Her skin glowed around her translucent robes, eyes batting behind the her holographic glasses and she giggle benignly at the two figures who were tinged as red as their ties red from their uproarious laughter. Abruptly, Myrtle's giggling stopped. "You're mocking me," she hissed. The two Gryffindors didn't even stop laughing to deny it, so she squealed in displeasure and made a beeline dive into her toilet, making an awful sloshing noise.

Their breathing steadied over the thinned gray fluid that was boiling angrily at their neglect. Fred covered his mouth with his left hand, breathing deeply into it, trying to steady his discontinuous breathing. His brunette counterpart was still doubled over in laughter, though now she was silently shaking. Fred carefully opened the thick metal container and extracted three Ashwinder eggs with gloved hands. Concentrating on the text before him with more grit than ever, he squinted to drop in the eggs at exactly the right moment, stirring vigorously. The potion made a smooth transition from thin, lumpy, and gray to watery and a shimmering periwinkle color.

Miranda gazed up from her seat the floor through mahogany eyes, glazed over in a reflected blue of the brewing potion. A smile broke across her face again, laughing threatening to take her over again. "Awesome," her teeth mirroring the potion as well. Fred opened the next compartment of the potions box, pouring in a small vial of a red liquid, reminding her of the Kool-Aid she'd had during the summer. Her mother, a pureblood, never really acquired much of a taste for it, preferring Butter beer. This time, the fluid thinned more and turned a color that was nearly transparent but for a mild opalescent look to it, diluting into a sufficient amount to slip into someone's drink for several days.

Fred pushed a small clip into Miranda's hand, tapping the one he had at the base of his nose. She slipped it over her nose, recalling something Snape'd mentioned in class one day. If it was done right, it would take on a smell that is enticing in a way that would draw one to drink it.

They wouldn't want to risk the temptation when the potion had a purpose to serve.

The final ingredient was a shredded Fwooper feather, dropping the Weasley-orange fluff into the cauldron. The potion sizzled, dissolving the material like acid.

Finally, the potion gained its proper pale opal color.

And then the laughed started again.