never, if it doesn't happen now the tiny window of opportunity we have will pass us by, pass Hermione by do you want that?"

"No of course I don't want that to happen mother but have you forgotten who is downstairs, Harry Potter mother Harry Potter it's dangerous enough contemplating having only us but we have the Weasley's too. I don't want a battle happening around Teddy." Tonks sounded scared, Hermione's heart beat faster, battle, danger, Harry what was going on? Taking a deep breath she knocked at the closed door,

"Who's that?" Andromeda's voice asked through the wood,

"It's me Andy, I've got Teddy here I think I ought to go, I've out stayed my welcome" The door opened the normally smooth toned face of Andromeda was creased with lines of worry,

"Hermione darling don't go, it's alright we're just coming now." Hermione shook her head

"No Andy I'm sorry I can't stay here, not after just finding out it was Ron who attacked her…Bella, I…just can't I'm sorry." Anger flashed dangerously through Andromeda's eyes reflecting her sister so well,

"What?" She hissed, Bellatrix's persona worryingly rearing its ugly head in Andromeda's form,

"I..it was Ron, who attacked her" Hermione mumbled gripping Teddy in a desperate attempt at stopping her hands trembling. Andromeda pulled the door back in one smooth action thrust past Hermione and descended the stairs swiftly, Hermione swallowed and followed quickly clutching Teddy to her breast, Tonks and Lupin hot on her heels. The moment the Living Room door was wrenched open silence enveloped the guests like a blanket of wool, everyone's eyes were glued to Andromeda who stood there seething, her true Black heritage showing it's colures.

"Ronald Weasley" Ron stiffened in the chair a red flush appearing round his neck and ears, being singled out was something he'd loathed all the way from childhood.

"What?" He snapped indignantly

"You think it's funny do you, attacking my family?" Andromeda's voice was harsh and low, Molly looked at her son,


"I saw her and I just snapped" Ron said to the hushed room,

"Bellatrix?" Molly moaned placing a head over her mouth "Merlin Ron you fool, you couldn't have chosen someone else?"

"She took her from us mum!" Ron yelled propelling himself from the confines of his chair, "That dirty Death Eater, took Hermione from us, I wasn't about to let her walk away was I?"

"How dare you!" Andromeda roared back her voice a mix of rage and tears, "How dare you, you, you…" words failed her but her eyes said it all. Tonks's voice entered the room from behind Andromeda

"Ron I can understand you reasons but…after everything that has happened why would you do it?"

"Oh for the love of Merlin" Ron snapped back throwing his newly toned arms in the air "Because she deserves to di-" the sound of a dim cracking cut across his words just loud enough for the room of people to hear. Lupin cleared his throat and spoke to the wall he was facing (unable to get in through the doorway where his wife, mother in-law and Hermione, still cradling Teddy stood)

"I think this argument is over more pressing matters are at hand." Tonks turned to look at her husband face a funny colour

"They're here aren't they?" She mouthed, he nodded and she pursed her lips stiff back she pushed carefully past Hermione to join him in the corridor "You'd better be right about this" she hissed under her breath.

"I am" he replied. Andromeda, trying desperately hard to control her breathing threw one last dirty look at the redhead and turned her back on the room to accompany her daughter and son in-law. Hermione stood weak kneed and pale, shoulder pressed against the doorframe for support she looked at the closest thing to family she had through half closed eyes. Five sets of Blue and one of Green looked back at her, the sixth Blue set stared angrily at the opposite wall, the blurry shape of a male can closer arms circling round her shoulders he brought her towards him. The smell of musty clothes invaded her nose, Arthur brought he towards a chair and gently placed her into it, another figure appeared and tried to prize Teddy from her arms only to receive grizzles erupt from the baby's lips, releasing him Molly allowed him to snuggle back up against Hermione's brown jumper and calm down.

Bellatrix and Narcissa stood behind the gate looking up at the cottage, taking in the blue balloon and banner, the patter of rain began, although the sun had been shinning only moments before the grey clouds had returned. Feeling Bellatrix's hand like an iron fist in her own Narcissa swallowed hard trying to rid the sensation to flee. Their cloaks covered their faces and judging by the sight of the Weasleys moving about in the living room this was a good thing, if they spotted them before the door was opened things could go terribly terribly wrong. "Cissy" the faint voice of Bellatrix said behind her "I-" but she never finished as the door to the cottage opened and there sheltered from the hardening rain stood their niece, Lupin and sister.

The sound of the front door being open alerted Arthur, straightening from the crouched position he had been in in front of Hermione he turned his head towards the window. Spotting the two hooded figures the colour drained from his already pale face "Merlin" he hissed wand drawn quicker than quick, he was out the living room and down the corridor to the three huddled in the doorway. "Get back"

"Arthur no" Lupin said thrusting his arm out across the redheads chest "they are no threat."

"Who are they?" Arthur questioned his wand still drawn,

"My sisters" Amdromeda whispered turning her head slightly in he direction, "Please Arthur don't do anything, this is important…for all of us, even if it doesn't appear like that at the moment." Tonks placed a hand on Arthur's arm and lowered his wand his eyes flicked to the pink haired woman she gave a small shake of her head, warily he placed it back inside his robe and tried to push his way between her and Lupin to the front.

