AN: this was meant as a one shot but that's not exactly how its working out so here's the first half of the fic and I really hope the second half isnt nay longer.

It was turning out to be a very bad idea.

"Remind me again."

But just then another filmy figure launched itself at them with a wailing screech, clawed hands outstretched, arms open as though it would envelope them in a bear hug.

"We need to get out of here."

Of course they did. The green eyes narrowed with annoyance but he was too busy reloading the salt rounds into his sawed off shotgun to reply.

The hotel, the one his little brother had found, was once a very deadly place to stop for the night.

Apparently, it still was and because Sam had been the one driving and checked them in, Dean was blaming the entire fiasco on him.


Dean looked up, very aware that he wouldn't be able to stop the trio of ghosts, not when his fingers were struggling to load the salt round and it slipped. Behind him, Sammy was firing round after round; there was no help from that end.

He took a breath, forgetting the rounds in his hand and letting them fall as he switched the grip on his shotgun. He raised it, ready to swing when out of nowhere a slim figure, all in black stood between him and the ghost.

"Vihl nohlvis!"

There was a spark and then a burst of light and the ghosts heading for him where gone.

The figure turned and Dean took a hasty step back seeing the face peering at him from the cowl. In the second it took her to go around him Dean noticed the strange eyes, deep blue rings so dark they could almost be black except for the ring of gray between.

This time Dean saw what she did.

With her hand raised and pointing a thin stick she repeated the words and still he couldn't understand what she said. There was another spark- coming out of the stick in her hand- and another burst of light that left him seeing stars when it was all done.

Dean rubbed a fist in his eyes trying to get them clear. Sam was staring at the girl open mouthed and wide eyed. She was covered in a long coat with a deep hood but he could see her face very clearly in the dim light of the hall. It was almost as if she glowed from the inside-.

"What the Hell was that!"

Sam could swear her lips twitched and there was a glimmer of amusement behind the strange eyes.

She turned to Dean where he stood against the wall not a yard away from her, his green eyes narrowed and suspicious.

"That," she said in a soft, lilting voice, it was almost musical in tone, with a smile tugging on the cherry lips. "Was me saving your bum."

She was having a difficult time not bursting into laughter at the muggle's shocked expression. She should have been annoyed, is what, but…


They really didn't know any better and apparently neither did she considering…

But that was better left alone and hopefully forgotten.

Sam cleared his throat, hands shifting on his shotgun as he stared at the girl.

"Erhm, uhh…what…?"

She turned her head, those strange eyes looking at him and it was weird the way the rings seemed to blend into each other.

"Erhm-uhh-what, what?" she mimicked with a slight tilt to her head. Sam blinked.

"What are you?" Dean demanded pulling out the colt he had hidden under his jacket.

She turned back to Dean and smiled. He was sure she found them amusing and it pissed him off.


She laughed, a soft sound that for some reason got him longing for a nice summer day and a blanket laid out under a huge tree with a gentle breeze to bend the grass…

"I'm not a demon." She answered flicking those strange eyes towards Sam before looking right at Dean and barely leaning towards him. In that same lilting voice but much softer, she said; "I'm a witch."

"Dean!" Sam rushed forward, the look on his brother's face was trouble and Sam couldn't blame him, not when the girl was taunting him, her lips turned up in a smirk… but he was too late. The echo of the gun shot bounced back at them from the end of the hall… along with a giggle.

"What the…" Dean glared at the spot directly in front of him where his bullet was imbedded in the wall. He whirled around, green eyes scanning the hall and finding nothing. "Agh!" he jumped back a step raising the gun again as the girl was just there. In front of him. Again.


Dean fumbled but the gun was gone and he was grasping at air while the girl stood smiling a foot away with his gun.

"Now, do play nice and I promise I'll return your toy." She said before slipping the colt into the folds of the strange coat she was wearing.

"Wait!" Sam grasped Dean before his brother could lunge at the girl and get himself killed.

"She's a witch!" Dean yelled and the sole word was imbued with loathing.

"Tisk, tisk." The girl shook her head, the strange eyes flicking towards her feet before looking at them again. "One rotten apple in the barrel doesn't mean we are all bad apples. Dean."

The sound of his name on her lips made him flinch but there was no malice in her expression or her tone. Sam thought she sounded…sad…?

"Who are you?" Sam asked still keeping a hold of his brother's arm, just in case.

The girl flicked her gaze between them and after a long pause her lips pressed together and she sighed.

"Auŕeņ Brontë." She made a mocking curtsy and then said: "Auror for the Ministry of Magic, and you two," she pointed with a finger at each in turn, her little smile once more returning, "are unprepared for this."

She almost burst out laughing.


It was just too funny, the way their eyes went wide and both gaped at her before turning to each other as if to ask whether they were really seeing and hearing her.

She couldn't be blamed for wanting to laugh.


Sam was staring; trying very hard to keep from denying what the girl was saying-.

"No. NO fucking way!" Dean shook his head, adamant and refusing to consider they might just be going crazy because…. "They're books!"

"Oh yes." Auŕeņ sighed rolling her eyes with a pained expression. "That Rowling woman again."

"Huh?" Sam's eyes narrowed, watching the girl- Auŕeņ- as she leaned on the wall.

"I suppose you two've also read the books or watched the movies?" seeing the glower on Dean's face and Sam's curious expression she sighed again. "That woman- well, everyone in the muggle world will know about Harry- you'd think the Ministry would've put a forgetting charm on the woman- errh." Auŕeņ stopped in mid rant realizing she was going off topic. "Anyway, it's all true. The books, I mean and yes, I am very much real." She looked at Dean. "You're not going crazy."

Dean flinched, took a step away from her and yanked his arm from Sam.

"I'm not reading minds, Dean." Auŕeņ assured though that only made the muggle even more suspicious and disinclined to believe her. "Darn my fey blood." She muttered frowning at the carpet.

"You're psychic?" Sam asked taking a tentative step towards her. He sounded almost hopeful but Auŕeņ was shaking her head, blue-gray eyes shining with compassion.

"Not at all." She replied pushing off the wall. "I'm a tad sensitive." She said patting his arm as she walked past him and down the hall. Her eyes strayed to Dean where he stood still glaring at her. "And I pay attention."

Sam frowned, his eyes going to his brother but Dean was watching Auŕeņ and then she called over her shoulder.

"We should be going. Unless you'd like to wait for the shades to return…"


Auŕeņ smiled, she couldn't help it what with the way the brothers kept looking at her and at the muggle's in the diner as if any of them could over hear their conversation.

"You can speak freely." Auŕeņ assured watching Dean shift uncomfortably in the seat across from her. "I've set a muffliato charm." He hadn't stopped staring at her except on the occasion when she looked directly at him. He'd drop his gaze or look around the diner again. "None of the muggle's can hear us and if they did all they'd get was a boring argument over who's going to pick the music once we're back in your baby."

Dean did a double take, his face flushing a light shade of pink because she wasn't supposed to know that. Then again there were a lot of things about the Winchester's she wasn't supposed to know…

"Fine." Dean growled. "Pretend I buy this load of bull. Why are you here?"

Auŕeņ blinked, her eyes- the blue rings separating from the grey- and again the brother's wondered about the strangeness of it.

"I'm bound to you, both of you, for a year and a day."

The brother's looked at each other.

Bound to them?

What does that mean? Sam wondered staring at Auŕeņ. She was waiting patiently for them to accept what she'd said. Very calm and it was annoying Dean.

"What?" he said in his quiet voice. Sam looked at his brother in alarm.

