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So with the convincing of many people and with the help of my good friends Inspire165, Someoneoverhyper, and Fantasyaddict101...I have decided to write a whole bunch of one shots featuring Tai and everyone.

This first one was Inspire165's idea!

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So here we go!


Chapter 1

It had started out as a perfectly innocent question.

'What is it with humans in scaring themselves?'

Tai, who had been lounging on the hood of Blurr's new charger mode, opened her blue eyes and glanced over at the black GMC Topkick to her right through her heart shaped sunglasses.

'What you talking about, Hidey?' She asked.

With Sam busy with Bumblebee and Mikaela busy with her 'man child father', she had decided to spend the day at the new Autobot base. It had quickly become her second home; she loved coming here and spending time with her big robot friends.
Her dog, Psyche, spent her doggy time with her new buddy Ratchet...she loved that big psychotic doc bot like he was her owner. She had offered to get Ratchet a puppy of his own but Optimus quickly stated that he didn't think that would be the best of ideas.

She guessed it was mainly because of Ironhide.

And the twins.

Jesus those twins!

'Do not call me that horrid nickname!' The weapons specialist snapped. 'But seriously, why do you humans watch or go to things that clearly frighten you?'

Tai thought about that. She guessed he was talking about the time when Glen had brought over the Japanese version of The Grudge for them to watch at the Lennox household. It didn't bother Tai in the slightest but Glen, Sam...pretty much everyone in the room had freaked out and hid their eyes behind couch cushions for the entire thing.
Even Lennox but he denied it by saying that he was smelling Sarah's new fabric freshener.

Apparently, Ironhide had been watching from the window and couldn't quite understand what was going on.

'Well...you see, it's...weird...' She started, struggling to find a good explanation. 'I guess...no matter how freaky it is...people liked to be scared...'

With a gruff noise, Ironhide transformed into his enormous robot form. Tai leapt off Blurr as he too transformed and sat back on the ground, lifting Tai up onto his knee where she sat, swinging her skinny legs.

'Why do you want to be scared?' Ironhide asked again, himself sitting down which caused what felt like a small earthquake.

'You know, I've been asking that question in my head for years...and the answer is always the same damn thing...' She took a deep anticipating breath which caused both mechs to lean closer. 'No idea!' She shrugged with a laugh. 'But my guess is...to put it simply, because it's fun!'

'Why would you find that 'fun'?'

'Wellhumansenjoythethrillandchill...' Blurr chimed in, shrugging his huge shoulder panels. 'I'vebeenaroundthemlongenoughtoknowwhat'sgoingonintheirheads...' While he said that, he gently gave Tai a noogie with his pointer finger.

'Oh you shut up!' Tai laughed. 'You scream like a girl whenever you see a Scottish terrier!'

Blurr winced, his huge head rolling slightly at the mention of that accursed animal.

'But honestly, people like horror movies because they can hardly...and I stress the word 'hardly'...ever happen.' Tai continued to explain to Ironhide as she saw the others step out into the sunlight. 'That's why humans like to be scared because what are the odds that you'll run into a killer with a hockey mask whose been killed like a gazillion times and keeps coming back?'

Ironhide contemplated on that. 'I'll still never understand humans...' He shook his large head.

Meanwhile with Sam and Bumblebee.

'Bee cut it out!' Sam shrieked slightly.

Ever since the whole Grudge incident, Bumblebee kept playing the creepy, croaking noise from the movie.

The Camaro whirred in amusement. 'Buck buck bacawwwww!'

Sam glared at friend. He liked scary movies as much as the next guy, but ones that messed with his head...he wasn't to big a fan of those. Damn Tai and Glen for making him watch that movie.

'I am no chicken!' Sam protested indignantly.

'Yes you are!' Bee countered cheekily.

'Am not!'




'Not not not!'

'Too too too!'

Before the argument could go any further, Sam's phone went off.

'Don't think I've given up!' Sam stuck his tongue out at his Autobot guardian.

'Hey skank!' He answered, noticing it was Tai.

'I just came with a monumentis idea!' Her voice rang with excitement. Sam's eyes widened. That is either really good or really bad...

