A/N: Hello, I really like writing oneshots, so here's one for one of my favorite bickering pairings! Please review! Just for clarification, italics are their thoughts.

"This is ridiculous," Megumi complained, taking some clothes off the drying line.

"What?" Sanosuke asked.

"The fact that I have to wash your clothes for you," Megumi answered. "Shouldn't you know how to do it? Didn't you spend years alone?!"

"Yeah," Sanosuke nodded.

"Then why can't you wash them on your own?!" Megumi inquired, shooting him an icy glare.

"Well I can," he shrugged.

"You can?!" Megumi stared at him, shocked.

"Don't look so incredulous," Sanosuke rolled his eyes.

Megumi wrung out a pair of pants and whacked him with it.

"What was that for?" Sanosuke rubbed his arm gingerly.

"For forcing me to do extra work," came the irate reply.

"Well it gives me an excuse," Sanosuke protested.

"An excuse to do what, exactly?" Megumi put her hands on her hips. I kinda regret asking that. What if he stops coming?

A small sigh escaped from her mouth.

"To get away from that place," he explained. That was close. At least I came up with something believable.

"And why do you want to get away?" Megumi queried. That's it? What an idiot.

"Well you know Kaoru," Sanosuke groaned. "She's always making me work."

"Maybe it'd do you good to do some work," the dark haired woman snapped.

The kitsune's still mad, Sanosuke thought, running his fingers through his hair. Then maybe the direct approach?

"Okay, that's not the real reason," he confessed.

"I'm listening," Megumi looked up from the white pants she was holding. I hope he says it.

She bit her lip in anticipation.

"Actually you know," Sanosuke began. "We don't get to see each other too much."

"Actually I see you every other day," Megumi laughed. "Your clothes get dirty too easily."

Only because I do it on purpose, Sanosuke added silently.

"Exactly!" he exclaimed, beaming. "We only see each other because of my unclean clothes!"

I guess he got me, Megumi admitted to herself.

"Well what if I don't want to see you?" she teased him.

"Oh I know you do," Sanosuke grinned.

He wiped his forehead with relief.

"Sanosuke, you are most infuriating," Megumi told him.

"And you are easy to infuriate," he responded promptly. I can't tell if she's flirting or just mad.

"I don't want you to come anymore," she declared devilishly. Let's see what he does with that.

"WHAT?!" Sanosuke knocked over a bucket of washing water.

"During the day," Megumi giggled.

"Why not?" Sanosuke was perplexed, and he still didn't get it.

"Because I don't want to see too much of you," she picked the bucket back up.

"What do you mean?" he raged. "Then we won't see each other at all!"

"I want to see you in the night," Megumi winked.

"Well I guess that's okay with me," Sanosuke finally understood. She's a kitsune all right. But I love her.

"I should think so," Megumi smiled. He's the biggest idiot ever. But I love him.