The six figures observed each other through the steady drizzle, slowly Narcissa lifted a cloaked arm, her palm was flat displaying her wand. Lupin tensed a little more, he watched as Narcissa flicked her arm upwards and sent the wooden implement in a graceful arch over the gate to land with a clatter on the flagged pathway. Holding up both hands in a surrendering motion, she gently reached up and lowered her hood to the impending storm. Andromeda gasped, it had been only been a few weeks since she'd last seen Narcissa but the transformation was shocking, her usual shinning blonde locks were dull and lifeless. The blue eyes that could leave a person ridged in fear now merely stared at the cluster of bodies in the doorway. A strangled growl issued from the living room, Ron had caught sight of Narcissa, gripping his wand he stormed from the room followed immediately by Harry and Ginny. Turning towards the sound Arthur lunged to hold his son still, Lupin and Tonks copied with Harry and Ginny, a streak of blue propelled through the door towards the unarmed Narcissa. "No!" Andromeda cried rushing towards her sisters

"I thought she was dead, I thought I'd killed her!" Ron's voice was full to bursting with anger, Arthur was red in the face from the excursion of holding his son back. Narcissa paled, turning her head towards Bellatrix, her jaw slacked unbeknown to her Bellatrix had removed her hood too, allowing full view from the living room of both their identities. No wonder the Weasley boy was fighting for all his might to get at Bellatrix. Another wooden instrument flew through the air and landed with a soft thud on the wet grass, Bellatrix was now also unarmed,

"Not the wisest move, Bells" Narcissa muttered under her breath

"At least I'm proving I am no threat" Bellatrix replied unwavering now. "You and I both know I don't necessarily require a wand to perform magic" she added as an after thought.

"They are no threat" Lupin's voice was muffled by Harry who was trying desperately to get at his friend who was beginning to become violent towards his father. Narcissa's eyes flicked towards the living room window and spotted a figure through the water trails, her heartbeat increased she didn't want Hermione caught up in this.

"Bella!" a high pitched cry silenced the sounds of struggling figures, lurching forward to grip the prongs of the wooden fence Narcissa felt the pain of the young women's voice run through her. "Let me through!" again the pained voice, a heart beat and then the grey face of Hermione appeared pushing against the bodies holding her back.

"Hermione…don't" Ron's voice was strained he'd finally been controlled after Harry had broken free from Lupin and was now gripping Ron round the waist. She faltered but never stopped, Teddy still clutched to her heaving chest Hermione stepped down the stone steps and into the steadily increasing downpour. Feeling a boney hand on her shoulder Narcissa carefully stepped to the side allowing Bellatrix to slowly unlatch the gate and take a tentative step forward. Her black curls dripped with the cold rain, her cloak felt heavy around her shoulders but all Bellatrix could concentrate on the was the young figure standing just feet away from her a baby, her Great-Nephew in her arms. The usual brown slightly bushy hair was scooped up in a loose ponytail a few strands plastered to her forehead due to the rain, her face was thin, dark circles lay under the now dull empty eyes, but to Bellatrix she was still perfect.

"Hermione…" tears caught at the back of her throat, taking another tiny step forward Bellatrix was now barely two meters from the woman. Hermione's face was wide eyed and creased from trying to hold back the onslaught of emotions, suddenly aware of Teddy she looked down and felt her face relax a tad. Moving forward jerkily she thrust Teddy into the aged woman's arms,

"Sa-ay hello to you're Great-Nephew" she gabbled tucking a strand of wet hair behind her ear and wringing her trembling hands together. Awkwardly Bellatrix shifted Teddy in her arms, she hadn't held a child since Draco had been a baby, and even then that had only been briefly while Narcissa had been busy adjusting her dress or fixing her hair, generally Draco had never left her baby sister's arms. Her long black tendrils fell forward, the beautiful grey eyes stared up at her, melting the remaining ice around her heart. The rain no longer felt cold against her skin as she looked down at this little bundle of joy. Looking up her own eyes met with the dull brown ones, Hermione's lip trembled

"Come here" she said freeing on arm from under Teddy's blanket, helplessly Hermione fell into the welcoming embrace. Feeling her face crumbling Hermione fought against the tears but still the came, racking her body with sobs she clutched at the black fabric covering Bellatrix. "Shhhhh" the woman hushed rubbing Hermione's thin frame, 'God she's lost weight' Bellatrix thought, frowning into the young woman's neck. A small gurgle made the two women break apart, Teddy snuffled in Bellatrix's arms, looking up at Hermione's tear stained cheeks she smiled. Teddy sneezed caused Bellatrix to stiffen, "Is he ok?" she mumbled worriedly

"He's fine" Hermione sniffed happily "I think he's just getting a bit cold out her." Bellatrix nodded and gently eased the bundle into Hermione's thin arms,

"He's beautiful" she whispered placing her white hand against Teddy's head

"Isn't he though?" Hermione replied smiling shyly up into the exhausted woman's face,

"My sister is very lucky"

"Mmmmm" Hermione answered tenderly tucking Teddy's blanket back round him.

"Maybe Cissy should have a cuddle too" Andromeda's voice was barely audible above the rain, unnoticed by the two she'd quietly left the house. Hermione turned slightly embarrassed by the manner in which she was keeping hold of Teddy as if he were her own baby.

"May I?" another voice asked tentatively, turning back to face Bellatrix she found Narcissa standing next to her, hair now sopping wet, looking more grey than blonde. A half smile curved the red lips as she looked into Hermione's face, holding out her arms Narcissa gratefully took Teddy into her natural mother arms and quietly began to make cooing noises.

"Mother" all four turned back to the house Tonks stood peering out into the sheets of rain, "I think it's time Teddy came back in I don't want him getting a cold," she paused "You all are going to get a cold if you stay out there." Andromeda took hold of Hermione's hand while she gasped Bellatrix's, Narcissa nodded quickly at her sister, a reassuring smile plastered on the elder ones face. Together they walked towards the now empty doorway, three united Black sisters, a new generation of their blood and a familiar loved stranger.

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