Daisy, Pamela, & Kit Duke were on their way to meet their friend, Kelly Smith, to finish up planning the Annual Children's Christmas Party at the Orphanage, & they were excited like their love ones, Bo & Luke are. They didn't know that they have to go through Osage County to get to where Kelly Smith is.

Meanwhile Slater & Droopy saw that the Dukes Girls were all in Daisy's Jeep, "Dixie", & they knew they can have their revenge of what Bo & Luke did to them the last time, & they knew the Claibourne wants revenge too. He turned to his partner, & said this to him.

Slater (to Droopy): We are gonna have ourselves some fun with those girls, & get our revenge at the same time.

Meanwhile Daisy, Kit, & Pamela were driving along, & then Daisy heard sirens, & then she saw "Osage County" on the sides of the doors, & she said to herself, as she shook her head in disbelief.

Daisy (shaking her head in disbelief, & to herself): Oh no, Not Osage County!

Pamela, & Kit saw what was bothering Daisy, & they each asked this of her.

Pamela: What is wrong, Aunt Daisy?

Kit: Yeah, what is it?

Daisy said simply this to her nieces.

Daisy: I will tell you later, Girls.

They stopped & pulled to the side of the road, & then Slater came up to them smiling evilly.

Slater (smiling evilly): You got a busted Tail Light on your Jeep there, Daisy.

Daisy was in disbelief, & she checked her Jeep, & she said outraged.

Daisy (outraged): What Tail Light, Slater?!

Slater smashed the right one & he said smiling to her.

Slater (smiling): That one.

Daisy was beyond mad now, & she said as she hit him, scratching his face in the process.

Daisy (angrily & hit him & scratched him): You son of a bitch!

He got up from the ground, & slapped her hard across the face, & kicked her hard in the ribs, so they would break, he said with a sneer.

Slater (sneering): That would earn a spot in our new Women's Prison.

He roughly picked her up, he felt her all over, taking his time, & then arrested her. Droopy had his fun with Pamela & Kit, but they are like their fathers, & they beat the hell out of Droopy, he got his licks in, & did the same gesture as Slater, got them all in the Police Car, on their way to the Prison.

Pamela & Kit were scared, & they each said this to their Aunt Daisy.

Kit (frightened): I am scared, Aunt Daisy.

Pamela nodded in agreement, & said this to her equally frightened.

Pamela (frightened): Me too, what are we gonna do?

Daisy said this calming her nieces, & said with confidence.

Daisy (confident): Don't worry, Girls, we will mop the floor with them, & Claibourne, we are Dukes, we don't quit, we fight, & survive.

Then the rest of the ride was made to the Prison in silence, except for Daisy telling the girls silently her, Bo, & Luke, & Jesse's last encounter with them, & how they beat them, & they will beat them again this time.

Prologue: The Outing.

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