"I'm pretty much stuck with the both of you. And no," Auŕeņ shook her dark head. "There's not a thing I can do to change it."

"Why?" Sam asked before Dean had a chance to say anything.

"Well…" Auŕeņ just shrugged. It wasn't as though she'd been forbidden to tell them why. "You can blame your great grandmother. She, and… a relative of mine, made the unbreakable vow." She set both hands on the table and smiled. "So here I am."

"The what?"

"Our who?"

"What the hell are you talking about!" Dean exclaimed slapping both hands onto the table and making a racket. Sam winced, looked around but nobody was paying any attention to them. All the customers continued to eat and talk as though Dean hadn't just spilled their cups of coffee and made a racket.

"Told you." Auŕeņ said and producing the thin stick from her coat. She waved it once mumbling under her breath and everything on the table went back to the way it had been.

"Son of a…!" Dean pulled his hands off the table, his mouth pressed into a thin line.

"It's magic." Auŕeņ said a tad mockingly. "And as amusing and entertaining it is for me to watch you freak every time I wave my wand, you really should get used to it. I'll be doing it regularly for the next year."

"I thought you said a year and a day?" Sam asked frowning.

"You've already had the day." Auŕeņ replied tilting her head towards the window where the brother's could see the sky beginning to lighten with dawn.

"Alright." Dean grumbled facing her again. "What exactly-."

"Happened?" Auŕeņ cut in. "Your Mother's great-great-great grandmother… was a witch."

"Bull shit." Sam exclaimed sitting back in the booth as though the breath had been knocked out of him. Auŕeņ just blinked, and Dean could see she was amused by Sammy's reaction.

"The way I hear it, her family felt the same when she decided to marry a muggle and forget all about the wizarding world. Then again, she was disowned…" Auŕeņ shrugged, her eyes skimming over the muggle's in the diner while the brother's tried to digest what she'd told them.

A witch?

In our family? A witch? We're…

"No way." Sam breathed.

"Way." Auŕeņ smiled. "On her death bed-your great granny's that is- my relative, went to your grandmother and made the unbreakable vow. She asked that her children, and by extension theirs and so on, be protected. She was afraid that by denying her blood and therefore any knowledge of her wizard family to her muggle family she was leaving them open to danger. So…"

"The vow." Sam said. Auŕeņ tapped a finger to her nose though her gaze flicked towards Dean who had been silent the entire time. She could tell by his expression he was upset but the waves of strong emotion flowing from him made her pale.

"Danger?" Dean said in a tight voice. He noticed her flinch, the rings in her eyes blending again but he continued. "Why now?" he demanded. Because a few ghosts were hardly what he considered danger, not when his Mother had been killed when he was four, or his grandparents, or his Father… He'd gone to HELL. "Why Now!"

Auŕeņ flinched again, a shine of perspiration coated her face and the slightly gold tone of her skin had turned yellow.

"Auŕeņ…?" Sam questioned sounding concerned but she shook her head and drew in a deep breath sitting back with closed eyes. After a moment she opened them and they were back to the trio of rings.

"I'll have to watch myself with you." She murmured and licked her dry lips. "Why now?" she echoed reaching for the glass of water on the table and taking a sip. "Because I'm next."


Sam sighed and slumped in the passenger seat, brown eyes staring out the windshield though he wasn't seeing the road. No, Sam couldn't get Auŕeņ out of his head and by extension everything she'd told them.

It was all real.

The books, the movies, the…… Magic!

But they dealt with magic in their line of work. They cast spells and- and- and- Magic!

"Dean," Sam straightened again determined. "She's bound to us."

Dean didn't look away from the road and resolutely ignored his little brother because he was not going to consider anything the little witch had said. He was doing his best to pretend it had never happened only Sam wasn't making it easy.

"What if she can help us keep the seal's closed? Dean, she's a witch! She's-."

"A friggin' fairy tale!" Dean exploded yanking on the steering wheel and sliding to a stop on the side of the road with a cloud of dust enveloping them. "Something out of a book, some writer dreamed up and the whole damn world-."

"Believes in so it has to be some sort of evil ghost thing like the hell house?" Sam demanded. "Dean, this isn't-."

"No." Dean snapped. "End of discussion." He turned to the front again putting the Impala in gear.

"Really?" the soft lilting voice sounded from the back seat. "It sounded more like a fight. The kind with words, but not magic words…" Auŕeņ trailed off and smiled as the brother's jerked around to stare at her. "Hello."

Dean had driven in silence the rest of the day not stopping once, not even to pee which Sam really had a need of. He'd finally asked only to be ignored and when ten minutes later he'd been ignored again Auŕeņ had let out a huff of breath. She'd taken hold of his shoulder and then Sam found himself landing on his butt in a clearing.

"Wha-?" Sam looked around wide eyed clambering to his feet and turning in a half circle. The road was there, they weren't that far and looking down further he could barely see the Impala swerve off the road, her tires screeching though the sound barely reached his ears.

"Bathroom is that way, Sammy." Auŕeņ pointed behind her to the clump of trees. "Quickly now, before Dean has an aneurism." She strode towards the road never looking back and Sam dashed into the trees, grateful.

That had been two hours ago and Dean was still not talking.

"It's called Apparating." Auŕeņ said into the silence. It stretched and sighing Sam turned in his seat to look at their passenger.

"So it's all like in the books?" he asked.

"All of what?" Auŕeņ asked flicking her eyes from the rearview mirror which Dean was avoiding to Sam. "You really should be more specific. The devils' in the details, boys…"

At that Dean glared at the rearview mirror for a second before going back to the road and his sullen silence. He got the distinct impression she knew about his deal, saving Sam and selling his soul… and if she knew that then… could she know about his Father?

Auŕeņ pretended not to see Dean's looks in the rearview mirror. She didn't have to look at him to know he was confused and upset because of it and blamed her for his sudden doubts.

"I meant the magic and Harry and… uh, everybody…?" Sam retreated realizing he sounded like such a kid but he couldn't help his curiosity.

"Oh. The magic, then. No." Auŕeņ pulled her legs up onto the back seat and crossed them so she sat indian style and leaned towards Sam. "It's not so easy as the Rowling woman makes it sound- or the movies. Now Harry- uhh yeah, she's pretty much got the whole story except for the ending. And the Weasly's are not as poor as they're depicted, they certainly don't live in a cottage." Auŕeņ rolled her eyes. "Ron did marry Hermione though. Everyone at school could see those two were meant to be-."

"Wait, wait." Sam blinked shaking his head. "How do you know 'everyone' at school could see?"

"Because I was there." Auŕeņ replied with a slight frown and resolutely ignored the slight jerk the car gave at her statement. "I was a year ahead, Slytherin House."

"You're a snake?" Sam exclaimed.

"Pardon? Boy King." Auŕeņ replied with a pointed look at Sam who had the grace to blush. "As I said, not everything is how the Rowling woman wrote. Though she was on the right track in regards to Slytherin but not all apples in the barrel are rotten." She said quickly and then sat back raising her chin. "I'm the prime example."

Dean snorted but she pretended not to have heard him. Sam just shook his head.

"Dumbledore's Army?" she questioned. "I was the first to sing up. And quite a few other snakes though there's no mention of us in the books. Unless that woman's making us villains."

"How did she know? The author, I mean. How did she find out about… all of this?" Sam waved a hand towards her and she smiled.

"Visiting relatives." Auŕeņ snorted. "She came across the Gaunt family's pensieve. Of course they said it was all accidental but really…" she made a face. "They are her family in a way and not at all happy with her to have been cast as the villains in the novels but they aren't even mentioned by name. Serves them right for showing her. You'd think-."

