So, I would to thank Makenna Witwcky for this inspiration!

Thanks, doll!

I decided to do this in Tai's point of view for a fun twist!

I own no one but Tai, Sparrow, Techno, and all that jazz.

No pun intended!



The many facts of Tatyana Topaz Witwicky/Prime!


Which is me! Hey everybody! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Tatyana Topaz Witwicky/Prime, but everyone, who is not my father or Prowler pants, calls me Tai.

I know what you all are thinking, what else could you NOT know about me?! After all this time, what else could there be?!

Prepare to be amazed!

Fact #1.) My favorite color is hot pink.

I don't claim to be a girly girl by any means, but that color is badass! I put it in my hair all the time, Jazz thinks I look damn sexy in it, and damn it, it's just a cool color!

Fact #2.) I change the color of my hair twice a month and the color of my Cybertronian arm once a week. This hair color is white blonde with purple, as for the arm, made it out to look my Padre! I look great with flames!

Fact #3.) My favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel, I have been compared to her on a numerous occasion. Which is ironic because my hair is rather short.

Fact #4.) My cybertronian name is Matrix, after the Matrix of Leadership. Epic, huh?

Fact #5.) I have quite the temper, but it takes a shit ton to royaly piss me off.

Fact #6.) I LOVE fast food!

Fact #7.)I am a Pegasister and proud of it! I spent all day watching My Little Pony with Sparrow and Skystorm! Even Jazz thinks it's funny!

Fact #8.) I am allergic to Cottonwood trees..the little spores SUCK! They always end up flying right up my nose or straight down my throat. Dad, 'Cade, and Jazz take extra precaution when they drive me around. I love them dearly!

Fact #9.) I was in the foster system for ten years.

Fact #10.) 'Cade and I do killer Futurama impressions. His Zoidberg is way to funny!

Fact #11.) I can't function during training without Skrillex music, or caffiene.

Fact #12.) Aunt Jude told me I was actually born with brown eyes, but after my 'accident', they turned into the blue color they are today!

Fact #13:) I love watching scary movies with Jazz, we laugh and do commentary Mystery Science Theater 3000 style.

Fact #14.) I wanted to be a space robot when I grew up. Dreams really do come true!

Well, that's all the crazy facts about me I can think of! Want to know anymore about me, feel free to ask!



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