'Do I wanna know?' He asked, giving Bumblebee the 'one minute' sign and went upstairs to his room, once again nearly tripping over Mojo and Frankie.

'Yes..this ones a good one this time!' She exclaimed. The sound of Blurr laughing was heard in the background. 'Oh be quiet!'

'Last time you said you had a 'monumentis idea', I had to explain to my mom why one of my eyebrows was missing!'

'Oh when are you gonna let that go!? I didn't know that thing was electric!' She whined.

'Okay fine, what's your idea?' Sam gave in, he always seemed too.

'Well Ironhide asked me an interesting question...'What is it that humans seem to enjoy being frightened?' Or something close to that but anyway...it's very hard to explain so I thought in my head bone, why not just show them?'

Sam raised an eyebrow with a growing smirk. 'Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting or am I just talking to myself again?'

'No..no, we are on the same thinking path...we show the beauty of that which is Horror movies to our Autobot amigos!' She exclaimed excitedly.

'Wait, which one...not the psychological ones right?'

'God no...I just want to educate them, not leave them emotionally scarred!'

'Oh okay, which movie?'

'The classic Freddy vs. Jason...that way we don't have to show them two eighties horror movies icons back to back!'

'Yeah totally! Sounds like fun!'

'Can Mikky come?'

'No, unfortunately she is still hanging with her old man!'

'Hey we can make that work...it'll be fun with just the you and the me and the bots and the Psyche!'

Before either of them could say another word, the line was tapped and the sound from Friday the 13th played over the lines.

'Bumblebee! Cut it out!' Sam laughed.

'That bot cracks me up...' Tai gasped between hard laughs. 'Everytime...okay, the DVD's in my room on top of my TV...No snooping...Adios!!'

She hung up before he could reply.

'This should be entertaining...' He muttered, heading into his cousins room. 'Remind myself to ask Bumblebee if he's too young for movies like these...'

'Horror movie night?' Optimus asked after Tai had finished explaining.

'Yeah!' She said excitedly from on top of Blurr's head where she was currently sitting. 'It's when a bunch of people gather around with tons of sugary substances and get the living bejesus scared out of them! It's tons of fun!'

'That does not sound like any sort of fun I have ever heard of.' Ratchet protested, his optics scanning over the internet, looking up said Horror movie night.

'Well it is...so there...' She gave him a sour look.

'Well every horror movie I've seen, I've liked...' Jazz shrugged. 'Especially ones with body parts flying!'

'Hell to the yeah!' Tai exclaimed with a huge grin. 'Who doesn't like seeing someone's head being cut off with spurting blood?!'

Optimus raised an optic ridge at the very disturbing mental images going through his processor.

'Come on, OP! Please!?' She gave him her best puppy dog face, even deciding to make her bottom lip tremble.

'Come on Prime...' Jazz said, picking her up with both of his servos and holding her up. 'Look at that face...' He leaned in close so his much larger one was next to hers and he made the same face as well...as much as he could anyway.

Now Optimus thought that was completely unfair...for some reason, Tatyana's 'puppy face' seemed to work on him. Human had some very convincing facial expressions which himself and Ratchet found incredibly fascinating.

'Oh...alright...' He sighed, ignoring Ironhide's sniggering behind him. 'You may have this 'Horror movie night' activity here...it should be...entertaining.'

Tai and Jazz both gave out gleeful whoops of joy, carefully high fiving each other so her hand wouldn't shatter or be torn off.

'Sweet!' Tai cheered. 'Blurr, we have a few stops to make in preparation-ness of this amazing event!' Blurr folded down into his Charger mode.

'Psyche, you wanna go for a ride?' She called to her massive dog, who had galloped over to her and wagged her giant tail.

Blurr popped open the back door to his car mode for the Great dane, who clambered in and made herself comfortable.

'Be back in a while...see ya!' Blurr, who often drove himself, decided to let Tai take control this time.

Throwing her guardian in reverse, she tore out of the base before turning sharply and speeding down the dirt path, leaving the other bots in a cloud of white smoke.