"Who's not mentioned?" Sam cut in confused.

"The Gaunt's." Auŕeņ frowned. "Aren't you listening? The Gaunt family is related to the Rowling woman. They're the one's who let her see all the memories and kept it all hushed up until she was done with the books and there was nothing the Ministry of Magic could do to stop the entire world from learning about us."

"Who are the Gaunt's?"

Auŕeņ let out a long sigh and looked at Sam speaking slowly.

"The Gaunt's are Tom's wizarding side of the family. Do you need me to explain who Tom is or can you piece that on your own?"

"Lord Voldemort." Sam glowered then glared as she patted him on the head.

"And who are you related to?"

Sam glanced at his brother surprised but Dean was looking at Auŕeņ through the rear view mirror.

"He speaks." She said though her voice was a bit subdued. "Does this mean you're done sulking?"

Dean said nothing just waited for her to answer him occasionally glancing at the road to make sure they were still on it.

"The Black's."

Sam looked at her wide eyed and disbelieving. The family was all gone; at least it had been in the books but Auŕeņ…

"Sirius didn't die in the veil." Auŕeņ said softly. She sank back into the seat, her fingers bending and unbending as she looked at the brothers. "He failed."

"Failed?" Sam echoed, eyes narrowed.

"He couldn't save you."

In the rearview mirror Dean found Auŕeņ's strange eyes looking at him.

Auŕeņ really didn't want to talk about it, about Sirius and finding out she was summoned to take up where he'd left off.

'Don't ignore this. Death might be the next adventure according to Dumbledore but you are too young still, Reņ..."

She caught Dean's look in the rearview mirror, had felt his curiosity grow during the last hour and just knew he'd start asking her questions. Before that happened she left.

Sam flinched from the puff of air he felt as she disappeared and Dean cursed under his breath.

"I hate when they do that." He muttered grabbing a tape and pushing it into the deck. Sam opened his mouth but the music blared and he sighed knowing Dean wouldn't hesitate in hitting him if he turned it off. So, Sam sat down and faced the front. They'd be at Bobby's in a day….

Bobby opened the door heading out to the porch as the boys got out of the Impala. He smiled, happy to see they were alright and still in one piece and hoping it would stay that way this time. A gentle gust of wind ruffled his shirt sleeve and;

"Aw, HELL!" Dean cursed tossing his duffel to the ground just in front of the steps.

"Tisk, tisk and here I am hoping you'd missed me by now."

Bobby whirled around, eyes wide. He reached to his back where he had a gun and pulled it out as he found a girl all in black standing on his porch and leaning against the wall. She looked at him and he couldn't help taking a step away as he noticed the trio of rings which wasn't normal, not for human eyes anyway.

"Cristo." He breathed while aiming and the girl laughed. "What the-?" Bobby clutched at empty air, frowning at the girl who held his gun as though it were a toy.

"You muggle's are all the same." She sighed but there was a smile tugging at her lips which were a bright shade of red.


"You know this- girl?" Bobby questioned looking at Sam.

"NO." Dean answered stalking up the stairs followed by his brother who contradicted him.

"She's bound to us for a year and a day."

"Less than." Auŕeņ cut in moving across the porch and hopping onto the rail. "We're four day's in… long as you boys don't go getting yourselves killed anyway."

That reminded Dean about the whole failing comment she'd made before disappearing.

"What the hell is going on, boys?" Bobby demanded eyeing Auŕeņ who waved a hand, it just happened to be holding his gun.

"Bobby," Sam moved in front of Dean and waved a hand. "This is Auŕeņ, she's a…" but Sam had trouble voicing the explanation.

"I'm a witch." Auŕeņ spoke up hopping down from her perch and standing in front of Bobby. "An Auror for the Ministry of Magic and currently in charge of keeping these fine young men you've helped to raise out of trouble for the next few months. Now," she raised the gun and smiled. "I'll give this back but please… don't point it at me."

An hour later, when Auŕeņ had drank a full glass of holy water and walked though a hasty Devil's Trap, Bobby tried to grasp the basics of what the three had told him.

"How old are you?" Bobby asked staring at Auŕeņ who suddenly looked very uncomfortable as the Winchester's added their stares. Sam had been wondering the same thing but hadn't asked and Dean had just assumed she was too annoying to be past her teens.

"That's not polite." She muttered but they wouldn't let it go. She could see it and feel it so she huffed, blue-grey eyes narrowing. "Twenty two." She answered crossing her arms.

"What?" Sam frowned. "But that's not- the books-."

"How many times do I have to tell you?" Auŕeņ sighed exasperated. "Not everything that woman wrote is accurate. Therefore neither are the dates and as a matter of fact neither are some of the names and Cousin Tonks and Uncle Lupin did not die nor did they marry. 'Least not each other." She huffed and turned on her heel walking straight out the back door.

"She said 'cousin'?" Dean asked turning to Sam. "As in her cousin?"

"Girl said 'uncle' too." Bobby added as Sam nodded.

"The werewolf's her Uncle?" Dean questioned turning to glare at the back door. "What the hell is she?"

"A witch." Bobby answered resting against his chair.

"An Auror." Sam added staring at the table top and thinking. He frowned and looked up at his brother. "How did you know Lupin's a werewolf…. Oh."

Dean glared at his little brother but Sam was having a hard time not laughing.


"Shut up." Dean snapped and headed out of the house in the wake of Auŕeņ as Sam's laughter drifted behind him. He had no trouble finding Auŕeņ and he was determined to get at least one straight answer out of her.

"Auŕeņ." She was standing under a tree in Bobby's back yard. The junk yard was a few yards away lit up by the full moon. She'd left her hood down and her dark hair seemed to shine under the light of the moon.

"My," she said with barely a glance at him. "You make it sound- well, it doesn't sound very nice."

"What are you?"

Auŕeņ turned around, a dark eyebrow raised.

"Straight to the point, ey?" she didn't expect him to respond and sighed. She turned to the tree again and lay her palm on the rough bark. Its leaves shook and Dean frowned eyeing it and her with suspicion. "I'm surprised by you, Dean." She walked towards him and past. "You usually try the honey."

Dean frowned.

"You'll get premature wrinkles with all that scowling." She said and there was laughter in her lilting voice. "I could probably get you some of the miracle cream…." He was glaring at her. Auŕeņ sighed and realized she was doing that a lot. Ever since she'd met them and frowned at the ground.

"What. Are. You."

"A witch." Auŕeņ answered looking up at him. "Just like I said." He stood there, with the moon shining down on his blond head and glinting in his green eyes…

"With a bit of fairy in my blood." She raised her hand and pointed at her eyes. "That's how you can tell. The rings in my eyes…" she knelt on the ground and pushed both hands into the dirt aware that he was watching her every move and closed her eyes. She sighed a breath and a small tremor shook her body. Dean took a step back as the ground twitched beneath him. He moved again and the weeds which had once been grass but had long since died out started to move. Dean looked around, at the ground and backed off until he was behind Auŕeņ who suddenly sat on her butt with a grunt.

He helped her up being very careful with her though she still felt his distrust. Auŕeņ just let it go. After a moment she headed towards the junk yard wondering why she'd even done that much, the grass…

Dean noticed the soft smile on her face and was confused. Nothing was making sense. Not only did she want them to believe she was a witch but she was part fey and all this was real… the books….

"You don't have to trust me to believe me." Auŕeņ whispered. He felt the displaced air and then she was on her haunches smiling at him from the hood of an old rusted car.

"Get down." Dean ordered worried she'd bring the whole thing down and hurt herself in the process.

