Me: I own Twilight!!!

Bella: No you do not! Stephanie does! Now admit it!

Me: *sighs* I do not own Twilight…

Bella: Good girl

Me: FOR NOW!!!!

"Mom! I told you for the last time, I want to go live with Charlie." I told my mom, for what it felt like the hundredth time. "Go with Phil. Have fun. So that way you won't have to keep baby sit me." I told her as she pulled into the Phoenix airport.

Renee sighed. "Bella, you don't have to go to Forks if you don't want to." She said for the hundredth time. "You won't like it. It's cold, wet, and has hardly any sun."

Chill, Bella. Don't get mad at her. You're doing this, not her. I told myself mentally.

"Renee, look. I'm going to do this. I'm 18. I am an adult." I told her. I only called her Renee when I wanted a conversation to end. "I have to go now. My plane's getting ready to go in a few minutes." I gave her a hug. "Bye. Give Phil my love." Renee sighed.

"Okay. Goodbye Bella. Call me when you get a chance."

I waved to her as I gave my stuff to the flight attendant to put in the compartment above me. I sat in my seat.

When the plane got in the air, I looked out my window. I sighed. Pink, blue, and red scorched the sky as we soared into the sky.


I fell into a peaceful sleep.






Thanks! ~Katie~