'She really..'coughs'...need to stop doing that!' Ratchet complained, getting sick of repairing Blurr's tires.

Optimus agreed.

At the local market.

'Let's see...popcorn, m&m's, skittles, hotdogs, buns...' Tai kept listing off things she threw into her shopping cart.

'Mustyoubuysomanythings...?' Blurr asked through the Bluetooth that was attached to her ear.

'Yes!' She exclaimed, startling the bakery clerk slightly. 'Movie nights need a lot of food...despite that only Sam and I will be eating them..'

'Moutain dew, mountain dew...oh and mountain dew!' She placed three large liters of soda in as well.

'SometimesIwonderhowyourteethhaven'tfallenoutyet.' Blurr muttered.

'I am going to pretend I didn't hear that...Cheap Styrofoam cooler, ice...crazy straws!'

After dishing out some money for the various sugar induced snacks and beverages, she pushed the cart outside, taking a ride on it over to her waiting guardian and her dog.

'Wheeee!' She laughed, skidding to a halt.

'Ihateitwhenyoudothat!' Blurr scolded her. 'Ialwaysthinkyou'regoingtohitmeorgethit...'

'Hasn't happened yet...consider yourself lucky!' She popped open his trunk, which always made her giggle for some reason.

'To the base!'

Sam and Bumblebee pulled into the base after making a quick stop to the video store. Since it was a weekend and his parents were perfectly okay with the Autobots, he picked up a couple more movies for them to watch, knowing it was going to be a late night.

He also knew Tai wouldn't mind, considering the fact that he picked out one of her favorites.

'Hey everybody!' He called, climbing out of Bumblebee, clutching the three films so they wouldn't fall onto the hard concrete floor. Tai had also requested for him to bring their bean bag chairs for them to sit on, and for some reason...Mojo.

'Mojo, quit barking!' Sam scolded his tiny dog as he placed him down as the small Chihuahua yipped excitedly.

'Hey Sam!' Both Sunstreaker and Sideswipe greeted from the giant television screen, where they appeared to be watching some sort of racing show.

'You guys having fun?' He asked, as Bumblebee popped open the trunk. The two bean bag chairs flew out and landed right near the big bot couch, Sam's was just a plain red one while Tai's was a multicolored leopard print one.

'Thanks Bee!' He grinned as he the camaro honked in comply before transforming.

'This shit is the bomb!' Sunstreaker cheered, as a car on the screen smashed into another and flipped about fifteen times.

'Main reason people go to those things is to watch destruction and mayhem.' Sam explained as Bumblebee placed him on his shoulder while carrying Mojo in his hand.

'We heard about the horror movie do-dad that Tai organized!' Sideswipe chimed in after turning off the TV, much to Sunny's annoyance during mid horrifically awesome fireball inducing crash.

'Yeah!' He held up the three small cases to Optimus, who carefully examined them.

Freddy vs. Jason.

Darkness falls.

And The Nightmare before Christmas.

'Picked these three because they are awesome...the third one is a bit cheerier to take your guys processors off the blood and gore and carnage and stuff.'

Truth be told, Optimus could tell the first two movies would be very violent and unpleasant...he had a bad feeling in his processor but he didn't want to disappoint the two humans...or any of his team.

'This will be a...' He paused, trying to think of the right word. 'Educating experience.'

Sam grinned.

'Blurr and his pet at three' o'clock!' Sunny announced. Jazz glared at him.

'Her name is Tai!' He snapped, heading over with him to open the door.

'Yeah, yeah...' The yellow lambo sneered as Blurr tore through, his radio blaring.

Freddy vs. Jason

'Oh man..I love this movie!' Tai exclaimed, settling down on her bean bag chair with Psyche next to her, munching on some popcorn. Everyone had gathered around the large TV and made themselves comfortable; Optimus, Ironhide, and Ratchet sat on the couch while Jazz, the twins, Bumblebee, and Blurr sat on the floor with the two humans.

Sam was eating some skittles with Mojo in his lap. 'You guys will love this...hopefully..'

Tai switched the screen with the human sized remote Ratchet had designed and the madness and fun began.