"Join me." Auŕeņ giggled and pulled out her wand aiming at Dean. "Levicorpus."

Dean found himself slowly rising off the ground and flailed his arms.

"What the hell…"

Auŕeņ flicked her wand and Dean flew towards her closing his eyes as he tried not to think how he hated flying.

"You're not in a plane, Dean." Auŕeņ murmured. Her voice sounded softly in his ear. "And I'm not going to let you fall." He felt her cool hand on his fist and grabbed it. His eyes flew open but he was sitting beside her on the hood of the rusted junker and she was smiling.

"Don't ever do that again!" Dean growled inexplicably furious with her. He yanked his hand from hers and looked around. Anywhere but at her, he didn't want her to see the panic that had filled his eyes. Auŕeņ blinked, confused by the rage he felt and sat back.

"I'm sorry…"

Dean stopped trying to find a way down that didn't involved tipping the four car pile over or breaking a leg at her apology or the soft voice.

"I'll get us down if you like." She said extending her hand to him. Dean frowned but only hesitated a moment before he took it. The next moment he was standing on the ground beside her with puff of dust rising around their ankles. The anger he'd felt died out leaving him tired and he wiped a hand over his face. Auŕeņ took a step back but when she started to slip her hand out of Dean's his grip tightened.

"You disappearing again?" he asked quietly.

"I hear you don't like that, much." She replied with a half smile. Dean grunted and started walking still holding onto her hand. She went along wondering what it was he wanted to know, she could feel him, all curious and-

"He failed."

Auŕeņ let out a breath and closed her eyes cursing inwardly.

"Died because I made the deal and sold my soul-."

"No." Auŕeņ pulled on his hand making him stop and look at her. "No. Not because you made a deal. You do not blame your self." She ordered and her eyes blended, the colors mixing and swirling… "If anything, my ancestor's to blame for this fine mess."

"Huh." Dean let out a breath, his expression just a little surprised. He hadn't been expecting her to defend what he'd done especially when it had cost the life of one of her relatives. "Who was he? To you, I mean."

"My Uncle." She replied softly and then shrugged turning away and walking again. She didn't let go of his hand and Dean had almost forgotten about it. "Only on grandfather's side. He was a bit of the rogue." She said over her shoulder and there was the smile again. He wondered if it was because she was so young that she could smile again so soon after…. He didn't think she was heartless. "Sirius took me in when my parents died, sixth year."

He hadn't been expecting that, not so much information in such a short while of meeting but then she wasn't really giving him any answers…

"The Fey…." Dean began only for Auŕeņ to turn. She raised their hands and twirled under before dashing off a short distance and spinning all the while giggling.

"You want to know how much of their blood is mine." She said on a breath and faced him. "Well, the stories are true, mostly." She skipped towards him again, looking very much like a child and stopped in front of Dean. "The whole name thing? That's true as well, but," she raised a finger in warning. "Doesn't work on me. Not enough fey." She shrugged and turned away from him. "I'd never be allowed into the lios, even if I knew how to find it."

"The what?" Dean asked watching her walk around the dead end.

"The Fairy Mound." She replied looking up at the moon and closing her eyes.

"What about metal?"

"That." She said smiling at him again. She spun once more but it seemed as though she'd lost the fun. Dean walked towards her, where she stood in front of another stack of junkers.

"It tickles." Auŕeņ said in a soft voice, her fingers trailing along the rusted metal of the car in the junk yard. "Barely though, like a mild electric shock-."

Dean grabbed her wrist startling her. She looked up at him her eyes separating into the rings again which he could see by the moonlight. Gently, he pulled her away from the metal-


He dropped her hand and turned around. Auŕeņ's shoulders drooped slightly but he didn't notice. Auŕeņ frowned at her feet confused by the emotion and then Sam found them.

"Hey- oh." Sam stopped, not sure why he felt as though he'd been interrupting something.

"Well?" Auŕeņ poked Dean's back making him turn and glower at her. "Are you telling him or am I?"

"Tell me what?" Sam asked taking another step towards them and eyeing his brother whom he knew was somewhat of a rogue but couldn't believe… Dean wouldn't hit on…. Would he?

"She's part fey." Dean said, hooking a thumb in her direction.

"About an eighth, not sure though." Auŕeņ added with a shrug. "Probably less."

"Oh." Sam said, yet again. "Well, whats-her-name in the book is a fourth veela…"

"Now that part was right." Auŕeņ said brushing past Dean. "And she did marry a Weasley only he didn't get attacked by the werewolf. I tell ya, these writers…."

Sam watched her walk out of the junkyard before turning to Dean.

"Dude, are you hitting on her?"

Bobby walked onto his porch, a steaming cup of coffee in his hands and stopped short. His brow furrowed and he glanced around his yard but he was alone. Setting the cup on the rail, Bobby walked down the steps to grass… it was green and springy under his boots and when he bent to touch it he came away with the early morning dew.

"You shouldn't forget to water it."

Bobby spun around, the wet grass making him unsteady and then the girl was beside him, holding onto his arm with an apologetic smile.

"Sorry." She muttered. "Keep forgetting you muggle's aren't used to apparating."

"You're a natural fey?" Bobby asked eyeing her once more. She was still in her black coat, the hood resting on her shoulders and her dark hair free to flutter in the light breeze. He couldn't help peering at her ringed eyes or notice the hint of a shimmer on her golden skin.

"I suppose." Auŕeņ replied taking a step back and clasping her hands behind her back. "I can speak with the trees, the land… even…" she looked pointedly at Bobby's feet. "That's a bit of a headache, though. Much easier with my wand…"

Bobby nodded and gingerly picked his way off the grass with Auŕeņ at his side.

"I'll… water…"

"Hey, Bobby!"

Auŕeņ grinned, she gave him a wink and then disappeared. Not a second later there was a shout from inside accompanied by her giggles. Bobby gave a sigh, grabbed his cup and headed inside before Dean destroyed his home. He had to admit, the boys hadn't seemed… 'happy', in a long time and the girl… Bobby chuckled. She sure as hell was making them have a bit of fun even if they couldn't see it right then.

"I love it!" Auŕeņ exclaimed hopping off the bed. "All Hallows Eve. So what will it be?" she asked looking at them.


Auŕeņ turned to Dean, her head tilted to the side in thought.

"Costumes-." But Dean was already shaking his head, face set in stone and Sam was agreeing with him.

"No. We don't do Halloween."

"Not- but everyone does Samhein." She frowned at them but it was quickly replaced by a careless wave and then she had her wand in hand. "I'll go first." In the blink of an eye her black coat was gone and whatever else she wore underneath.

Before them stood a barefoot Auŕeņ, her dark hair seemed glossier and woven in the tresses were strange pearlescent flowers shaped like stars. Her skin glowed, golden and warm… Her eyes were darker, the rings almost swirling though they couldn't be certain. Her arms were bare and the filmy gown she wore was nothing more than a few pieces of cloth patched together. Dean could almost swear it would fall apart at the slightest touch and if it weren't for the deep blue color there was no doubt anyone would be able to see through it.

"What do you think?" Auŕeņ asked making a slow turn. "Muggle's love wings…" her eyes locked onto Dean.

Sam stared at her back, locks of her dark hair glided over the exposed skin and he thought he saw a trail of shimmering light in their wake. He wanted to reach out and touch it, see if it really was there-

He was staring, both of them but Dean's emotions were the strongest. It was that warmth, his hands itched to touch her skin, to glide his fingers down her throat-

"Too much, too much." Auŕeņ flicked her wand and the glow she gave off was more muted, enough that she didn't feel the overwhelming urge to throw herself at Dean and-. "Costumes!"



