Hello beautiful readers! I'm slowly rewriting parts of this story, so bear with me. As always, I do not own Band of Brothers. So far, I only own Faye, Mallory, and Violet.


It was early June when I died. My summer course had just ended and I was in a rush to get home. I raced out of the history building and into the street as soon as the signal flashed at me, giving me the clear to cross. I was in the middle of the street when the screaming began but before I could turn to look, something slammed into me with the force of a speeding train.

The next moment, I was airborne, lifted off my feet only to be slammed back down onto the hood, the roof, the trunk of the car that had hit me, and then I was back on the ground. My head cracked against the ground as I rolled to a gradual stop. The last sense of consciousness I had was hearing the scream for an ambulance.

I had no knowledge of how long I lay in darkness. Finally, slowly but surely, the light began to seep back into my world. My vision was blurry but I could tell that I was, somehow, surrounded by trees and the light of day was fading fast. I groaned as the throbbing pain in my head and my entire body became known to me.

There was a rustling in the underbrush on my left.

"Flash!" somebody, a man, hissed.

Before my mind could catch up with my mouth, I groaned, "Thunder."

A moment later, two blurry faces swam into my line of sight.

"Who are- Christ! It's a broad!"

I let out a weak snort. "Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a genius on our hands," I had time to retort before my vision once more went black. Through the inky darkness, though, I could still hear the voices, as if from through a long tunnel.

"Joe, can you carry her? We need to get her to Doc Roe."

"Sure. Help me lift her up. I'll…"

The voices faded into silence, and I was once more left in oblivion.


I looked at my watch for the umpteenth time as I strolled down the sidewalk, making my way up to the synagogue where I was supposed to meet my friend -and housemate- Faye.

My eyes noted the time on the watch face. I had ten minutes before I was supposed to meet Faye, but I had nothing better to do than wait. When I arrived at the synagogue, I leaned against the wall, nodding to a few other idlers in greeting. I was there but five minutes when the screeching of tires brought my eyes to a dark car that was speeding down the street toward the synagogue. I barely had time to register the loud pops before a searing pain and a sharp impact with my neck sent my head cracking back into the wall behind me. I collapsed into a heap. Through a gray haze, I was dimly aware of screaming and someone's hands on my neck, trying to stop the blood that gushed from the wound.

It's no use, I thought. There's nothing you can do.

For the next few hours, I flitted in and out of consciousness. Somewhere during that time, voices began to tune in and out, speaking in hushed whispers.

"…blood on her neck."

"I don't see a wound."

"No, but she's got a bump on the back of her head…"

"…her to the aid station. Maybe someone…"

"…who she is."

Soon, the voices tuned out to silence, and I was once more left in solitude.


I looked once more at the clock on the wall. 11:43, it read, and the phone in my hand was as silent as ever. I tried their numbers once more. No answer.

Throwing down the phone in disgust, I jumped up from the couch I was perched on the edge of. I marched across the room, snatching my car keys from the counter, and grabbed my bag out of habit before stomping out the door. Anxious, I hurried out of the little house my friends and I shared and headed to my car, failing to notice the black clouds roiling over my head. The very moment I placed my hand on the door handle, an enormous crash rent the silence into pieces. Seconds later, I felt white hot, blinding pain roaring through every fiber of my body, leaving me to collapse into the embrace of darkness.

After coasting through the inky abyss for what seemed to me like years, my heavy eyelids finally obeyed my command and fluttered open, revealing a dark sky through many trees. Flashes of light, soon followed by muffled thuds, occasionally illuminated the sky. To my right, I heard twigs snapping. I opened my mouth to call out, but discovered a searing pain in my throat. In fact, my whole body seemed to be buzzing with the fiery pain.

The rustling stopped.

"Flash," somebody hissed.

I lay in painful silence, too stunned to alleviate the stranger's suspicions. Suddenly, a shot rang out and I felt a bullet rip through the ground by my foot. Ignoring the screaming pain in my throat, I managed to croak out, "Thunder! For the love of God, thunder!"

After a second of silence, another incredulous voice exclaimed, "Jesus!"

I heard steps approach before someone knelt next to me.

"Shit," he muttered, holstering his pistol.

My eyelids fell shut once more, despite my feeble attempts to keep them open. The abyss enveloped me once more and whatever my assailant may have said next went unheard as I fell unconscious.

And there you have it! I've been in such a rush trying to rewrite this and get out a new chapter, so please ignore typos and let me know if you see any huge mistakes.