Epilogue: Christmas Party:

Before Hazzard knew it, It was Christmastime, & everyone was excited, Hazzard County invited the Osage County Citizens, & for the first time in years, there was peace among the counties.

At the Duke Farm, the men were wearing Red, Green, & White Shirts & Jeans, Cooter was Daisy's date for the Orphans Party, cause Enos was playing Santa along with Jesse, & everyone was gonna meet up at "The Boar's Nest" for the Adult Party that Boss throws every year with his wife, Lulu.

The Boys were done getting themselves ready, & were waiting on the girls, when the girls came down in the same Christmas colors to match the guys, the men were shocked & speechless, they could not say a word on how beautiful the women looked.

When they recovered their speech, each man said this to girls smiling their famous grins.

Luke (smiling): You sure look beautiful, Girls.

Bo (smiling): We got ourselves some pretty good-looking dates.

Cooter (smiling): You sure can say that again, (to Daisy): Mrs. Strate, I am honored to be your escort to the party, & make sure that you get to Enos safely.

The girls were equally smiling & they each said this to the men.

Daisy (to Cooter smiling): Thank You, Mr. Davenport, Y'all look pretty terrific yourselves over there, Women of the Counties, Look out!!

Pamela & Kit each said this smiling in agreement.

Pamela (smiling): You better believe that!

Kit (smiling): You got that right!

With that being said, they went off to the party to have a great time.

At the party, all went planned, Kelly Smith, the Girls' friend, recognized them for their devotion to raising money for the cause, but the girls told everyone that Kelly was a Pit Bull, & would not take no as an answer. All went well, & the kids had a great time, & everyone changed out of their outfits into some casual clothes & they headed over to "The Boar's Nest", where Boss & Lulu were waiting along with the Osage County Citizens.

The Party was in full swing, & everyone was getting to each other, & getting along. Then Bo, Luke, & Enos helped the girls onto the Bar, where Pamela let out a sharp whistle that got everyone's attention, & she said this with a grin.

Pamela (whistles loudly, grins): OK, Everyone shut up!

Daisy & Kit were grinning too, & they add this.

Daisy (grinning): Yeah, We got a couple of announcements to make.

Kit (grinning): So listen up.

Pamela made the first presentation of Medals.

Pamela: Ok, we got some awards to give out to certain people, this won't take long, The first couple of medals is "The Good Citizen" Medals & they go to a couple of guys, who knew when to stay within the law during a crisis, those guys are Mr. Jesse Duke, & Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg.

Boss Hogg & Jesse went to get their medals, & Daisy & Kit slid them over their necks, & the girls each gave them a kiss, everyone was whooping, applauding, & cheering.

Daisy made the next presentation of Medals.

Daisy: The next couple of medals are "Medals of Honor", & they go to a couple of special guys, who you all know & love, as do we, Enos? Cooter? Would you get your hides over here, & get your medals.

Everyone laughed, & then whooped, applauded, & cheered, when Enos & Cooter went to get their medals, & all three girls gave them kisses, as they did with Jesse & Boss, Everyone continued to cheer, whoop, & applauded for them, as they did for Boss & Jesse.

Kit made the final presentation of the medals, & she was choked up with emotion, as she did this.

Kit (choked up with emotion): These last couple of medals is the "Medals of Valor", for outstanding bravery, & courage, & they go to somevery special guys, in our lives, without them, we would not be alive today, Uncle Luke? Daddy? Please come up & get your medals.

Then Kit let out her tears, & emotion, as Daisy & Pamela, when Bo & Luke got up there, they all had tears in their eyes, even Boss!, Bo & Luke clutched the three special women in their lives into a tight group hug & embrace, & they held it for along time, everyone went wild with the whooping, applauding, & cheering, they gave them a standing ovation, Kit & Pamela slid the medals over their fathers' necks, & the three girls gave them a big kiss.

Then it went silent, & everyone composed themselves, & Lulu said to the gang smiling.

Lulu (smiling): How about a picture with the winners?

The girls nodded, & the men went to position themselves, the girls sat on the Bar, Luke & Bo with their daughters, Boss, Enos, & Jesse with Daisy, & Lulu snapped the picture, & everyone applauded, & the party went back into full swing until dawn.

* Balladeer: Do you like that ending? Now you that if you want payback, It will always come back to bite you, so live & learn, y'all come back now, you hear? & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too!*

End of: Epilogue: Christmas Party.