"Yes, now Sam-."

"No." Sam shook his head moving a step away from her though she hadn't approached either of them.

"Muggle's." Auŕeņ grumbled crossing her arms. "You're supposed to blend in and walking around with your civilian clothes on Samhein is not blending in."

"You're not inconspicuous either." Dean retorted glaring at her.

"I'm going to take that as a compliment." Auŕeņ smirked and turned her full attention to Sam. He drew back eyeing Dean in something akin to panic. "I know!" she flicked her wand and Sam flinched, closing his eyes. "What do you think?"

Sam cracked one eye open and found himself still in the same spot. Opening both eyes he looked at Dean who was grinning from ear to ear.

"What-? Gah!" Sam looked down at himself, at his bare feet, the striped chopped off pants, the faded red sash around his waist…

"A pirate!" Auŕeņ enthused. "Or… yes!" she flicked her wand again and his feet were encased in heavy leather boots. "A swashbuckling pirate…." She glanced at Dean who was bent over laughing and smiled. "You'd make a great cowboy." And before Dean could say a word in protest she'd flicked her wand and he was covered with a dark brown duster, a stiff cowboy hat, dusty jeans a little too tight for his comfort and; "Spurs?"

"Of course." Auŕeņ replied though the look on Dean's face was anything but amused. "You've got guns." She added as though that would make up for the ridiculous outfit she'd magicked him into.

"Shut up, Sam." He snapped but Sam couldn't hold in his laughter. It was only fair, after all.

"Picture." Auŕeņ mumbled and then she had an old camera in hand with the flashing bulb aimed at them. "Smile!" they turned as one and had to blink the bright flash from their eyes cursing.

"Gimme that!" Dean launched himself at her but Auŕeņ apparated and he stumbled onto the bed.

"Now, now." Auŕeņ shook her head sitting cross-legged on top of the table. "If you don't like your costumes… I know! I can make you comic book hero's!" she turned to Sam flicking her wand again before he had a chance to protest. "How's Bat Man?"

Dean sat back and laughed while Sam glared at Auŕeņ.

"Hmm, alright. How do you feel about Superman?" she flicked her wand and Dean grabbed his stomach, letting out a bellow of laughter seeing his little brother in tights.

"Shut up, Dean." Sam snapped crossing his arms but that only made Dean laugh harder.

"No," Auŕeņ shook her head. "Your hair's too long-."

"Don't!" Sam exclaimed with a pointing finger in her direction. Auŕeņ blinked, her wand hand half raised. "Shut up¸Dean!"

"Sammy…" but Dean couldn't get a word past his laughter and he averted his eyes from Sam.

"Peter Pan!" Auŕeņ flicked her wand and Dean's laughter cut short.

"Ha!" Sam pointed and laughed only Dean wasn't finding it very funny. He grabbed at the little hat on his head crushing the white feather stuck in the side and glared at Auŕeņ.

"Smile!" there was another flash of bright light and Dean was lunging at her even though he couldn't see. "Ah!"

"Gimme that camera!" Dean demanded blinking furiously as he held onto her.

"No!" Auŕeņ giggled as she leaned back with her hand holding the camera out of his reach. Dean was practically half on top of her and crawling over the table to reach her hand but she wasn't making it easy. Auŕeņ had her legs wrapped around his waist and then Sammy was there grabbing at the camera. "Cheaters!" she cried though she didn't sound the least bit upset.

Dean suddenly found himself flat on the table top with Sam pushing down and Auŕeņ's giggles somewhere behind them.

"Say Cheese!"

The brother's turned just in time to get a bright flash of light in their faces. It was the perfect picture, at least for Auŕeņ. Sam's face had that wide eyed startled look as he leaned over the table and Dean's green eyes were narrowed as his head poked out from beneath Sam's arm, one hand pushing the red cape out of his way.

And then both brothers' were off the table and running towards her…

"I'm going to find that camera." Dean vowed as they walked down the street.


"She had me in tights!" Dean snarled turning on Sam who glared at him.

"So was I." Sam raised his hand. "Twice."

"I can make copies if you'd like." Auŕeņ said. They turned to her as one and she waved from her perch on the tree just inside the yard of the next house.

"We don't want copies!" Dean snarled stalking towards the tree and glaring up at her.

"Catch me." And just as quickly Auŕeņ slipped her leg over the branch and dropped into Dean's arms. He looked startled and then he glared but she was smiling at him.

"You're lucky I didn't let you fall." Dean snapped intent on setting her down but Auŕeņ slipped her arm around his neck.

"You know you're not really mad." She whispered in his ear. "I wouldn't show them to anyone." She pulled away from him and flicked her wand. "Hey, Sammy. Take a picture."

Dean turned and there stood Sam with the old fashioned camera staring at them. He shrugged and raised the camera while Dean stood holding Auŕeņ in his arms. There was another flash and he was blinking the stars from his eyes. His arms were suddenly empty and then Auŕeņ was patting his back.

"Whoa, hey." Dean pulled away, green eyes straying to Sam. Dude, are you hitting on her? Echoed in his head-

"There." Auŕeņ handed him back the wallet. "Now where are we going?" she looked at each of them and sighed impatiently. "Fun and games is great but we really have to be serious now. Did you find the seal?"

"You're not going." Dean stated and turned on his heel. Sam and Auŕeņ followed but Dean was ignoring her.

"I'm bound to you." Auŕeņ reminded him. "Whether you want to or not, I still have to make sure you're both out of harms way. So either tell me where this seal is and let me-."

"NO." Dean repeated.

"Stubborn muggle!" Auŕeņ muttered with a glare. "Listen here. I am an Auror for the Ministry of Magic!"

"You're not coming." Dean repeated picking up his pace.

"Don't make me levitate you, Winchester." Auŕeņ warned now skipping to keep up with his longer stride. The threat did get his attention though he turned back to the street. "I'll bloody well transfigure you into a toad!"

"Then who's going to keep the seal from breaking?" Dean asked in a logical tone.

"Ooh!" Auŕeņ stamped her bare foot on the cold ground and glared at them. She didn't say a word though Sam could see there were a few things she'd have loved to say to his brother and then she was gone.

"Huh." Dean arched a blond eyebrow but otherwise made no comment. "Come on. We have a seal to keep closed."

Auŕeņ grumbled to herself thinking up various hexes she could put on Dean that wouldn't kill him but then she'd have to take them off and that was harder to do than putting one on…

"Stupid muggle's." but she was headed in the right direction. The flow of magic was unmistakable but it was dark and that worried her. "Stupid, stupid muggle's."

Auŕeņ picked up the pace. Even the feel of the grass beneath her bare feet was icky. It was the best she could describe it and the air was stale, as if it had been stuck in a box for a very long time….


It was dead; she knew it by the smell but the thing inside…


Auŕeņ raised her wand and a blast of green light hit the demon risen from hell. It reached for her only to get empty air and stumble as another blast of green light hit it from behind.

"Go back to hell!" Auŕeņ screamed blasting it with every curse she knew, going so far as to use the forbidden ones as well but it was barely affected. She drew a breath and apparated into the doorway of the mausoleum. It saw her. The thing smiled and Auŕeņ pulled the door closed mumbling under her breath; can't be late, can't be late, can't fail them, not now!

Her scream was muffled and she struggled to get away from the sticky hand on her mouth and bloody face.

"Auŕeņ! Shh, quiet!" Dean hissed but she closed her eyes and went still though her chest heaved with every breath she took. "Auŕeņ?" he questioned lifting his hand from her mouth to hear her.