Watching the movie was pretty eventful. The Autobots were actually a very good audience.

'Boobies!' Tai said loudly, pointing to the topless girl that stood more than twenty feet tall due to the huge screen.

'Oh! Blood spurting from neck!' Sam exclaimed, doing a very over dramatic impression of choking on his own blood.

'This is horrid...' Ratchet muttered to Optimus, as they all watched teenager after teenager being mercilessly slaughtered by the man in the hockey mask.

'Should I be concerned that Tai and Sam are laughing?' Optimus muttered back. Now on the screen was a young man being sliced clean in half before the large killer collapsed on the ground.

'Tha' was brutal...' Jazz muttered, Bumblebee nodding in agreement. 'Yet so cool!'

Bumblebee clicked bemusedly in response.

Ironhide, however, wasn't feeling very good. The sight of the body parts and blood was making him feel sick to his tanks. He fought the urge to close his optics when the one with the knifed fingers dug them into hockey masked killers eyes.

'Man, that's a lot of Blood!' Tai exclaimed excitedly as the hockey masked killer bled profusely.

'Freddy! Go to hell!' The actress on the screen screamed.

The room was suddenly alight with orange light as a huge fireball played on the screen, sending both killers flying into the water.

'Is it over?' Sunny squeaked in a very un-Sunny like voice. Everyone turned and was shocked to see the egotistical yellow twin trying...and failing...to hide his massive head behind Tai and her beanbag chair.

'What are you doing?' She asked in confusion, trying in vain not to laugh.

Sideswipe closed his eyes and shook his head. 'Sparkling.' He muttered.

'Dude, its jus' a movie...they 'ad these on Cybertron...' Jazz laughed. 'They didn' bug you back than...'

'That is because body parts weren't flying all over the damn place!' Sunny yelled, grimacing as the images of all the blood, torn flesh, and people being stabbed.

'And we're not done yet...' Tai smirked as the credits started rolling on the first one.

Darkness falls.

'This one isn't as bloody but it is very, very creepy...' Sam explained to the bots after they had managed to calm Sunny down.

'Oh it is not!' Tai objected, giving Psyche a dog treat. 'It's about the freaking tooth fairy!'

'Yeah with a creepy white face and black robes!'

'Honestly that sounds rather...fearful.' Optimus stated, looking down at the two humans.

'Thank you...but I wasn't saying I was afraid...' Sam defended himself.

'Oh you lie through your face!' Tai suddenly spoke up. 'After you saw this with me, you wouldn't go in the dark for a month...at least not without me going first!'

'That...is irrelevant..' Sam blushed as Bumblebee and Sideswipe and Jazz sniggered lightly. 'I was being cautious.'

'Than why did you send me in first?'

'If anyone could take out the evil tooth fairy, it would be you cuz..'

'You are lucky that Psyche is lying on my foot or I'd tackle you...'

'Can we just start this thing?' Ironhide stated grumpily.

So with that, Sam pressed play. Creepy music started playing followed by some very old pictures.

'Ohh...prologue's rule!' Tai said in a happy tone, leaning against Blurr's leg now eating some M&M's.

It is said that over 150 years ago in the town of Darkness Falls, Matilda Dickson was adored by all the children.

'Appropriate name for the city...sounds like a great place to live.' Sam murmured to Bumblebee who nodded and whirred with amusement.

Whenever one of them lost a tooth, they would bring it to her in exchange for a gold coin earning her the name ''The Tooth Fairy. ''

'I don't care what they say, that is a hard title to earn.' Tai said aloud, earning her a few laughs from everyone.

But fate was not kind to Matilda. One night, fire tore through her home on Lighthouse Point leaving her face horribly scarred. Matilda's burned flesh was so sensitive to light, she could only go out at night always wearing a porcelain mask so no one could ever look upon her face.

'That isn't too creepy...'

One day, two children didn't come home. The townspeople blamed Matilda. They hanged her tearing off her mask, exposing her hideous face to the light.

'Typical human behavior...act before thinking...' Ratchet muttered to Optimus. That earned him a Twinkie being thrown at his head.

'We heard that!' Sam and Tai called at the same time.

