Some crap I wrote for english class about a week ago. El and Carolina poem...from El's pov

El, Carolina and Sands (?) belong to Robert Rodriguez, he only helped me on getting an "A" in english


Spanish Town

Pretty Spanish eyes

Have been crying on my sight

Flowers bloom wild in the light

Of a pretty town at night

For those who know what to expect

From a life with no regrets

Two minutes to midnight

In this dusty town of mine

In the middle of the park

By the fountain made of chalk

Sits my beautiful lady

Oh, my darling, trĂ¡eme paz

She has left once again

Left to my own fate

And again I only have

What is left, my Spanish guitar

It's time to leave behind

The things you can't hold tight

I must go somewhere

A place where I could stay

A place where I finally get

The answer you never gave

"What do you want from life?"

I want freedom and to survive