"Auŕeņ- it's not ours-." But she wouldn't open her eyes. Dean frowned pulled away and grabbed his shirt tail using it to wipe his face as clean as possible.

"Dean!" Sam called from the door. "He's coming back."

"Auŕeņ!" Dean shook her and this time she gave a wince as his fingers cut into her tender flesh. "Sammy get over here." Dean called though his eyes were locked on Auŕeņ's.

"Notbloodnotrealnífuilnííadnotdeadnííadnotthemnotsafenotsafenotsafe!" Auŕeņ took a shuddering breath, her cold hand grabbing onto Sam though she didn't dare look at him for fear she'd see it again and they disappeared.

Dean felt the cold rush of air on his face and found himself standing on top of the mausoleum over looking the cemetery. He crouched still holding onto Auŕeņ and motioned Sam to take a look.

"Auŕeņ?" he pulled back though she kept a tight grip on his shirt front. "Auŕeņ…"


"Stop it!" Dean snapped shaking her but her eyes weren't focused on him and they swirled, the rings blending and separating.

"I'm sorry." Auŕeņ mumbled. She slipped her arm around his neck and buried her face in his chest. Dean held her, confused and worried by her sudden fear. He lay a cheek against her hair and rubbed his hand on her back murmuring soothingly wondering what had scared her.

"He's gone." Sam whispered crouching down. "What's wrong?" He frowned reaching out to touch her shoulder.

"Aah-ah!" Auŕeņ flinched away from him and Dean heard her against his chest mumbling again.

"Dude, wipe your face clean." Dean ordered. Sam frowned but did as he was told. "He's fine, see? Look, Auŕeņ. Sammy's fine. There's no blood, never was, see?"

With effort she peeked out from his chest, her eyes were shining bright and then she blinked. A shimmering tear slid down her cheek but she smiled, a cold hand touching his face.

"You were lost…" she whispered and her voice was sad, "…bris mo bris…" He didn't understand what she mumbled but he felt her sadness wash over him.

"I'm right here." Sammy whispered taking her hand in his. They sat for a moment in silence with Auŕeņ staring at Sam, trying to erase the scary images from her mind until Dean cleared his throat.

"We've got a demon to send back, Auŕeņ…" he trailed off glancing at Sam but his brother nodded.

Suddenly they weren't on the mausoleum anymore. The familiar walls of their hotel room surrounded them and Dean was on the bed still holding onto Auŕeņ while Sammy knelt on the floor next to them.

"You're going to need some things." Auŕeņ murmured reluctantly pulling away from Dean.

Ten minutes later she was once more in her black coat standing with the boys in the cemetery. Not a word of what had freaked her out, not until after…

"A-." Dean turned but they were alone. He frowned looking around but even Sam couldn't see where she'd gone.

"Hate when she does that." Dean grumbled heading into the mausoleum.

"Hey!" Auŕeņ glared at the empty room. "You let me out of here right now!" she ordered but there was no response. She waited a moment and when still no one had appeared or spoken she turned to survey the room.

"Fine." She walked over to the mantel and grabbed the golden bust sitting on it. "I'm warning you…" she looked around but still no one made any protest. "Have it your way." She heaved the bust over her head wincing as it broke the mirror then crashed onto the marble floor.

"Nothing, ey?" she asked looking around. Glaring she pulled her coat down and marched over to the table. Grabbing one of the chairs she heaved it over her head and brought it down onto the table. It took her three tries before the chair broke and three more before it fell apart.

"Oh bugger this!" she panted seeing the chair back in its place still in one piece as well as the bust and mirror. "Fine! You have your bits of magic. Well so do I!"

Auŕeņ pulled out her wand and started blasting everything in sight without discriminating. She smiled in satisfaction seeing the charred walls and smoldering sticks that had once been furniture. Not even the mirror was in once piece.

"Are you done?"

"Ooh!" Auŕeņ jumped, startled by the soundless appearance of the balding man. She pointed her wand at him. "That would depend." She said eyeing him warily. When he didn't speak she shifted uncomfortably. "Who are you?"

"Many know me as Zachariah." He said still smiling and very relaxed for someone being threatened by an Auror.

"Never heard of you." Auŕeņ replied. She flicked her eyes around the room that was once more in immaculate condition. "Merlin's beard…"


"Wot?" Auŕeņ turned back to the smiling man.

"God." He repeated. "Not Merlin."

"Uh huh." She eyed him warily. "So then… I'm… am I…?"

"No." Zachariah assured moving around the table and flicking a non existent piece of dust, blatantly ignoring the fact Auŕeņ had gripped her wand in preparation.

"Good. Well. Then…I'll be going now." Auŕeņ said, her eyes flicking around the room looking for a door but there was none. "The exit if you please."

"I'm afraid you won't be leaving." Zachariah said in that amicable tone. "Yet."

"Listen, mate." Auŕeņ glared. "I have business to take care of somewhere else-."


"Pardon?" Auŕeņ asked softly.

"You have no business with those boys." Zachariah smiled. "You see-."

"I see a bloody wanker in my way." Auŕeņ retorted. "Ventus!" she flicked her wrist only her wand was gone. "Ah! My wand!"

"Will be returned." He said. "For now you'll be a guest-."

"I'm no guest!" Auŕeņ retorted glaring at the pudgy bastard. "Pretty as your cage may be its still a prison." She took a step towards him wondering why the man didn't look worried. "I am not fond of cages."

Zachariah smiled, took a step towards her and bent so he was eye level with her.

"You're interfering. We can't have that."

Auŕeņ blinked and the man was gone. She whirled around looking all over the room but there was no sign of him.

"Bloody hel- I'm trying to keep them from harm!" she yelled up at the ceiling. "You dumb git!" she kicked at the table in a huff, both hands running through her dark hair in frustration. The chair was right there and so she flopped onto it with her elbows resting on her knees and her eyes staring at the floor.


But all she kept seeing was Sam covered in blood, his eyes blacked out-

"No." she muttered closing her eyes. She wasn't going to loose him, she wouldn't let him go without a fight. For one, Auŕeņ didn't want to die and secondly, Dean would kill her if anything happened to Sam. The man had sold his soul for the boy! He'd been to hell…

Auŕeņ raised her head; she looked around and jumped up from her seat.

"Neamh?" she asked. "I'M IN HEAVEN?"

I am dead!

The thought took the energy out of her and she stared at the floor again.

"You're not dead."

"Eep!" Auŕeņ covered her mouth, cheeks blazing in embarrassment at the sound she'd just made. "Who the bloody hell are you?" she demanded forgetting to mind her manners.

As answer the dark haired man with the sad eyes set her wand on the table. Auŕeņ didn't hesitate. She lunged at the table grabbing up her wand and coming around him.

"Where's the door?" she demanded.

"There is none." He replied turning slowly and tilting his head. She could see he was curious.

"What-what-how did I get here? How did you get in here?"

He just watched her, his brow furrowing and she felt as though she was something under a microscope.

"Listen, mate. I've got a pair of muggle's I need to be helping. A way out would be appreciated-." Auŕeņ gasped. "What-what-where-Aah!" she stamped a boot on the floor and glared at the pristine room.

He'd just disappeared. No poof, no displacement, not a damn clue as to how- just gone- not there.

"No bloody door… right." She set her shoulders and glared at the empty room. "We'll just see about that."