And with her dying breath Matilda laid a curse upon Darkness Falls.

'Duh.' Tai rolled her eyes jokingly.

The next morning, the two children were found, safe and sound.

'I can hear a chorus of 'Well...shit..' echoing around the city.' Sam said to Tai, which caused her to burst out laughing.

The town buried their secret along with Matilda's body.

Since then, there are some who believe that Matilda visits the children of Darkness Falls on the night they lose their last tooth seeking her vengeance on any who lay their eyes upon her face fulfilling her curse:

'Well that seems a little extreme.' Optimus stated. 'Taking her vengeance on helpless younglings.'

'Hey! If someone hung me without any good reason, I'd be pissed too..' Tai said with complete seriousness.

''What I took before in kindness

I will take forever in revenge. ''

The next few moments weren't too horrible; besides a close up of a kid pulling his tooth out, than two little ten year olds kissing, and than one of those silent scenes where it is very quiet which pretty much meant something was going to pop up.

'Uhh...Hello movie...whenever you're ready...' Tai spoke up.

'Come on Sunny...you got to watch..' Sideswipe was trying to pry his brother's hands away from his optics.

'I'm not going too and you can't make me!' He whimpered, swatting at Sides hands while keeping his optic's closed.

Ironhide, getting annoyed with the yellow twin, reached over and pinched the wires on his neck hard causing him to make a very odd face and noise. Before anyone else could say anything, the quiet scene in the movie vanished as the kid in the movie peeked over the blankets and than there was....

'GAHH! Primus!!' Everyone jumped as the face of the Tooth fairy appeared suddenly on the large screen.

The exclamation shockingly came from Ironhide, who was now clinging to Ratchet's arm. Ratchet glanced over at him with his optic ridges raised. The weapons specialist than realized what he was doing and quickly straightened himself up.

'Just making sure you weren't getting...you know...afraid...' He mumbled.

'I'm not.' Ratchet did not look pleased.

Tai was laughing. 'I love that!' While everyone...even Optimus himself...were shielding their eyes or optics, she was just watching contently while chugging some mountain dew, absentmindedly stroking Psyche's ears..

'That is what the toothfairy is?!' Sunny squealed later on when he saw another person being snatched up. 'What happened to the sparkly pink dress and the wings?!'

'It's a freaking movie Sunny...Primus's giant panty hose.' She rolled her eyes with another laugh and turned back to the screen.

'And o' course the lights go out...' Jazz laughed a while later. 'It's like a rule or somethin'!'

'Like the funny, black guy always seems to get killed first?' Tai smirked up at her botfriend, poking his large foot.

'Yeah, yeah...' He muttered with a good natured glare in her direction.

The rest of movie passed with many yelps, jumps, yelling at the screen (that was mostly Ironhide), and a popcorn fight started by Sam, they were finally reaching the end.
'Coolest line in the movie! Right here!' Tai exclaimed excitedly.

'I see you, bitch!' Than the evil Tooth fairy burst into flames, hundreds of baby teeth falling onto the floor.

'Is it over?' Sunny whimpered.

'Ironhide...let go of my hand!' Ratchet yelled.

Tai yawned widely, that movie wasn't very exciting to her in any way. 'Well that was...alright, I guess...'
Everyone stared at her with raised brows/ridges. 'What?!' She asked in confusion.

'That was...completely and utterly creepy!' Sunny shrieked, looking at her like she was insane.

'What ever you say.' She shrugged, standing up so she could stretch her legs. 'Whiner...' She muttered, causing the yellow mech to glare at her.

'Hey Tai, I say we call it a night.' Sam said taking notice of all the Autobots uneasiness. 'I don't think these guys can take much more...'

'Good idea!' Sunny than got up and took off running to his and Sides quarters, turning on almost every light in the base as he ran.

'God he's a giant pussy!' Sam exclaimed in shock. Tai started laughing. 'Tai, if you say giant vagina I will throw something at you!' That earned him the finger.

'Easy you two.' Optimus sighed. Primus, those two were almost as bad as the twins. He had a feeling that niether he or his team mates would be getting much recharge for a while.


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