"It's been over a month." Sam said turning to Dean but his brother was mute on the subject. "Dean- man, we haven't heard from her since she freaked out on us…"

Dean pulled into the gas station and got out of the car ignoring Sam. He wasn't going to think about the girl that had vanished from their lives just as easily as she'd appeared. He wasn't going to think about what Sam had done in that mausoleum, he wasn't going to think about the promise Sam had made to him and broken and he certainly wasn't going to worry about-

Dean held the twenty in his hand, green eyes staring at the stiff paper sticking out from the bills in the leather. He could see something moving at the very edge and he was afraid of what he'd find if he pulled it out.

"Are you paying, man?"

Dean glanced up and the gas station attendant flinched back from the look in his eyes. He tossed the twenty on the counter and walked out his fingers playing with the stiff paper- he knew what it was. He'd been ignoring it, hadn't looked at it once, hadn't touched any of her things she'd left behind…


He stepped off the curb, the wallet sliding back into his pocket…

It was late, Sam was snoring lightly- clear sign baby brother was tired. He wouldn't be interrupted and Dean snuck out of the hotel room making sure the door closed silently behind him. It wasn't as cold as he'd thought and heading to the trunk he opened it. Her bag was still there, in the corner where he'd put it-

Dean grabbed the leather duffel still surprised it felt feather light when it looked stuffed. He closed the trunk and opened the driver side door, sliding in after the duffel. With the keys in hand Dean flipped on the radio, turning it low and then sat for a moment just staring at the night.

Where the hell did you go?

Not a word since nor before …

"Damn." He was worried and it put a frown on his face.

Dean grabbed the duffel and started undoing the buckles; it unrolled loosing the bulky shape. That got his attention, still he stuck a hand inside, brow furrowing when he felt nothing so he leaned down and reached… Dean realized his nose was practically touching the seat and his arm was rifling inside the duffel up to his shoulder.

"What the hell!" he pulled back his hand catching on something hard which flew out along with his arm. "Son of a…!"

He fumbled with the book in his hands. It wasn't very big, roughly 9x7 though it was thick. Grumbling about magic he flipped the book open and found several moving pictures. The first sheet had three, portraits of two men and a woman. From the eyes Dean could tell she was somehow related to Auŕeņ. He flipped the pages skimming the first few until he got closer to the middle and there she was again. A younger version of the little fey in her school uniform skipping and twirling around a fountain, her hair all wild and free…

Dean turned the page and found a large group shot. It wasn't difficult to find Auŕeņ among the group of kids; she was almost in the center-

"No…way…" Dean breathed but there was no denying the group of red heads in the picture. The two tall boys, identical standing behind Auŕeņ and the little red headed girl beside another red headed boy on the left of a dark haired boy wearing glasses… Dean was shaking his head because he was looking at the little group of rebels, and the frizzy headed girl was holding arms with Auŕeņ-

"I'm definitely going crazy." Dean muttered rubbing a hand over his face. He sighed and almost closed the book when a couple of pictures slid out. He picked them up and there they were, Sam and him, in tights and the cowboy-! Dean couldn't help his chuckle, he really did look funny, the way he lunged at her and then him and Sam on the table looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

Dean frowned. He didn't remember her taking the next picture, hell he would have remembered going blind from the damn flash but there he was, leaning against the Impala drinking a beer.


Something was outside.

He tossed the book back into her duffel clutching at his gun, green eyes searching the night but it was dark. He hesitated only a second before he flipped on the headlights and he could make out a dark figure trying to stand. Then it was gone. He blinked and all he saw was a puff of dust.


Dean scrambled out of the car running back to their room but he could already hear Sam's voice.

The door burst open and Sam turned hoping it was his brother since he had his arms full of a bleeding witch.


"What happened?" Dean demanded reaching their side in three strides and taking up her other arm.

"Aah, ah." Auŕeņ bit her lip, closing her eyes and tried not to breathe. She pointed her wand, aiming as best she could towards the window and mumbled. The brother's watched as a white spark flew out of the tip of her wand and disappeared into the night sky.

"Auŕeņ! What happened?" Dean asked again as they laid her down on Sam's bed as gently as they could.

"…cant…ca-…" she shook her head each breath hitching.

"She can't breathe." Sam grabbed the pillows from Dean's bed and carefully put them under Auŕeņ so she was half propped up. Even then it pained her.

"…sorry…took…lo-ong…" she tried a smile and paled. Her hand clutched at the coat but her fingers couldn't manage the clasps. Dean brushed her hand aside making quick work of them; he pushed it open and was shocked by the bumps beneath her shirt.

"Who did this?" he demanded reaching for the knife in his boot while Sam came back with a wet towel and started wiping the blood from her face. The sound of tearing fabric mingled with her shallow breaths and then Dean was cutting through the hasty bandages. He tossed the splint aside and both brothers had a perfect view of the purple mass of bruising on Auŕeņ's stomach.

"Move!" both Sam and Dean were shoved by an invisible hand and then there were two people beside Auŕeņ. One of them with a wild mass of hair in varying shades of pink to shocking red.

"Which one of you did this!" the face that turned to them was pale white, the large eyes a gleaming red and the Winchester's first instinct was to reach for their weapons.

"Nymph, dear. You're not helping." The man bending over Auŕeņ said in a calm tone. "I need you here, mo grá."

With a snarl the woman turned back to the bed, her tone soothing as she assured Auŕeņ they would take care of her.


Sam shook his head pulling Dean away from the bed and surprisingly his brother kept quiet. Within ten minutes of their arrival Auŕeņ was breathing easy though her face was still too pale. The mass of bruises on her stomach had dissipated considerably; "You'll still have to be careful though. Nothing strenuous for at least a week."

"Really, Reņa." Nymph frowned. "You should've called sooner."

"Mmm…no…had to…find…" Auŕeņ murmured. She tried to keep her eyes from drifting shut but she was loosing the battle.

"Find them." And the way she said it made Dean feel lower than dirt. Those large eyes turned to them again only this time they were a slate gray and her hair was more pink than red. "You, muggle's, cant you stay out of danger? Is that too much to ask!" Nymph demanded rising from the bed. "Her blood will be on your hands."

"Nyph, darling…"

Just as suddenly the woman was gone.

"Oh dear, terribly sorry about that." The dark haired man said. "My apologies, Nymph's not been entirely herself since… well." He shrugged and bent down to Auŕeņ's side.

"…ní íad… me…tel-…Tonks…mo…faul-…mine…" Auŕeņ murmured blinking.

"Not to worry." He said smiling. "Do stay out of trouble and don't wait so long to call for help, Reņņie. Couldn't stop Tonks from trying to avenge you now can I?"

Auŕeņ smiled, her eyes drifting shut as he bent over her head and pressed his lips to her forehead.

"Sleep mo siog. Rest for the journey ahead." He murmured then straightened. He faced the Winchester's again. "I'd better go find my wife. Last time she was this upset she found some poor muggle and turned him into a toad." He shook his head with a little frown. "Took me at least a week to get her to change him back and then we had to put a forgetting charm on the poor fellow. Just grateful the Ministry didn't hear about it… Would've been Nymph's job! She loves that job…"

"Wait!" Sam called before the man could disappear. "Uhh, who…"

"Oh! Sorry, never did introduce myself." He took a step forward, a pale hand extended. "I'm Hĕlìo, Nymph's husband and cousin of Reņņie's. On her grandmother's side of course."

Dean shook his hand staring at the grey eyes and noting they were like Auŕeņ's except this man had three rings of grey, the middle one much darker.

"Now, don't let her do anything strenuous." Hĕlìo chuckled. "Good luck with that."

"Wha-." Dean glared at the empty spot beside the bed where Hĕlìo had just stood. "Damn, friggin'- hate when they do that!"

Auŕeņ woke to bright sunlight which she tried to cover but when she reached for her wand which was usually right beside her head on the night stand she found en empty space. Grumbling she opened her eyes glaring at the sun for daring to wake her so early and yelped when she found Dean sitting right beside her.

"Morning." She mumbled, her brow furrowing as she remembered bits and pieces of her dream. "Did I… umm…"

"Where. The. Hell. Have. You. Been."

Auŕeņ let out a breath at the sound of those words and quickly wished she hadn't when it hurt.

"Ouch." She frowned and plucked at the covers. The blue-grey eyes flicked to Dean; "What happened to my coat? And my boots?" she asked eyeing him.

"I took them off." He replied never moving from his place.

"Took them…well. Aren't we just getting rather comfortable-."

"You couldn't breathe." Dean snapped.

"I doubt my boots were impeding my breathing-."

"Broken ribs." Dean glared and she could see he was dangerously close to snapping her wand…

"Please put it down or hand it over." Auŕeņ begged stretching a hand towards his. "I've had that wand since my first year at Hogwarts…"

Dean set it down beside him, away from her reach and leaned towards her.

"What happened?"

Auŕeņ didn't know what to do. For one, she couldn't tell him she'd been kidnapped by-well had they been angels? And she really didn't want to tell him they didn't want her meddling, as they put it because they had a plan and she wasn't part of it. So they really didn't give a hoot if her life depended on keeping the boys safe…

"Fell down."

Dean scoffed. He stood up and none too gently but Auŕeņ kept her pained hiss inside.

Apparently he wasn't buying it and she really wasn't in t mood to make up something…

"Really. It was dark and I wasn't payi-."

"Cut the shit, Auŕeņ!"

She stopped trying to sit up and watched him. He paced the length of both beds the whole time eyeing her and it made her feel like a cornered rabbit. Everything he was feeling hit her full force; angerworryreliefdisgustconcernprotecthurtthem

"Wow, can you…stop for a second. I'm not prepared for the turmoil you've got going on." She settling into the bed once more and taking deep breaths.


"You project." She replied softly, keeping her eyes closed. "What you're feeling, and…you do it a lot. I'm not used to…to…hang on."

"I what?" Dean moved closer noticing she'd grown pale. "Auŕeņ?" he extended a hand not sure what to do but she was breathing deeply.

"I'm fine." She murmured and blinked. Dean got the full force of her ringed eyes, blue-grey all separate and almost glowing… "Oops, sorry about that." She turned her face away and Dean stumbled back a pace.


"Blame it on the fey in me." Auŕeņ sighed turning back to him. "It's sort of-uhm- it was my fault!" she finished in a rush.


"The fall? My injuries? I did it to myself, well, not on purpose but it was…my fault. Me." She pointed at herself. "Sorry." She apologized though mostly it was for entrancing him but she was hoping he wouldn't think about that. Just like before, when she'd been playing with their costumes… sometimes she forgot that muggle's were more susceptible to her fey blood than the wizards. She just wasn't used to dealing with muggle's on a daily basis and entrancing either of the ones in her care was- No.

"Where's Sam?" she asked to get him off subject.

"Out." Dean snapped, green eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"Why? What's he doing?" she asked sitting up very carefully because it felt as though she had pins and needles stuck in her sides.

"Breakfast and don't change the subject." Dean warned. "I'm not buying that load of bull 'I fell. It was dark.' What the hell happened to you?"

"Fine." She glowered at him and crossed her arms deciding to stick as close to the truth as possible without really telling him the truth. "I cast a spell that apparently didn't work out quite how I'd planned it to and I buggered myself in the process. Happy? I. Screwed. Up."

There was silence in the room for a long moment and then Dean turned around. He grabbed something from the other side of the partition and came back.

"No." he said tossing her duffel onto the bed by her feet.

"So?" Sam asked eyeing the bathroom door.

"Spell backfired." Dean replied looking sullen.

"Huh?" Sam eyed the bathroom door frowning. "Really?"


Both sat up in their chairs looking towards the bathroom with alarm.

"You're projecting again!"

"Wha- Dean?" Sam questioned frowning.

"'S nothing." He replied shoving away from the table and going to pack up their stuff.

"She yelled at you… what did she mean?" Sam followed him.



"I'm not projecting!" he yelled back glaring at the door.

"Yes," Auŕeņ retorted opening the door. "You are-oh. That's why." She waved a pale hand at Sam. "Please don't annoy him, Sam. At least, not today."

"I…what?" Sam's expression put a smile on her face.

"Told you I was sensitive. Your brother, for some reason, projects strong emotions- a lot more than you, which makes it difficult to tune him out. And I'm not feeling my usual perky self today."

Dean snorted; "Pain in the ass is more like it." He muttered.

"Ditto, sweet cheeks." Auŕeņ snarked reaching into her duffel and pulling out her coat.

"How the hell did you do that?" Dean questioned.

"Like this." Auŕeņ mimicked reaching into her bag once more knowing it annoyed him.

"You're sure you're not feeling well?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Had to at least try." Auŕeņ rolled her eyes at their expression. "Well, I couldn't very well be travelling around with a trunk now could I?" she asked them eyeing their own duffels pointedly. "Besides, uncle Lupin gave me the duffel. I just added the expanding charm. I've got everything I need in here." She patted the duffel and smiled. "Light as a feather, too."

"Huh." Sam eyed the small duffel and Dean could already see his little brother start thinking.

"NO, Sam."

"We could fit a lot more in a smaller bag."


"But it would be less conspicuous if we-."

"NO." Dean repeated. "She's liable to blow herself up. Look what she did to herself with just one spell."

"Hey! I-." but Auŕeņ clamped her lips shut and just glared at him. He had her. She couldn't tell them the truth and now he had her… Darn, stupid muggle's…

"Where are we heading?" Auŕeņ asked from her perch in the back seat. She looked from one to the other smiling even though Dean thought she still looked too pale.

"Bobby sent us a job." Sam answered turning in his seat. "Sounds like a regular haunting."

"Really?" Auŕeņ seemed to get excited at the prospect. "Where? I'll pop ahead and take a look arou-."


Auŕeņ winced, something Dean didn't miss and his mouth pressed into a thin line.

"The concern is nice and all bu-."

"You're not using any magic. You're not poofing anywhere. You're not-."

"Well, I certainly won't 'poof'." Auŕeņ frowned. "Do you even know what that means?"

"You're not disappearing." Dean glared.

"It's called disapparating." Auŕeņ retorted sitting back. "And it's perfectly safe, so long as you remember the 3 D's. I do have my license, you know."

"Three D's?" Sam questioned trying not to look at Dean.

"Destination. Determination. Deliberation." Auŕeņ counted on her fingers. "Lesser wizards have been known to leave parts behind- erh, not very good ones." She hastily added realizing the comment hadn't helped her cause.

"No." Dean repeated and Auŕeņ sighed, annoyed. It turned into a wince as her healing ribs protested the action.

"Anyone want a snack?" she asked a moment later extending the bag of M&M's towards them. Dean glanced at it, then at her and the glare was back in place. "Wot now?" she asked rolling her eyes.

"What did I just say?" he demanded as Sam grabbed a handful, an eyebrow raised in question.

"About snacks?" she asked glancing at Sam. "Why not a thing-."

"Magic! You know damn well I said no more magic, Auŕeņ-."

"Then you don't want your pie?" Auŕeņ cut in looking at him in the rear-view mirror. Both Sam and Dean glanced at the seat and there between them was a plate wafting the mouthwatering aroma he loved.